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Sunday, 28 March 2010
07:46:10 PM (GMT)
~+=This is a spoiler to those I'm in a club with so, just giving you a heads up=+~ Full Name: Raivu (Ra-I-Voo) X (His last name is known as "X") Sobriquets/Nicknames: Ray(I know it's pronounced different), Rai, and whatever other people might nickname him. Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Straight I suppose... Age: 15 Nationality: Mexicano and African Height: 5' 6'' Weight: 125 *Mental Disorderds/Habits: Forgets to study for a test, turns up his music loudly so you can hear the beat of the music(Just not the lyrics), and always takes his wireless headphones around with him even though he's not playing any music. Personality: -Contains likes and dislikes- He loves to goof off instead of study. Has a strong determination and justice, you could say he has hero attitude and all, except the fact that he can be very careless at times and doesn't like to be bossed around by anyone. Race/Species: (Neko, witch, demon, miroi, ect.) Mr. Bunnay Rabbit. owo Past/History: -I completely understand if you wanna keep it a secret- KAJSFK I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. D:> I'll do it later, it'll be NO secret Picture: -if not- vvvvv I find it kind of pointless to use pictures now of days, unless you drew it!! I have other reasons... DESCRIPTION Skin: Light-brown skin Eyes: Brown with a tint of citrus orange, and the other eye is a light misty blue color. (no he's not blind but it's hard to see out of that eye so he where's an eyepatch OR he has his hair to cover his eye). Hair: (Color, length, style) Suprisingly he has blonde hair(Not very light and not dark but more of a yellow color), which is unusual for a mexicano. Also he has black streaks in his hair, and it goes down alittle bit below his chin. Body Structure: Fairly average. (Not much to say on that for me really) Clothing Style/Example: Loves to wear a blue checkered hat, along with his orange wireless headphones that he take around with him all the time. It's not only for listening to music but it's also like a microphone. He also wears a yellow tie, black jacket,orange shirt,navy blue pants, and black and blue checkered shoes.He'll wear a yellow eyepatch covering his misty blue eye. Anything else Odd in appearance like piercings, tattoo's, markings, Birth marks, freckles- so on?: He lightly colored freckles around his nose, and a curse mark on his right-side of his chest which is a wine red color outlined in black in the shape of a deforemed music notes. General Name: Michael Aixko Nickname/s: Mike,Mikey and whatever other people call him... Gender: Male Age: (16 years+) 18 years old Nationality: Mexican/African-American Orientation: More in likely straight... Physical Eyes: He has a black eyes tinted in with red. Hair: Deep riched colored red hair that is to chin length, but he has an odd underlayer of black hair that goes down to his shoulders. He sometimes tie his hair in a pony-tail with a ribbon on formal occasions, or if it's too much of a bother to mess with it. Build: Muscular but he's not like overly muscular or anything like that...Has Light brown skin, and stands at 179cm. Clothing style: He wears a white shirt with it's sleeves ended at his elbow rolled up, wears a brown vest on top with pockets where his upper torso is and towards the bottom, like a normal jacket, a blue bandana that is worn at all times around his mouth, unless he's eating, his jeans are ripped where his knees are, an eyepatch on his right eye, a really long chain with a flail ball at the end that is wrapped on his belt loop, and a regular brown belt with bags on it tied to it that isn't in his pants loops and often hangs out to the side. Tattoos/ Piercings: He has a looped earing on his left ear which is made of real silver. He has dark purple triangles painted underneath his eyes, which I guess you could call a Tattoo since it doesn't come off. Other: He lost his canine teeth(the sharp teeth in the front to the sides of your mouth) due to almost loosing his life with a shark, and replaces his missing teeth with the shark's that he killed. --Sorry if I couldn't explain that correctly..... Picture: (Optional) I was going to draw a picture, but I'll do it later..... Personal Personality: Michael is usually a calm mysterious person. He only gets ticked off if you take his bandana or his silver pocket watch. He'll kill or hurt anyone who gets in his way when it comes to treasure, even if it's a beloved one. It's hard to tell what's on his mind by looking for his expression on his face, for he doesn't express them in that way. He usual expresses his emotions through actions rather than words..... Likes/Dislikes: Anything that is silver. He loves to eat any sort of spicy and sour food, but he will refuse to eat some kinds of sweets but not all. He's favorite food is Tamales and his least favorite food is icecream. He dislikes Annoying people who get in his way, and those who try to boss him around, unless it's his captain who he respects for example. Strengths: He doesn't care what other people think and whenever they make a smart remark to him, all he does is give them an evil sour smile. Michael will hurt anyone in his path...