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i likes copying other peoples quizes and doing them myselfs...Category: (general)
Monday, 12 April 2010
08:11:10 PM (GMT)
1. What is your name?
neomi :]

2. What is your favorite color?

3. What is your favorite candy?
cables :3

4. How many friends do you have?

5. Your favorite website is ____.

6. Do you like chocolate?

7. Favorite store?
oooh... pulp 

8. Webkinz, shining starz, or ty beanie babies?
beanie babies 

9. Favorite nintendo ds game?
animal crossing FTW!

10. Do you like animals?

11. Favorite food?
pizza or samiches 

12. What does it mean to grow up?
to be a bit taller XD

13.Who was in your last fight?
probably sally 

14. when was your last fight?
last monday

15. chocolate, strawberry, or original milk?

16. Is it Idaho or Udaho?
idaho ;]

17. Are you a nerd?

18. Are you popular?
haha hell no!

19. Are you original?
i can be

20. Do you like tokidoki?

21. Do you like japan?
it'd be cool to go there one day...

22. Are you racist?
not intentionally

23. Do you hate chocolate?

25. Can you sing?
in a group XD

26. Can you dance?
in mcdonalds 

27. Are you a virgin?
yeah! im not a slag

28. How many friends do you wish you had?
not many more. its better to have a few close friends than loads of friends you
barley remember the names of :]

29. Mentos or chocolate?

30. moon or stars?
stars **

31. Do you love mountain dew?
haha its american so i dont taste it that often XD

32. Are you single?
uh hu

33. Are you famous?
define famous... hell no!

34. Who is your bf/gf?

35. Who is your #1 enemy?
hmm... shaun... the ex sheep

36. Who is your #1 friend?
hmm... atm becky 

37. Are you bored?
oh yeah

38. What are you doing tonight?

39. Tape, or stapler?
tape (Y)

40. Coconutz or apples?
apples. coconut tastes like soap... not like ive ever tasted soap :L

41. Windows or doors?

42. Will you answer all these questions?
with as little effort as possible :]

43. Would you do survivor man on discovery channel?

44. Would you do man vs wild on discovery channel?

45. What would you do for a klondike bar?
haha... nothing cuz i dunno what that is XD

46. When was the last time you left your house?
5 1/2 hours ago?

47. Do you have school today?
nope  still one week left

48. When do you have school?
next weeks

49.  Do I like chocolate milk?
i LIKE chocolate milk. i like cereal... cheese is amazing 

50. Is the answer for 49 yes?
and went on a bit

51. Are we really half way through already?
over half way... actually!

52. Do you have to go pee?
just went 

53. Do you have to go poop?

54. Are these questions just getting weirder?
no... just boring 

55. hello kitty or chocolate milk?

56. Do you like kupika.com?
kinda, dont go it much tho

57. Do you have over 10 friends?

58. Do you have over 100 friends?

59. Do you have over 200 friends?
see above

60. Do you not have one million friends?
who does?

61. Do you like cheez-itz?
hell yeah!

62. Do you like Maccoroni?

63. Do you like dove chocolate?

64. What kind of shampoo do you use?
erm... timotei and some other one that i forgot the name of XD

65. What kind of conditioner do you use?
dont remember the name

66. Do you shave your legs?

67. Do you have a beird?
haha... no.

68. Do you still wear diapers?
XD these questions are getting stupid... and no.

69. How many times have you peed yourself?
adunno ask my mum ¬¬

70. What is your favorite anime?
avatar the legend of aang... if that counts 

71. Are you thinking your going to quit this test?
no ima gona stick it through

72. Are you failing a grade?

73. Have you lost all of your teeth?
not all my baby ones 

74. Have you taken a 1000 question quiz before?
no... id get bored

75. Fruits or vegetables?

76. Itouch or nano?
nano :3

77. Are you having a sleep over tonight?
yeah.. me and my invisible duck XD

78. Do you play an instrument?

79. If you do what instrument?
keyboard and a bit of guitar

80. Do you like hamsters?
no they smell.

81. Cat fight or dog fight or neither?

82. Is there someone u like?
not anymoar...

83. Are you sad?

84. Are you happy?

85. Are you lonely?

86. Are you mad?

87. Have you been in therapy?
"give me therapy, im a walking travesty...." damn that an amazing song

88. Do you hate mentos?
no! there amazing!

89. Do you still play with dolls?
haha... no.

90. Mountain dew rocks right?

91. Have yo uever lied?
you cant live life without them

92. If you were to meet someone famous what would you do?
already have 

93. Would you become famous?
no... too much attention

94. Have you ever been dumped?

95. Inuyasha or Super gals?

96. Do you think SmileyPurple is weird?

98. Did you notice 97 was not there?
i did now... ¬¬

99. Should i put 101 up on here?
you could... but i wouldnt answer it XD

100th question.

Did you like this quiz?!?!?
Last edited: 12 June 2010

‹StupidKid› says :   18 April 2010   908746  
I'm copying all yours xD


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