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Wednesday, 3 February 2010
04:59:44 PM (GMT)
Yea I posted this awhile back, but I havent worked on it till about last week. Here
are the first nine chapters

	Gosh, I hate jewelry, necklaces in particular. If it weren’t for this necklace I
have none of this would be happening. I wouldn’t be running for my life, with a
motorcycle and my two best friends from the rest of my town. I wouldn’t be in so
much ache and confusion. And lastly, I wouldn’t be in any of these issues. Let me
take you back, about four months ago.  

Chapter 1
	I was your average teenage girl, with my average parents. The kind who don’t care
what you do, as long as you didn’t get knocked up, were drunk and high, and
didn’t fail school. I am not saying they don’t care, they just expect me to make
“the right decisions”. At school however, it was different. I was actually
someone more then ordinary. I mean, I didn’t go to a school full of vampires or
super-natural gifts; like those books probably say. I was still, after all average. I
went to Flaming Phoenix high school. Ok so maybe the name isn’t average, but
whatever. Me, Tessa Clarkson had the best of friends and was actually on the
teacher’s good side. I was in every single art and literary thing at school you
could think of.  The part, however that made me different was that I was different,
so I came to learn.  
	I showed up to school earlier then I normally do, so I can do some yoga and relax.
Seriously, after about an hour hearing the same 5 girls talk is annoying after
awhile. I dropped off my dance bag and school bag in my school locker and went
straight to the art room. Running up the stairs, with the wind in my hair and all the
stuff doesn’t happen running up stairs. Sorry to crush your dream. Anyway, when I
got to the art department, I realized every door was locked. No lights, no doors, no
life. So I waited, because I showed up at 6:15, and school didn’t start till 7:45.
By the time it was 7:00, nothing had changed. Saddened, I started to walk downstairs,
when the door creaked open. 
	It always that line, I know but it happened. And of course, I went inside the door. 
The sun shined through the windows, and displayed all the little windows; it was
really a pretty sight. All of a sudden, I heard a huge shattering sound, like a
bowling ball hit the glass triangle outside the Orsay museum. I dodged every piece of
glass and ran forward to see if anyone was in danger. That’s when I saw it. Hahaha,
not the "it" your brains are thinking about. Come on don’t lie to me, you thought
about it. Anyway, it was so pretty. I mean really pretty. That “it” was a gem.
Not like a birthstone gem though. The gem shinned as bright as the sun, shimmered the
color of liquid gold, and was the size of a diamond. It was so beautiful. And of
course, I grabbed it. I shinned it to the sun, to see if it was real and it was. I
thought it was a dream, a really awkward dream. And then…BAM! Blackout.

Chapter 2
I woke up, with the most blaring headache I have ever had. Like, the ones people
describe as having spikes in your head, times a hundred and sixty nine. And second of
all, I wasn’t at the school hospital. I was in an ER hospital bed. I could tell,
because I had a barcode bracelet on my right wrist, and all of the flowers and
balloons, saying get well soon, I love you, I miss you etc.  That’s mean my best
friend, my peanut butter to jelly and the piglet to pooh, Cheyenne walked in.  She
and I have been best friends since we could speak. I could trust her with anything. 
Cheyenne ran over and hugged me quickly, like she hasn’t seen me in years. I asked,
when I could breathe, “What happened to me?” Cheyenne either thought I was
insane, or stupid. She laughed and when I didn’t she knew I was serious. Then I
laughed, it was just the way our friendship worked. She replied, “There was an
explosion in the art level. They said one of the floats of sugar was next to the
heater and it exploded. You, of course were the only one hurt. School is closed till
we find out what happened. And I heard you were brought in here by a mysterious
man.” She smiled when she said man, as if I wanted more guy issues. I rolled my
eyes and smiled, to get her hopes up.
She continued to say “ And by the way, nice necklace. Another true masterpiece of
yours?” I must have looked confused probably, cause then Cheyenne pulled out her
$300 compact, with the real diamonds, silver, and gold. She aimed it for right for my
breast plate and I looked. It was actually very pretty; just I don’t ever remember
buying it. It had a large, gold chain, with the very special gem in the center. “
Cheyenne, can I tell you something?” I asked softly. She knows when I say softly,
there’s something wrong. “It’s not yours is it?” she answered disapprovingly.
With a smile, I added “Yea it isn’t. I didn’t steal it though. Before the
explosion, the gem was on the look and I picked it up and then I was here”. This is
where Cheyenne gets a little stupid. She laughed out loud, and I mean LAUGHED OUT
LOUD. She then regained her composure and looked at me with a guilty face. “Sorry I
thought you were joking. But it makes sense. And I won’t tell a soul”, she said,
smiling. I hugged her and smiled. Then, we broke into hysterics, and laughed till our
lungs bursted. 
“I should go. You need to rest”, she said. My smile dimmed and I hugged her
again. “Bye SOUL SISTER”, I started to laugh. She laughed and hugged me again and
walked out the hospital door. “Bye Soul”, she said out the door. 

