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Rant #3: WoW addictions.Category: (general)
Saturday, 14 August 2010
12:31:57 PM (GMT)
Today, I am going to be ranting about something that really grinds my gears. And
that thing is the awful game that warps teenager's minds and eventually could drive
them to suicide: World of Warcraft.

Now. Before I get too offensive, I have to say that I used to not mind this game. To
me, WoW used to be another one of those games that people played in their spare time;
when they were bored and had nothing better to do.

Hahaha. ^ is a bunch of bullshit. Most idiots who play this game are more likely to
be 40 year old virgins who live in their mother's basement. I mean, there's nothing
wrong with that, because that's my plan as well. But I'll be doing a lot more
interesting things in my mom's basement than playing World of Warcraft. I'll be doing
shit like rockin' out and sippin' Dr. Pepper.

Anyway, back to WoW addictions. To the people that play occasionally and don't let it
go to your heads, good for you. Want a cookie? To the people that play from the time
they wake up to the time they sleep, it's best to kill yourself because you're not
going anywhere in life.

And to the people that have read this and are offended, I'm sorry. Not. Go drown your
sorrows in WoW because that's probably the only thing that makes you happy, besides
your mother.

/end of rant.

‹The~Labryinth› says:   14 August 2010   651242  
I enjoyed this rant, since i am on of those who plays occasionally
and the game pisses my off in about 20 minutes anyways. 
goregalore says:   14 August 2010   210813  
Hahaha, that's good. I'm glad you didn't let it warp your mind.  
‹The~Labryinth› says:   14 August 2010   500130  
oh yes,
40 year old virgin sitting in their mommas basement playin WoW = my
brother in 20 years.  xD 
sehnsucht says:   14 August 2010   952794  
At least you said WoW addictions.
People make rants about it and blame the game itself, instead of those
specific idiots who play it. ;---;
I like WoW, but some people take it too far.
Awesomess2 says:   14 August 2010   730846  
rant copier
goregalore says:   15 August 2010   994794  
Hahaha, that's so sad.
Hahaha, agreed. Nothin' wrong with a bit of gaming here and there, but
when your whole life revolves around it, that's pathetic.
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   16 August 2010   560939  
I know this is just a rant, but... I have plenty of friends who play
WoW daily. In an "addictive" sort of way, you might say. But they have
jobs, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and whatnot. Yet people
continue to judge and classify them as nerds, dorks, and future
basement dwellers. However these gamers are enjoying their time doing
what they like. What's so wrong about that? What would they have to do
for you to stop looking down upon them? Go out of their comfort zone
and jump around at some club for hours? Have countless meaningless
relationships with the oppisite sex? Or do anything else they're not
truly interested in just to satisfy others? Also, what's wrong with
being a virgin...?

Gah, sorry for babbling so much, but this sounds so much like what Dr.
Phil would complain about. WoW gamers are just living their lives
doing what they like, what's the big deal. :/
goregalore says:   16 August 2010   988738  
Okay, first of all, I didn't say there was anything wrong with playing
it daily, either. As long as you have somewhat of a life, it's cool.
As you can see, I didn't put down EVERYONE who plays it.
And trust me, there's nothing wrong with being a virgin. I'm a virgin
and proud of it, too.
I'm sorry to offend you or your friends. I don't know why people take
these rants so seriously. I'm actually just fucking around. I'm bored
and making rants for the hell of it. I don't care. It's not my life
being wasted, it's just my opinion. 
‹DasAtem› says:   16 August 2010   964375  
Mmy one friend plays it all the time
and I call him a "WoW fag" all the time haha.
It's a terrible and pointless game
I don't even understand how people get obsessed with it..
goregalore says:   16 August 2010   461555  
Hahaha, it's true. I can't even try to get into it, because it just
doesn't make sense to me how it's fun. 
‹♥ Doo ♥› says :   17 August 2010   219456  
Haha, I think more players play WoW daily than obsessively. Probably
longer than you would, but hey, that's how they want to spend their
time. And I mean, they are playing online. That means they're
interacting with real people. Plus, it's not like they're
harming anyone. So I have to wonder why everyone is so concerned.

I understand that this is your rant and your opinion though. It's just
that I would like to see more people consider the opposing argument
because sometimes the common opinion isn't always just. I apologize if
I took your rant too seriously. X3 


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