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so i herd surveys piss some people offCategory: (general)
Thursday, 5 August 2010
05:38:29 PM (GMT)
Do you hate the last guy/girl you had a thing with?
likee uhh my ex? yes in a way haha

What are your current problems?
hhmm methinks a certain girl needs to .. go awai
annd i'm a little mad that i couldn't go to Out of the Past today
and uh.. tomorrow is going to be hell

Have you ever been out past curfew?

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
uahh .. mark ahhaa

Latest you stayed up this week? And why?
around 3 i think

Do you cry a lot? Have you recently?
i try not to bwauaha

Do you think that you’re a good person?
i can be

What was on your mind mostly today?
uuh a bunch of things

Have you held hands with anyone today?

Have you ever thought about getting your lip pierced?
eeuh no

Have a best friend?
yeaaah! more than one haha

What's your relationship with the person you last texted?
we iz datin ♥

Have you had more than 3 boyfriends/girlfriends at the same time?
wtfwtfwf no

Do you have any plans for the weekend?
going to marks house saturday morning, 
and for dinner we're going to the Mandarin
annnnd on sunday, i'm going there again
and we is going to play GTA and watch Donnie Darko ♥

For the rest of the week?
.. wut

Are you in a good mood right now?

What's bothering you right now?
wuull. nothing really

Are you on medication for anything?
lol yes

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone for over an hour?
mark, methinks

Do you need to say anything to someone?
hrrm yeah

What was the worst mistake of your life?
lmao idk

Do you find smoking unnattracive?
i'm hardly concerned about a person looking fucking hot or not while they're smoking
if the person is smoking cigarettes, then i'm more concerned about their health

What were you doing at 7:00 this morning?

Have you done anything sneaky lately?
haha uuhh .. yeus

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?

Is love really worth fighting for?
of course it is

Have you broken the law in the last 3 days?
hnmmmm.. OMG yeah actually olsfasdfsg

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a B? How many?
lol no

How many years will it be before your ready to get married?
i really dont know lmao

How many cigarettes have you smoked today?

Have you ever kissed someone who's name started with an M?
lol why yes, yes i have

Who is the next person you will kiss?

Was last night terrible?

Has anyone ever done mean things to you while you were sleeping?
not sure

Is your hair clean?

What color is YOUR hair?
my hair is BROWN

Do you look decent when you wake up?

Ever liked a friend's girlfriend/boyfriend?
lol no

Are you afraid of falling in love? haha

Where have you been most today?
lots of placesss, the doctors, the pharmacy, 
the new uniform place, mcdonald's

Your name without a K?

What was the last item you bought?
herp derp idk, uuuhh double cheeseburger

What did you do today?
urgh do i really have to say everything again
no, im not, go awai

Do you talk to the person you like every day?
yeus yeus

Is there something that you haven't told anyone that you actually would like to?

Do you have any pets?
yees! max and mistyyy

When was the last time you were sad?

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?
not really

What happened at 10 AM this morning?
i woke up

What time is it?

What time did you wake up today ?

Is it warm outside?

What's your favorite color?

What color shirt are you wearing?
red/navy lawl

Where's your mom?
on the couch

Are you a happy person?
eeerrm i can be

Are you happy at the moment?
i'm uhhh.. normal

Are you wearing socks ?

DO YOU CONSIDER yourself spoiled?
not really

Did you sing at all today?

Are you scared of spiders?
YES GTFO dsafhkjsd

What's word that rhymes with "DOOR?"
lol.. whore. i know you wanted me to say that so stfu

What were you doing at midnight last night?
watching That 70's Show

What's a word/s that you say a lot?
lol idk actually, i swear alot

What is your current desktop picture?
a fieeeeld

What was the last thing you said to someone?

Describe how you feel right now in one word ? 
tired, a bit bored

What are you listening to ? 
marina and the diamonds

Who was the last person to sleepover? 

Have you ever regretted letting someone go ? 
not really

Who's the last person you told a secret to ? 
uuhhh .. haileeey? idk if it was a ssecret hhaaha

Don't tell me lies, so where's the person you miss the most ? 
i'm not sure. he's at home, on msn, but he said brb
and i'm a bit worried because he's fighting with his brother.. xD

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to ? 

How do you feel about girls smoking ? 
cigs? it's gross, no matter what gender

Is there something bothering you ? 

Do you open up to a lot of people ? 
not really

How many tattoos would you get ? 
i think the most would be 4

Are you friends with the last girl you talked to ? 

Has anyone told you you have pretty eyes ? 
eurgh, yes

Something that happened today that made you angry ? 
the lack of Out of the Past

Are you starting to realize anything ? 
ermrmm.. a little

What are you doing tonight ? 
i'll be makin a pizza and uuh.. that's about it

Do you think you can last in a relationship for six months ? 

Be honest, are you starting to gain feelings towards anyone ? 
:U how do i answer this ahha.. no, becauuse the feelings
are already like.. for someone

Is there a girl you can tell anything to ? 
almost anything, i think

Last incoming text says ? 
"lmao XD" .... -___-

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you drank ? 

If someone gave you $1,000 would you spend it or save it ? 
spend oh lawd

Do you have any plans this weekend ? 
yeus yeus, i dooo

Have you ever liked someone older than you ? 
currently! haha

What's something you're excited for ? 
the weekennnd ♥

Who were you with last night ? 

Where is your Mother? 

Where is your Father? 
fuck if i know ahha

Do you like to swim? 
not really

Do you need to return anyones phone call? 

Where were you born? 

Where do you keep your birth certificate? 

How many days until your birthday? 

What is the closest orange object to you? 

Have you sneezed in the past hour? 

How many books are in your room? 
i'm not going up there to count

What did you last eat? 
french frieess

Who is your favorite teacher of all time? 
i'm not sure

Name one of your goals for this year? 
don't bullshit art class

What is the biggest trouble you have ever been in? 

Did you cry because Michael Jackson died? 
fuck that, i laughed 

What does your 9th message on your phone say? 
"good (: then we can play Bioshock. did you get my message? and a phone plan?

Look to your left. What's there? 
living rooooom, hello

Ever pop someone else's pimple? 

How long does it take you to fall asleep? 
too lonng

Are you scared about the end of the world? 
the world probably won't even end in
my lifetime, so no, not really

Is there a TV in the room you are in? 

What are you looking forward to? 
saturday + sunday

What comes to your mind when I say red? 
.. red

What other language do you want to be fluent in? 
it'd be nice if i could be fluent in french + german

Do you crack your neck often? 

Do you usually hold your pee for a long time? 
LOL OMG i have a bladder of fucking steel, man

Is it possible to lick your elbow? 
maybe for some people

Worst feeling in the world? 
uuuhh, disappointing someone you love, i guess

What's your current favorite commercial? 
lol Old Spice

Name something you think is pointless? 
ergghh idk

Favorite fast food restaurant? 
burger king? ahha

Have you ever been in a fist fight? 
lol play fist fight

Would you concider yourself as a pyro? 
not at all

Did you have a weird dream last night? 
YES i had this lucid dream and then this huge crack of thunder
woke me up and it just totally fucked my mind for a sec there

Do you wish at 11:11? 
if i catch it, yeup

Do surveys really cure boredom? 
does chemo cure cancer? sometiemz
that may have offended some people LOLLL

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