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Lul. This made me laugh.Category: Irrelevant.♥
Sunday, 8 August 2010
10:20:47 PM (GMT)
 I set this as my status:  Americans are so stupid. >:c
Then, these are comments that followed.
Last names were deleted.

Jake: Amen to tht

Shelina: tori y do u say that u r american

Kevin: lol

I replied to Shelina with:
 ‎'cause. In this video, a bunch of americans were asked to state the date nine
eleven happened, and most couldn't do it. Then they were asked to name one country
that began with a U, and they couldn't think of one. I should've said 'most
am...ericans are so stupid', but it seems the number of americans that lack
intelligence increases as time goes on. I could name three countries off the top of
my head that begin with the letter U, one of them being the United States of America.
It just seems like even the citizens of the country that have graduated college with
PHD's are declining in the knowledge they can withold. D:

Kevin: lmfao i woulda been 1 of them

I then said,
 ‎;-; that's sad. The country gets worse as time passes, even when everyone is
saying 'oh. things are getting better! We're such a great country!'. This isn't true,
however, and in fact it's the exact opposite. But that's my opinion. I could be
wrong, I don't know. But it seems to me like the only thing that Americans care about
is how much a Big Mac costs, and how much money they can con from their parents.
Americans depend on money more than they do relationships, and that's just pathetic.

Kevin: yea i no but right now we cant do nothing about it. except maybe laugh

My next comment to Kevin,
 That's where you're wrong. If the America is a 'free country', then there is very
well something we can do. Even the little things count. You can't always look at the
big picture of things, because sometimes you've to see the tiny puzzle pieces that
make up the picture in whole. Though we can't just take matters into our own hands,
we can give hope to the future of our generation. That right there is doing more than
could be asked for.
Kevin: ‎1. thats about the smartest thing i ever herd
2. i need to find some puzzle pieces fast
3. cool lol
So far, my last response was;
It's not even that intelligent. ;-;
It's the truth.
The puzzle pieces were metaphorical, you won't really find them. All you have to do
is try and make sure that our generation doesn't screw up like past ones. Easier said
than done, I know. B...ut we're more intelligent as a whole than any other generation
before us.
Last edited: 17 August 2010

branches says:   8 August 2010   252062  
Those videos aren't accurate, yannow. :l
They just film everyone, and only show the veritable dumbasses.

But I do hope that this generation doesn't fuck things over as as bad
as the baby boomers managed to
Jesus B. Christ, what a herd of fuck-ups.
‹serendipity ♥› says:   8 August 2010   423322  
 Oh, I know they only show the dumbasses.
But still, there were too many people who didn't know.
One girl was in New York when it happened, and couldn't remember the
I couldn't believe no one could name a country with the letter U. They
live in one. I have three, without even thinking about it. 

I really hope so too. But the way things are looking, this generation
is just as bad as the previous ones. 
hellosputnik says:   8 August 2010   909338  
Maybe the people who couldn't think of a country that started with
the letter U were thinking of their country as America rather then the
United States.
‹serendipity ♥› says:   9 August 2010   392851  

There's also Ukraine.
Which is, in fact, a country. 
StringQuartets says:   9 August 2010   317034  
 Fuck! I forgot about that one! I knew Uzbekistan, and forgot
Ukraine. //shot//
hellosputnik says:   9 August 2010   157151  
yes, I do know that Ukraine is fact a country.
I'm from Belarus, it's right next to Ukraine.
There's also Uganda 
‹serendipity ♥› says :   9 August 2010   272614  

I didn't know how to spell that one. ;-; 
Or else I would have included it.
There is. But see, most americans are highly unintelligent. 


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