(if that's considered a strength....) Weaknesses: He feels defenceless without his flail around, but he won't just stand there getting hit, he'll run away. The fear of dieing would be one of the most worst weakest besides loosing his other eye. Goal in Life: To find the treasurer he's been looking for years to come, to revive a friend who is now a cursed ghost, and to avenge someone who has messed up his right eye. History: He became and official sailor when he was only 15 years old, and went on voyages with his now deceased father. While on a voyage to discover new trade routes, young Michael spotted ships far out in the distant....Not like sailor ships but more like...Pirate ships! Then there was a great battle between these two warships. Michael was loading the hidden cannon below deck and that's when the pirates already jumped their ship. After he loaded the cannon, he looked to see that there was no ship where he last saw it. Michael went up the stairs to see everyone fighting to their lives. That's when he spot his dad, the captain of this ship known as the "Lighting Speed". Known to be the fastest ship on earth, or so thought Michael untill the pirates ship came along. Anyway, he saw the captain, who was tied up, being harrassed by the pirate captain saying something about "lost treasure" and "A Legacy"...The pirate captain was called "Capt'n Brackish" for his personality was quite unpleasant and some say...Salty? That's all Michael seem to catch on the converstation. The captain(Michael's dad) refused to tell, and the pirate took out his gun and got ready to shoot untill Michael ran in there and threw his mighty flail towards the pirate. Capt'n Brackish dodged his unsuccessful throw and pointed his gun towards Michael. Before Michael could budge, the pirate shot and it targeted towards his eye leaving him permantly blind for life. His eye bled as he cried from the stinging pain. The Capt'n gave no mercy and shot again, except this time The captain of "Lighting Speed" also known as "Captain Lighting" for his quick orders and moves before he thinks, got in the way of the bullet and it hit him right in the stomache. Right when that happened a strange fellow, a pirate it seems on Capt'n Brackish's team grabbed Michael and lead him to the dory, while Capt'n Brackish suddenly got interrupted by his right hand man said that there is no treasure on the ship. The Capt'n angry screamed at him "LOOK AGAIN!" He looked back at the spot where Michael was caressing his father into his arms was gone. He let out a ferious screech and kicked the now-dead body of Capt'n Lighting. Micheal thanked the strange fellow that helped him to the dory only to see him or...her dissapear. It was hard to tell since the odd figure wore a mask on it's face, but Michael didn't try to hard to find out. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ He later discovers an island and lives there a while. Then he gets into a fight with a shark while he was trying to fish and lost his teeth when it hit a mighty blow to his front teeth. It also ripped his right arm off leaving him armless. Michael carves a wooden arm and ties it on. A small boat comes to the rescue! It appears to be someone familiar...Wearing such a familiar mask....Michael shoves that thought out of the way and thanks the stranger, while the stranger nods instead of saying "Your welcome". Later he is taken to a repair store, which wasn't any ordinary store at all! The stranger must've known the mechanic, who looked like...A pirate girl? She tossed out his old wooden arm and gave him a new and improved robotic arm and he wasn't even charged for it... Now he's friends with them and usually hung out with them untill they all decided to go their seperate ways. Other: I decided to give him a silver pocket watch and a robotic right arm. Soo he's a left-hander and now he's amidexterous....
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