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Friday, 2 July 2010
06:14:06 PM (GMT)
Gabriella was at work modeling, something Taiyo got her into not long
ago when Taiyo afforded a camera and took fabulous pictures of her, and Taiyo was in
his room, like usual. Probably watching television and drinking coffee, I mean, it
was only about 11 am, and I was sitting in my room playing with an old cell phone
that Gabriella had; she’d given me a phone when she got a new one. It was small,
handheld and it wore a green jacket. It had a side out keyboard and a touch screen,
her new one was like, completely touchable. 
	Taiyo never really bothered with phones, he had a generic flip phone with only
texting and calling and rarely ever used the technology. He never really felt a need
	I can’t use my phone though, so it was never turned on. Just a play phone for when
I’d have a friend over, we’d play house and store, and friends.. You know, stuff
that people my age should be doing? Recreation and role playing?
	Oh, by the way, I’m ten and my name is Haylee James Faerhirth, Taiyo calls me
HayJay, and Gabriella calls me Haylee. My last name is pronounced fear-heart’s.  I
was conceived April 13th, and I was born April 21st. You’ll probably think..
‘What’? Well, I did too when I found out these facts. They said it was short
because.. Well, they said they didn’t know, but I also grew like a weed. When I was
four weeks I looked like eleven months. I don’t look ten, I look around thirteen. I
mean, I’ve got the breasts, height, and period to prove it.
	When I was little the doctors studied me, and still do. I see them once a week for
testing and studying. Gabriella did too for a while but stopped when I was 8, she was
only 24 at the time. 
	Nobody ever questioned Taiyo though, the cops did when I was first born and all but
that’s because of what happened before, him being locked up for 19 years in his
room and nobody knowing he existed while he was well alive and beaten brutally.
	They just found it odd how one day he’s just.. Not there, and the next day he’s
all over the place. I mean, he practically didn’t exist his whole life. They
questioned him about how his parents treated him and what they did, and that got my
grandparents locked up for good, and Gabriella’s mom, well, she didn’t want
anything to do with me because Taiyo knocked Gabriella up at sixteen, so.. It’s
been well established that I won’t be seeing her.. Ever. 
	Apparently from the stories Gabriella have told me she was stuck up and wanted
nothing to do with anything out of the norm. She only knew what she knew and didn’t
care to learn anything new. She didn’t accept my mother for who she was and
constantly downed her. 
	Gabriella wanted me to have nothing to do with her because of that, and how the
woman just kicked Gabriella out at sixteen because she was accidentally pregnant.
	God, is my head hurting or what.
	I’m ten, and I’m not as ‘pure’ as you guys think. No ten year old is, I
mean, we’ve got the discovery channel and kids with bad parents and older siblings.
Most of the time we play dumb when you give us the sex talk, that’s why we’re so
tense. And no, I’m not saying that I’ve lost my virginity or done anything,
I’ve never even kissed a boy before, but who doesn’t know by third grade anymore?
But I’m not in third grade, they placed me in seventh out of my intellectuality,
I’ve got the mental equivalent of a seventh grade honor student. 
	But, the flipside to everything is I’m not going to be upping anymore grades
anytime soon because my growing process has slowed down to normal speed, which, in my
case, is pretty fricken’ awesome because I’ve been growing like a weed since I
was little. So I don’t have to get sent to ninth grade instead of eighth. 
	So, yeah, I’ve had the sex talk. I’ve always been told to tell people I was
older by my parents because most people don’t believe me when I say I’m ten.
	The tiny cellular device I clutched in my tiny hands buzzed and the little battery
pixel in the top right corner flashed red as it said ‘Low Battery’, Taiyo heard
it, and I know it because he came down the hallway. He was probably wearing a pair of
sweatpants and a loose shirt, his long brown hair tossed around and tiny stubbles
grew slowly from the rim of his narrow jaw.
	He opened the door, I was right, but he’d shaved. I sure was close though. He
walked towards me and sat down, before telling me to turn the phone off, he could
hear it in his room. Apparently it was some ring tone that Gabriella once had and
never took off when she gave it to me, probably one of her American Idol fantasies;
what she wished Taiyo was.
	I probably didn’t mention this, but I’m deaf. I have an ear implant but I
don’t like it, my parents used to tell me when I was little that I used to cry when
they put the accessory to the cochlear implant on.  I never really wore it, they
never made me. Most people don’t realize I’m deaf, because I can feel the
vibrations and read lips pretty well. 
	I’ve used the implant before though, I have to use it at least 10 minutes in each
class in school and the last class I had to wear it at all times so I could learn
English out loud and in sign language. 
	My parents know I’m deaf though they talk to me more often then not in sign
language, but sometimes they do forget and just.. Talk. I’ll know when they are, I
can feel the vibrations from them speaking in my feet and hands. I guess since I’m
deaf every other sense is heightened or something, that’s what the doctors said.
	I nodded to Taiyo and smiled, my lifeless, dirty blonde hair bounced gently on my
shoulders. The locks were tied in a black band at the bottom of my head.. My hair
wasn’t very long, and I wasn’t necessarily the prettiest girl ever. 
	I had, have Gabriella’s eyes, a glittering lime green. Unnatural, some people say.
It’s as if they glow. My eyes are good, I think. They make up for what I lack, and
I can see a lot of things normal people don’t. I‘m medium sized, I‘ve got a
pouch on my tummy and larger breasts than most girls and thunder thighs. My cheeks
are a little puffy and red, and I‘ve adapted about a million and one freckles on my
face since I was a baby. I also used to have braces, now I’ve just got a retainer.

