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The touch of her skin {read third}Category: (general)
Monday, 7 June 2010
10:31:47 AM (GMT)
Sam was ready, condoms in his pocket, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine in
his arms. At least he hoped he was ready. Truth be told he was nervous, his first and
last experience of sex had been a bit of a blur he had to admit, sleeping with a girl
he hardly knew. This time was different, it was Chrissie, his girlfriend of 8 months
and if he disappointed tonight then you could pretty much bet the relationship would
be over. Yeah Chrissie was inexperienced but her friends weren't and if tonight wasnt
any good they would convince her to ditch him. And he didnt want that. Love again.
Was it love? Well only tonight would tell.
It was 7 o'clock, Chrissie said her folks would leave around six and he gave her an
hour to get ready. Although getting dressed up to get undressed seemed really silly
tonight. A lot of things seemed silly tonight. Except his feelings for her. He'd made
an effort, wearing a clean, ironed shirt but casual with jeans at the same time. He'd
shaved and was smelling nice with something that came out a bottle of one of his
brother's beauty products. 
He reached the end of the drive and rang the doorbell. She took a while to come to
the door. She opened it slowly. 
'Hey' he said. God that sounded so lame.
'Hey' she said 'Are those for me?' she opened the door wider so he could se her in
her outfit. He gasped as he tripped over the threshold and the bouquet got a little
squashed in his arms. Holy shit. She looked fantastic. her hair was all wavy and
floaty, she was wearing a little make-up not too much so that she looked slutty.
After all they we staying in her house, not going out. The dress she was
wearing was stunning. It was black with a floral pattern, over the shoulder and
showed off her skinny waist.
'Er yeah they are' he managed to say whilst still staring. He handed her the flowers
and said 'God you look amazing'
'Thanks' She blushed, he could tell she was happy
'I, er brought a bottle of wine, thought we could have a glass or two before......'
he didnt manage to finish. God this was awkward.
'Okay' she said 'I'll find somewhere for these to go, I dont want mum to find them, I
can put them in my room' she petered out as well.
They were both nervous.
They sat down on the sofa together, Chrissie had chosen a film for them to watch. It
wasnt too girlie, it had action as well. It was an 18 and the sex scenes were
really heated. Sam poured some wine and they sipped their glasses. Chrissie
leaning back on him, the smell of her hair wafting up his nose was enough to make his
heart beat faster. He held her other hand and stroked it during the love making
scenes on the film.
'Are you getting hot?' she asked
'Yeah, a little' he admitted
She put down her glass and truned the telly off. The heated scenes were over anyway.
She lay on top of him on the sofa and kissed his lips softly. 
He kissed her back slowly. The kissing continued, getting longer and more intense. He
ran his hand down her back mavelling at her narrow waist. His dick was already
tingling, he might not make it till later. He sped up the pace, they were really
making out now, tongues entwining. He sat up, her with him and she pulled his hand.
They got up and walked upstairs towards her bedroom.

‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   7 June 2010   619800  
Awh :3
maple_syrup whispers:   8 June 2010   423583  
well I was hoping for more than just 'awww'
maybe what you think? is it good?
‹the Gaythiest› says :   13 August 2010   421541  
I can't wait for more(:
You're so good with these stories.
But you're never on enough to like, complete all the parts D; 

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