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Tired all the time- betting pool open.Category: (general)
Saturday, 15 May 2010
11:32:29 AM (GMT)
For the past few months I have been tired, as the title sugests, all the time.
Except for about three minutes two fridays ago. (It was weird. By the time I
remembered what the feeling was, it was over.)

I've tried bumping the ammount of sleep I get up by hour increments, but nothing is
enough. I've tried one hour to sixteen hours. 

My friends, being a group of heartfelt caring indiviguals have started betting on the
cause too 

Can't say I mind overmuch, so I figured I'd let Kupika in on the action. The current
theories are:

1) "Jetlag". I have never left my timezone in my entire fourteen year life, but a
couple think my sleep schedual is so eratic I have Jetlag.

2) Anemia. My argument is that almost all girls have anemia whether they know it or
not, but I'm the only one sleeping for ten hours and taking eight hour naps later.

3) Mono. Greats Gods I hope not, but that's what my sister thinks.

4) It's because my sleep schedual isn't stable enough. (My mom only says that because
it gets her out of taking me to a doctor. America hasn't nationalized our healthcare

5) Depression, my dad is sure of it. As a side note, how do you go about convincing
your father that you aren't depressed? Because I'm not! Gr.

6) ____blank_____

7) Narcolepsy- it's not often that I actually lose conciousness against my will,
except in math class. (Sorry about that Mrs. N, you're a great teacher, but...)

 Adrenal Fatigue; Uh... Not many holes I can poke in this one, except that it
doesn't seem like it effect midteens very frequently.

Anyone have any ideas, or agree with any of these? I like to think it's the first
one, but jetlag goes away after you sleep for fourteen hours, right?

Aw whatever. Please comment. (Even if it's just to say how stupid I am, and yes I'm
talking to you Lyncheh.)
Last edited: 16 May 2010

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   15 May 2010   985531  
Maybe you're deficient of some vitamin. That's my case. (I hate
taking vitamins...)
Are you eating what you need to each day?
Kirti says:   16 May 2010   893359  
Well, I don't eat meat, but I know that if I was a vegetarian I'd be
protein defeciant so I'm pescatarian and eat fish almost every day.
And my mom has me take vitamin D pills each day (since it was an
abnormally long winter, she was worried), and these gummy vitamins
that are supposed to be the equivalant of a cup of brochili, and
tangarine, and a salmon.

So that's... A couple, right? What's left, Vitamin A, maybe? (What
is vitamin A?) 
BooRadley says:   16 May 2010   858827  
Could it be Narcolepsy?
That causes tiredness even after long periods of sleep.
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   16 May 2010   456027  
Hmm.. I was just gonna say that.. 

BUT narcolepsy is a condition with uncontrollable sleeping: a
condition characterized by frequent, brief, and uncontrollable bouts
of deep sleep, sometimes accompanied by hallucinations and inability
to move.

It might be Adrenal Fatigue.
Kirti says:   16 May 2010   659028  
What Converse said. (My dad mentioned narcolepsy, but I've talked to
people affected by it, and it just doesn't seem to fit.)

Although if you're right, I owe you big time, so I'll add it to the
list of possibilites.
Hang on, let me look that up. Oh... Shiz. Er, I'll look into that one
more. (The symptoms seem to fit pretty well.) 
tiggerlemon101 says:   16 May 2010   933622  
My money's on anemia or mono, because you sleep so much and yet
you're still always tired.  I don't know what Adrenal Fatigue is, but
I'm gonna check it out.

I have anemia, by the way.  Once you're on meds you're 110% better,
and usually you only have to take them for 6 months and then you're
better.  Sometimes you slip back a little bit, and when that happens I
take a supplement every otehr day for about a month and it usually
works.  It's not hard to take care of and personally, I felt better
after about four days.
‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   17 May 2010   937964  

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

    * Morning fatigue -- You don't really seem to "wake up" until 10
a.m., even if you've been awake since 7 a.m.
    * Afternoon "low" (feelings of sleepiness or clouded thinking)
from 2 to 4 p.m.
    * Burst of energy at 6 p.m. -- You finally feel better from your
afternoon lull.
    * Sleepiness at 9 to 10 p.m. -- However, you resist going to
    * "Second wind" at 11 p.m. that lasts until about 1 a.m., when you
finally go to sleep.
    * Cravings for foods high in salt and fat
    * Increased PMS or menopausal symptoms
    * Mild depression
    * Lack of energy
    * Decreased ability to handle stress
    * Muscular weakness
    * Increased allergies
    * Lightheadedness when getting up from a sitting or laying down
    * Decreased sex drive :DROOL: 
    * Frequent sighing
    * Inability to handle foods high in potassium or carbohydrates
unless they're combined with fats and protein
Kirti says :   11 August 2011   687727  
Don't mind me, I'm just creepin' my old diaries!

Turns out narcoleptics don't feel tired, they just fall asleep!
Even if they get enough. They feel fine, and then suddenly lose
consciousness with no warning to them or anyone else. 


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