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Me and Megs' collab story, chapter 4!Category: (general)
Friday, 5 February 2010
07:51:01 AM (GMT)
Here you are, Meaghan.

Chapter 3!

Chapter. 4
Ed and I had been exploring the outskirts of town for awhile, before we found a pair
of strange tracks and were following them into a large field. I looked up and could
see the sky was now thick with dark clouds. It was definitely going to rain. That
sucks, I hate rain. I pulled out one of the cakes we found on our kitchen table that
morning; I had packed them all up, just in case. I saw the note from Meg, she said
she bought it at the store, but she can’t fool me. I know they were homemade. I
have a better sense of taste then most. There’s a downside to this though, I can
taste spicy foods when other people can’t, and I hate spicy food. People will tell
me this dish is yummy, and I ask them if it’s spicy and they’re like ‘nooo, go
ahead.’ And I eat it, and it feels like my mouth is on fire! Then I say so and they
look at me like I’m special with a capital “R”. 
But I’m getting off-track. Speaking of off-track, the tracks we found seem to stop
sometime in the middle of the field. That’s strange, tracks don’t just stop. Ed
knelt down in the grass and took a closer look. 
“...There’s no sign of them continuing.”
“But tracks just don’t end, Ed.”
“I understand that, but they certainly don’t continue here.”
That’s just great, now we’re lost in a field. I looked around while nibbling on a
cake. I could see two figures at a far distance, running like the devil was on their
heels. I suddenly saw one, the shorter, sink into the ground, while the taller one
went to where they fell. There was some unidentifiable yelling, and a large piercing
scream. It was only then I realized, that was Meaghan and Ryoki. Meaghan doesn’t
scream often, but it was a unique scream, it couldn’t be anyone else. I turned to
Ed; he noticed this too. After looking to each other for approval, we went running
towards them. That’s a thing with me and Ed. We don’t have to say anything to
decide on action. They were quite a ways away; the running didn’t seem to help. As
we ran, I saw Ryoki fall into the ground as well. I could only assume there was a
hole there, unless Meaghan and Ryoki found how to pass through solid objects. I know,
I’m exaggerating that, but still. By the time we made it only 10 metres away from
the hole, Edward pushed my head down into the tall grass, and he followed me down. I
was about to yell at him, but he held a finger to his lips. I felt my face go a bit
red, so I looked back at the hole to see Meaghan and Ryoki climb out.
“What the heck just happened?!” Ryoki said to Meaghan, who looked pretty shaken
up. I didn’t see her like that often, not much scared her. She was a fearless
“Let’s just keep going.” I heard her say in a weaker voice then I was used to.
Something down there had scared her to death. What could do that to Meaghan, the most
fearless person I’ve ever seen that’s shorter than me?
We waited for the two of them to get out of earshot, the climbed up from our stealthy
“What the heck was down there?” Edward mumbled to himself loudly enough for me to
“It had Megs pretty shaken up. Should we check it out?” Edward looked at me, and
nodded. He opened the door that was over the hole and slid down. I followed closely
behind him. We both didn’t anticipate the steepness of the hole; we rolled down the
wall on our sides, crashing into each other. I didn’t realize how close our faces
were until we got to the bottom. We were only a few centimetres away. I let out a
yelp and rolled over, my face burning up. Our faces had never gotten that close
before! Geez, I hope I didn’t freak Edward out! When I looked over, I saw him
getting up quickly, his face also a bit red. I got up slowly, and then took a look at
the inside of the hole. It looked like the inside of a mole’s home, Except for a
large computer and back room on the far side. On the ground, there were two men. They
were extremely skinny, and wore red ninja suits. They were out cold, but only just. I
guess Meaghan did a good job beating them. Edward checked their pulse to see if they
really were just out cold. You never know with Meaghan. She WAS carrying her
pocketknife. She cut one of the students at the academy once. I’m not sure if it
was on purpose or by accident, but she did. You never know with her, you just
don’t. Edward relaxed; they seemed to just be out cold. He got up and started
wandering to the computer that was at the back. I further examined the men on the
floor. One of them held a needle tightly in his hand. Wait a second... are they
really out? I looked up at Ed, who was examining the contents of the computer. I saw
a flash of red move in the corner of my eye, and I saw the bigger of the two of them
reach out at Ed. I cried out of shock, but before Ed could respond, his ankle was
grabbed and pulled hard, and he hit the ground with a thump. The smaller of them held
the needle and attempted to thrust it into Ed’s left leg. I hastily tried to create
a force field, but I was extremely out of practice, and I only caused a horrifying
noise, kind of like electricity being scraped against a car. I saw the needle hit
Ed’s calf, but there was a large metallic clang, and the vile and its contents
scattered. Edward took the shock of the vile as a chance to roll away. He rolled and
stood up a few feet in front of me, in a defensive position. The two looked up at us.

