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Valentines day with EmilyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 14 February 2010
10:03:50 PM (GMT)
Heeey. I'm at home waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up, so I think I'll write a
little about Singles Awarness day, also known as the Hallmark Holiday and Valentines

I dunno. It's kind of cute, I guess. A day for people to get off their asses and
finally do something about the person they've fallen for, rather than just standing
around whining that their too scared to talk to them. And for men to finally propose.

More importantly, it's very easy to buy good chocolate cheaply shortly after 

I bought Emily these toy birds that make a chirping sound when you touch their beaks
together because I thought it was cute, but since Emily's parents don't know Emily
has a girlfriend it might be hard to explian... ("What? Kissing birds with hearts on
their tummies are popular gifts for friends to each other these days! Honest!!")
In this place is where Kirti left for her date, came home, drank some chocolate milk,
and read a shojo manga before continuing. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm really glad I went out today. It wasn't a particuraly romantic date, but... Emily
and I went straight to dating before we could really be friends. It makes me happy to
know that we can still just hang out.

It was a bit strange... We went to lunch at the mall and I sort of had to go to the
bathroom, but since we're both girls I was afraid she might get the impression I
wanted to fix my hair (or something) and go in with me. Public restrooms are a peril
of same sex relationships, I think. 

The resteraunt we went to had a great salade bar so Emily and I both got those
salads, but most of the food on the menu were things to be eaten with the hands or
contained meat. I' a pescatarian, and I messy eater, so to aviod embaressing myself
or betraying my values I ate a salad with my salad >.<

Plus I suck at conversing so I just made joke after joke. I don't think she minded
too much.

Oh, no one proposed while we were there! I was hoping to see that. I guess people
prefer to propose at dinner time?

She insisted on paying which felt odd. Apart from restrooms, bills are another hairy
situation for same sex dating situations, I suppose. Who pays? maybe it's unfair to
the guys, but in the man+woman=man pays equation, at least you know where you stand.

She teased that she was the man in our relationship. I kinda though I was... But then
again, I came to the date in a large red hair bow, a skirt, and a shirt with a flower
on it. Emily's hair is quite short (I really like it though!) and kept a full length
jacket on. Still though...

I was surprised that there weren't many other dates going on. I mean, come on. Surely
someone else participated in the hallmark holiday.

Went to boarders for hot chocolate, and argued about manga. Emily is fundamentally
opposed to "only 99% of manga and animes." Even that was nice though! I like being
able to hold a debate without it turning into a fight.

I ate dinner with her family. Oh, how does one strike a balance between impressing
them enough that if she ever tells them they'll accept me, and not acting like a
polite suitor? Naturally, it being me and all, I was unable to strike the balance and
it was awkward. (And gues what I had for dinner? Salade!)

Very important for all
Emily is now on Kupika. Her name is Wheatoast because she cant eat glutton. (It's a

I really really want her to stay on here and become a Kupikan. Even if it is strange
to think about Emily herself reading this, I want her to. So if you have a moment to
spare, could some of you please welcome her?

Thank you!

~~~~*^Sorry this was all so mushy^*~~~~

tiggerlemon101 says:   14 February 2010   943816  
That's so nice.
The closest thing I have to a relationship is currently (and
permanently at least for two years) in New Zealand.  Don't ask.

But I kinda like it that way because there's no stress and we can talk
on MSN/webcam and stuff.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   14 February 2010   657032  
The funny thing is that, when Valentine's Day first came to be, it
was more to celebrate love between family members i.e. Mother and
Mostly because there was more love in this than in marriage back then.
Kirti says:   15 February 2010   300704  
The people who say long distance relationships don't work are
generally not in it for love. I wish you the best!

Wasn't it some guy sending cards to his family from prison? 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   15 February 2010   711312  

Some say it started when St. Valentine was martyred and left a note
for a girl, the jailer's daughter, he had become friends with and
signed it "From Your Valentine".
Back in the Roman days, there was also a festival celebrating Juno.
The lives of girls and boys were strictly separate. At this time, all
the girls' names were put into a jar and were picked randomly by a
boy. They became partners fir the festival. The partnership could last
an entire year, where the couple might fall in love and marry.
Then people of the later generations created romantic comedies. The

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