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6 Weeks Downnn! (: Fr-fr-fr-FRESHHHHHH.Category: (general)
Friday, 1 October 2010
01:00:05 AM (GMT)
So an update on high school? Yes absolutely.
Well 6 weeks already done! Damnnnnnnn. That was quick! 
Anyway this week was Homecoming week!!! (: Wootwoot. Got to dress up all silly and

Monday- Tacky Day/ Crazy Hair Day
... So I thought I had the wrong week. Like I thought I dressed up for the wrong day
or something. Why? Well everyone, yes everyone, on my bus were all wearing like
regular clothes? I guess I'll say that. And I was all tacky and my hair was just wow.
And no one on my bus was tacky or had crazy hair so I was like wtf?! But at school I
saw people tacky and stuff. So it was all good. (: This sophomore he was seriously
into it. His hair was green, his clothes were like whoa! Haha so yeah... I should
talk to more people in my Geometry class :v like really. 
I took my retake for biooo. Just the graphing but it was super easy(:

Tuesday- Nerd Day!!
Totally awesome(: Like almost all girls dressed up for this. Almost all anyway. It
was a pretty decent dayy. Hm I don't actually remember what happened that dayy haha.

Wednesday- Cartoon/Superhero/Powderpuff/etc Day!
POKEMON! I totally wore a Pokemon shirt. YEAHBOI! That's right! x) 
I kinda talked to the sophomores (: So woot. But that's only because of working with
partners... So kinda needed to. Harhar. 
My friends were like where's Pikachu? D: No you're shirt is just not awesome. It
needs to have Pikachu. WHICH IS TRUE. But it doesn't :v so not my fault.
I saw Mario and Luigi and The Hulk and The Joker today x) Hahaha those people were
Anyway >_< I was dragged to the Mathletes room after school by one of my friends. And
like I needed to get my homecoming ticket BUT NO Mathletes first. I don't even want
to join that!! BUT on our way their I saw this guy I like. No names mentioning. And
he's a sophomore soo... ANYWAY 'Cause I don't really talk to the Sophomores in person
they don't really know how I talk? I guess. So when I talked to him he was like "I
just noticed but you have a really high voice and you have a hop in your step" It was
something like that. :P But yeah. I was happy that I actually talked to him though :3
hehe. THEN getting my ticket was a painn. The line to get my ticket took longer than
when I did my retake test! Like the retake took at least 15 mins. To get my ticket it
was like 30-40 mins :v
And then my dad took an hour to get to the school so it was like WTH? 

Thursday- SPIRIT DAY!
RED AND BLACK. Gotta remember that! (: Raider all the wayy babyy! Haha. 
Well yup SPIRIT! Now everyone pretty much dressed for this! Like the other days
barely anyone did. 
Classes were short todayy. We had a pep rally in the afternoon. So that's why.
Anyway no hw in geometry I was so happy. Nothing in english or spanish really just
basically talked to people. Biology we played red rover. But no my arm hurts ;-; I
can't like put it straight. Bending is okay but keeping it straight it hurts! Lunch
we sat at a new table, why? IDK. Fresh Sem we watched some part of the Sandlot.
Health we watched the Simpsons (: Hehe. And historyyyyy we played games! WOOT. Then
our day ended at like 12. THEN the Pep Rally started. I gotta say that I rather not
sit with certain people :/ but they kept on insisting to wait and stuff and it was
annoying as hell. I love them and all but they get on my last nerves. In the end
though I didn't sit with them! (: So happy me. I sat with my other friend who's
So cheerleaders were okay. Poms were better. Teachers Poms made me laugh and so did
the boys poms, only because the boys danced to some parts of Single Ladies x) Hehe.
Anyway freshmen lost): for spirit anyway. 
Today was good. It really was. 
And my bio teacher told my parents that I'm doing fine in class so yay!

I'm off. Thank goodness. Sleeping in and then going to St. Doms. Afterwards football

Well that was basically my week(:

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