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What Happened To Me?Category: Fail :D
Wednesday, 9 June 2010
07:31:24 PM (GMT)
I used to be that type of person that never cried in movies and thought most love
stories in books and movies were stupid because they happen in less than a week and
that's totally immature and impossible.  I was basically the most hard-hearted person
to ever walk the planet.


   I saw Titanic.

   It completely destroyed that person, and is now my absolute favourite movie of all
time ever.  Aside from that, it made me the sappiest (which by the way is a
combination of sad and happy - sappy; sadhappy - sappy; sadhappy :P), most cry-baby
person in the entire world.  Now I cry at EVERYTHING- The Reader, Blood Diamond,
Finding Nemo, Romeo and Juliet (the play, not the amazing but also so pathetic it's
funny at the same time 1996 movie), Speak (the book AND the movie) Finding Neverland,
Rachel Getting Married... Last night was a new low for me.  I cried in GLEE.  How big
of an epic fail is that???  I also cry more often now in real life situations, and
not only when I'm sad or angry.  I find that, while most people only cry when they're
either sad, angry or elated, I cry whenever any sort of emotion is aroused,
particularly nostalgia.  Talking about my family, both in the past, present and
future, causes me to collapse into a watery mess.

   Also I have a three-way tie for favourite songs, two of which are (BIG surprise
here) 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion and Faith Hill's 'There You'll Be,' from
the Titanic and Pearl Harbor soundtracks, respectively.  In truth, the person I used
to be would absolutely hate the person I am now, and would make fun of me
relentlessly, but I really like the sappy me a lot better.  She's more fun.

   Anyway, that's really not the point.  The point is that, since seeing Titanic,
I've compiled a list of other romantic movies I MUST SEE before I die.

Pearl Harbor
The Notebook
Letters to Juliet
Dear John
Gone With the Wind
A Walk to Remember

   Anybody seen any of those?  Personally I think I'm going to like Pearl Harbor
best, but I obviously haven't seen any of them so I don't know.  Opinions?

   So yeah... I basically fail.  But it's okay.  I fail happily.  

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   9 June 2010   624781  
I've seen parts of A Walk To Remember. It's okay. A Tear Jerker, but
the main girl's "faith" doesn't seem real to me.

I used to never cry at anything. Lately, a lot of things, including
FANFICTION of all things, has me tearing up.
I blame teenage girl hormones. There's no other explanation. I was
never this much of a sucker for a sad movie before now.
Kirti says:   10 June 2010   931684  
Add in Indepence Day and Gone with the Wind you named my "Avoid at
all costs" list.
Kirti says:   10 June 2010   367307  
Oh you said Gone with the Wind. Well, there you go.
retreaux says:   10 June 2010   672149  
Gone With The Wind is awesome.
I suggest reading the book.
tiggerlemon101 says:   10 June 2010   801687  
Me too!  Crying at fanfiction, that is.
Hormones is probably worth something, but my mom also says that she
thinks I've "found my soul."  Recently there was this dude from New
Zealand who came to Canada and we had like a thing (not really a
relationship- just a thing), but when he went home all he ever
talked about on MSN was how stupid my friends, family and teachers at
school were.  Eventually it got to the point where he was constantly
telling me how stupid I was.  Now, I know I'm not perfect and
probably not a very nice person (:P) but I know if there's one thing
I'm NOT it's stupid.  I was so angry with him and hated him so much
that I was never really even sad.  I was just pissed and wanted to
punch him out, not even so much for my sake but for everybody else's.
   My mom says I wasted so much time being angry at him that my
emotional range was even smaller than usual.  Well, recently I
realized that I don't care anymore.  I don't absolve him of what he
did, but I do forgive the way he made me feel.  
   So basically mumsie thinks that now I've just gone way too sappy
because I released all the anger.
   Yeah, so that was a LONG rant about absolutely nothing.  :D

   I used to feel that way EXACTLY. 
Six months ago I wouldn't have touched one of those movies to save my
life, and I mean that almost literally.
   I still refuse to give into The Last Song, though.  I am NEVER
seeing that.  Ever. 
Kirti says:   10 June 2010   200610  
That guy is not worth the time you spent writing that. 
tiggerlemon101 says :   10 June 2010   227770  
I know.
I just wanted to explain what my mother called my "soul awakening-" I
wrote that for Marisa's benefit, not his.  :P
I haven't spoken to him in like three months. 


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