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It's bound to happen.Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 February 2010
07:29:44 PM (GMT)
That I'll grow old and alone. This is, sadly a Valentine's Day rant. Hahaha, or as Jessica and I call it, singles awareness day. But, I hate how as soon as I log onto facebook, all I see is everyone wishing each other's a happy valentine's day. And then everyone wishes their boyfriend's one. It just gets me so fed up I could scream. God. And then this morning my grandma was over throwing a fit about my room being messy. And bout me being a pig. Fml. But, as I have done since I entered junior high, I will be pigging out on expensive chocolate my dad buys and I pay him back for. fatty So sadly, as you can tell, I am one of the only single girls in my grade, other than Kendal and Mayson, who say I'm single because I'm frigid. Which hurts my feelings, but is pretty true. Hmm.. I got a rose as a joke from the guys, they did it to all the 'ugly/fat/mental' girls this year, and sent them eacha flower witha love message. So mean. I told my dad it was from Jayde, she didn't argue, because my feelings were hurt. So.. I think I let it all out. Should be posting on clubs, but has to make supper now So, for all you singles out there, I love you guys. Let's stay together.♥ For the couples I wish you a happy Valentine's day.Now go choke on some chocolate

‹gunk› says:   14 February 2010   504503  

Don't worry, being single is epic!

You don't have to worry about all the love crap, and I feel pretty
good being single. I feel more independent than all the other people
who rely and mooch of their gfs/bfs.
Just my opinion, so you can ignore this comment :'O

alleygirl92 says:   14 February 2010   922620  
Haha, thanks.
Personally, I don't mind either, it's just I'm fed up with my friends
bugging me about being fourteen, and never having had a boyfriend. So,
it's a really bad peer pressure thing, but other than that, I don't
really mind.

AerithLight says:   15 February 2010   967543  
I'm frigid too and that's also one of the main reason I don't date.
Hah, that's okay though. My V-Day was pretty much a normal day.

The guys are completely stupid and have no hearts. They all just want
all the girls in their pants. Just ignore the peer pressure. At least
you're not getting any real heartbreak. 

Happy Valentines day~
‹??????› says:   15 February 2010   508329  
With me, the same. Same. It hurt when I was the only
persongirl in my class with no rose. Stung like hell, but I
pushed that off with chocolate, so feh.
So, for all you singles out there, I love you guys. Let's stay together.♥ For the couples I wish you a happy Valentine's day.Now go choke on some chocolate
: ) Will do, love.<3 Happy Valentine's Day.♥
Oroborus21 says:   15 February 2010   739394  
it sounds like none of those guys, or at least none so far, have
enough class to see your beauty inside and out, that would be worthy
of you "thawing out" for just continue to be yourself and
try your best not to let it get to you. all those "couples" or almost
all of them won't even be couples next valentines day so its not like
what youre seeing is something more than temporary love affairs...and
while its understandable that you would want yours too, your time will
come. just be open to it, but most importantly see yourself as
valuable and worthy to be love and hold yourself like that and
eventually someone will agree with youand that gentleman will be
alleygirl92 says :   16 February 2010   197207  
I see. Like I mentioned before.. I'm frigid.. really frigid actually.
That's not too bad at least. 

(: Right, and considering some girls their dating.. I'm guessing
they're used to getting their way. For example, Braden's dating a girl
two years older than him.. To me, that's wrong, as well as to my
family, but his doesn't care.

I know, and I really think that it's horrible to do that. Because it
does hurt when you get one as a joke, or you don't get one at all.
Hehe.. One time of year I like to pig out on chocolate.

Good, I hope it was great after all♥

May I point out, that's exactly how my friend puts it. Though it may
be quite true, I don't really act like myself at school, I play the
mute. But I do see what your saying, and I'll just keep waiting. 


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