	Boys would tell me I wasn’t pretty, and girls would tell me I was ugly. I didn’t
have many friends but I didn’t mind, I was okay with what was going on in my head.
I had more impaired friends than I did normal friends, they’re just easier to talk
to I guess. I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly either, I was better with awkward
people anyway.
	“Taiyo.. Will you.. Make me.. Sandwich?” I asked, I knew my voice didn’t sound
good when I didn’t have my implant working, my voice was pitchy and strange because
I didn’t exactly hear the way I spoke like most people do.
	He nodded, and I saw him mouth ‘what kind?’
	My fingers shot and curled and twisted as I spelled out “Bologna, please.”
	Taiyo stood up and left, leaving me alone to have silenced conversations with my ten
year old self. 
	He wasn’t exactly the best parent in the world, he got angry and drank sometimes,
and went out and left me home. Gabriella would always come home after work to see me
alone and playing a solo board game, and would get irritated with Taiyo when Taiyo
came home. She never really believed I was old enough to stay home alone. Only once
she’d let me, and that’s because of their honey moon or whatever.
	Taiyo came back in a few minutes and set down a porcelain plate with Italian bread
and bologna on the inside, with a slice of cheese and mayonnaise. I smiled real big
and thanked him, “Can we play monopoly?” I fingered, waiting for a response as I
picked up the sandwich and took a big chunk out of it and chewing just a little bit
and swallowing hard, it seemed to get stuck in my throat until I gulped and took a
deep breath, then it finally dropped in my stomach.
	“Sure, why not?” He said, or, something along those lines, and I also saw him
mouth something about kool-aid, and I nodded to go along with it and just see if I
was getting something to drink. I think he realized I wasn’t really catching the
drift, because he fingered the words “Do you want kool-aid?” 
	I’m sure if he hadn’t have said it to me in sign-language it would have went
over my head. 
	He disappeared out of the room, and I tossed the phone under my bed and stood up,
taking the sandwich with me and setting it on my lap as I sat on the bed awaiting the
arrival of my father. 
	Taiyo returned and set a tall glass full of red liquid and three ice cubes on the
table next to my bed. “Put your accessory on.” He fingered as he handed me two
rubber bands and pointed to the small accessory on the nightstand.
	Obeying him, I untied the pony tail and then put two ponytails above my ears as I
put the cochlear implant accessory on my head. Quiet, automotive noises filled my
artificial ears from outside. “I hate these things, Dad. You know it.” 

To be continued♥

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