“Well, Kyo, experiment material just keeps coming today! The first two were too
hard to catch though, but these two shouldn’t prove nearly as hard.” One of them
“Indeed, Johou. Although, they aren’t our ideal material. Look how small they
Oh geez, did I just hear that? Did they just call Ed small? You never call Ed small,
unless you have a death wish. Ed’s face rapidly changed from a face of
determination to one of pure rage and hatred whilst letting out a small growl. He
clapped his hands together and placed them on the computer, slowly twisting it into a
hammer. Oh dear, not again...
“WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MIDGET TOO SHORT TO BE SEEN?!?!” He shrieked at the top of
his lungs while pounding the two men mercilessly. I threw my palm to my forehead; He
always does this with even the vaguest remark to his height. He goes in a pointless
rage and pummels the poor soul who insulted him. When this happens, a mental image
comes to mind of a small angel and devil Ed. I see the devil Ed on top of the angel
Ed, mocking him whilst encouraging him while the angel Ed is desperately trying to
get him to stop. It always comes to mind in this situation, and this happens often.
People often pick on Edward just to get his reaction. (Although it often leaves them
in the hospital; he almost got expelled from the academy because a senior bully was
picking on him when he was a freshman, and got beat up by his mighty metal fist.)
I looked up after exiting my thoughts, and was surprised to see the two men weren’t
in a bloody heap yet. Despite his rage, he must still be controlling himself. He’s
not one for killing people. They were beaten pretty badly, and were really out cold
this time. Edward clapped his hands together again and used the floor to bind the two
men down. 
“I have half a mind to report you to the authorities! C’mon, Sam, let’s get out
of here!”
“You intend to leave them there??”
“I don’t know what kind of wild things they’ve been doing here, but they
don’t look good, and they need a lesson taught! C’mon!” He hollered as he
grabbed my forearm and led me up the ladder. Once we were back up, Edward kicked at
the door hatch with his left foot, and it fell into the ground at the might of his
steel toes. I understood why Meaghan was upset now. Those men were creepy. Who knows
that that liquid in the vile was; and they had a mind to put that evil stuff in
Edward! I shuddered at the thought. Anything medical makes me sick. Something as
simple as blood can make me want to throw up. Hospitals scare me to no end. Luckily,
I haven’t had to go to the hospital yet, and I don’t intend to. 
Edward didn’t let go of my arm the next while. I saw he was leading me over to a
grey house, in the direction that Ryoki and Meaghan went earlier. About halfway
there, it started to rain heavily. The water on my face bugged me, but Edward
didn’t slow. When we got to the house, we were soaked to the bone, and I shivered
immensely as Edward finally let go of my arm and knocked on the door. This day was
full of firsts; I’ve never been in contact with Ed that long before. I seem to make
a habit of remembering my firsts and new records for small stuff like that. 
A second or two past, and an elderly woman slowly opened the door. Her eyes were very
closed, and she was probably about as tall as Meaghan. She smiled sweetly. 
“Ahh, hello. You must be Edward and Samantha. Come in, your companions are already
here.” She said as she ushered us through the door.
“How does she know our names?” Edward whispered. I shrugged in response, rubbing
my arms to keep warm. We were ushered into the living room, where Ryoki and Meaghan
were sitting surprisingly calmly with each other. Or, rather, Ryoki was. Meaghan
looked like her devilish self, her arms crossed in her usual fashion. They turned to
us, surprised to see us dripping wet.
“Dude, did you get caught in the rain? You look like you were just in a tsunami!”
Meaghan exclaimed, looking at the clothes which had absorbed a great amount of water,
and was now sticking to our bodies. Edward gave them a dirty look, but soon rushed
over to sit beside the huge fireplace which was merrily burning, as I did the same.
It felt so nice to sit in front of it and dry slowly. My eyes couldn’t stay still
though; they kept straying over at Ed. The clothing was sticking close, as mine was,
showing clearly defined muscles. My face went redder then it had been yet today.
Meaghan must’ve noticed, because she gave me an indefinable look, half-closed eyes
with a wide grin and raised eyebrows. It wasn’t a good look, and I couldn’t help
giving her a ‘What the heck’ look. Yeah, I have one of those. I’ve worked on it
for years. It scared people, and that amused me.
The old woman that had greeted us sat down on a cushion on the floor, and examined
the four of us.
“Even though I expected your coming, I could not have predicted that children would
visit me asking for information on Lycans. How old are all of you?” She said with a
puzzled face. We turned and said our age in order.
That was our ages; first Ryoki, then Edward, then me, then Meaghan. She looked down,
“These four aren’t even adults yet. I can’t believe the academy is graduating
people at this age...Especially 13...”
Meaghan gave her a glare, but I gave Meaghan one to get her to stop. I was a stickler
for politeness with strangers. It makes the best first impression. The other three
don’t usually take this into account. Edward and Ryoki sometimes do, but not
Meaghan. Not ever have I actually seen her polite. I guess that’s the way her
insane midget brain works.
The woman looked up at us, hiding her disbelief with a smile.
“Well, it can’t be helped. As our guests, I welcome you to the Tsukimiya
household. I am Chiko Tsukimiya.”
Edward was about to introduce us, but stopped himself remembering that she already
knew our names. She saw this and smiled.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Edward Elric.”
Edward stared at her. She knew his last name too...! Was she psychic? It would feel
rude to ask, so I didn’t.
“Well then, you come here with a yearning for knowledge on Lycans. What would you
like to know?”
“We barely know anything about them to begin with. Maybe their appearance,
abilities, weak points, etcetera.” Ryoki said with an inquiring face. The rest of
us nodded. 
“Well, Lycans are similar to werewolves, at least in appearance; I guess you could
call them a variation. They can endure much more then werewolves though. There have
been stories of some lycans surviving for hundreds of years in captivity with no
food. They have more endurance, agility, raw strength, and regenerative powers then
their werewolf counterparts. Their senses are also much more refined then ours.”
“Sounds like the odds are stacked against us.” Ryoki said grimly.
“That’s not the only reason. If they bite you, you catch the Lycan virus, which
changes a normal human’s physiology, turning them to a lycan as well. However,
you’re more likely to die then become a Lycan.”
“Yeesh.” I couldn’t help mumbling to myself.
“Do they have any mentionable weaknesses?” Edward questioned.
“They don’t have any weak points, but you could use their powers against them if
you knew how.”
A small grin grew on Edward’s face; he was getting an idea. Probably a bad one. His
mind worked in ways that were beyond my comprehending, creating ingenious plans to
succeed in different ways. Usually, it involves some trickery or something illegal
though. I hope the idea he’s getting isn’t too dangerous...
“There’s one more thing you should know. Some of them have the ability to
transform into humans, to blend in to the environment. If you’re hot on the trail
of the Lycans, don’t trust anybody, other than yourselves. They can change
extremely fast, and would bite you before even you have a chance to utter a swear,
Edward gave her a strange look. He was known for his swearing; that was a comparison,
I guess.
“I understand you should be out looking for them now, but first things first. You
won’t get very far in that storm. Please, stay the night here. I’d be delighted
to have you as my guests. I also have to make sure you two didn’t catch colds.”
She said, turning to me and Ed, with a motherly look on her face. We were still damp,
and we could’ve gotten sick in the time we were out there...
“Thank you very much, Mrs. Tsukimiya, we’d love to stay.” Edward said politely.
Ryoki and Meaghan gave him glares, but I shot one back at them, and they stopped.
Mrs. Tsukimiya smiled.
“Wonderful! I shall have to get the guest rooms ready, and it’s almost lunchtime,
isn’t it? I’ll make a big lunch for us!”
“Do you need any help, Ma’am?” I asked as she rushed up.
“No, don’t fret yourself, dear, you’re a guest, I can’t have you working!”
She said as she rushed off. I heard her feet patter up stairs, which is where I
assumed the guest rooms are. Ryoki glared at Edward.
“That’s just great, Edward. Now we have to stay in an old house in the middle of
“Ryoki, do you think we could get back to the houses in that storm?” He said,
pointing out a small window, where rain was pattering onto the glass. A sudden flash
appeared outside, followed by a loud clap.
“Don’t you guys know it’s dangerous to be in a field in a thunderstorm?
Lightning can target you, since you’re the tallest thing around. Remember,
lightning always wants to get to the ground.” I followed up inquiringly, trying to
back up Edward.
“You’re always on Edward’s side, you know that? I wouldn’t be surprised if
you two were secretly dating!”
“’What on earth makes you think we’re DATING?!”’ Edward and I cried in
unison. Ryoki and Meaghan started laughing. Edward still glared at them, but I gave a
smile of defeat.
“That doesn’t really matter right now.” I said, trying to change the subject.
“For now, let’s just try to enjoy our stay here.”
The three of them nodded; Edward added a smile. My face went red in front of
everybody. Great, that was embarrassing, and it totally opposes our argument of
‘not dating.’ Meaghan gave me another sly smile; I had half a mind to whack her.
Last edited: 5 February 2010

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