Chapter 3
	I laid there, in the bed looking out the window with wonder. That’s when my good
friend, Adam walked inside my hospital room. There was a different between Cheyenne
and Adam. Cheyenne and I are like sisters. Adam and I are like a boyfriend and
girlfriend that haven’t fell love yet. He’s single, and so am I, but I am not
really wanting to date after what happened a year ago. I was at a party, and long
story short, I was hazed, drugged, drunk, and whatever by every guy at that party,
and Adam was the one to let me sleep at his place and get better. His parents were
chill; after all, they are barely home anyway. And that’s how we became friends.  
So when he walked in, he sat on my bed, careful not to hurt my feet. “Well, I guess
you’re the reason I got up early for nothing.” he said, pushing the hair out of
his eyes and gave me a look. His looks aren’t like the vampire hottie stares or
like when your crush wants you. He gave me the I Love you look. I smiled and turned
on the light on my nightstand. “Oh thanks, Adam. Just what I need, more stress”,
I replied smiling. Adam hugged me then and there and laughed.  Great, he smelled like
chocolate axe, with real chocolate.
	We sat there, staring into each other’s eyes. It was really cute, and I would have
kissed him, but I was so nervous. He smiled and hugged me again “Tessa, I so kiss
you, but I don’t want to injure you anymore then you are already” I was a little
shell shocked to hear him say that, but then again, he cares for Cheyenne and I way
to much to even let us carry textbooks. 
But, I shrugged it off, and let him win for today. “Oh all right, crush my mood”,
I laughed and held his hand.  He smiled, and looked down, most likely at my necklace.
“It’s a totally you necklace. Where’d you get it?” he said in kind of a dull
tone. “Long story, Cheyenne knows the whole thing. Ask her tonight for me”; I
answered followed by an un-intended yawn. Adam laughed, “All right you little
trouble maker, go to sleep”. I lay down in my bed and looked at him in the eyes.
His crystal clear ocean blue eyes. “Thank you both for looking after me”, I said
softly. Adam got up and kissed my forehead and pulled my covers up. “Night Tessa.
Sweet Dreams”, he said and left the room before I could reply.  I turned the light
off and drifted to sleep. 

Chapter 4
	I guess you could say the visits kept poring in. My parents visited me the next day,
for the whole day. I mean the whole day. They played scene it with me, brought sushi
for us to eat and just had a family bonding time, except in a hospital room. So, when
they left, they brought my school bag and purse to the room. I guess they thought all
I do in the hospital is stare out windows, since the TV doesn’t play any good
stations. So, thankfully I had my ipod and phone, which is my life sort of speak. I
mean, Mindless Self Indulgence and facebook, that’s kind of a dream. 
I opened my phone, to see if there were any text messages. There was one from this
number that I never recognized that said: May My Princess safe inside closed doors.
But beware, enemies are closer then they appeared. I thought: either this is a 30
year old guy from Logan, Utah that knows my number some how; or a freshman playing a
joke on a senior.  Either way, I replied saying: Look I don’t know you so do you
mind telling me who you are and how you got this number. I expected a long reply, but
it came in less time then I could blink. Oh my name is not important, and a princess
like you, everyone knows your number, the reply said.
 I wasn’t in the mood for this, so I just tossed my phone aside and lay softly in
the hospital bed. It was my last day in the hospital, so it should be peaceful, I
thought.  The rest of the day I slept, ate “hospital gourmet” food, and watched
criminal minds.  That night, as always, I stare deeply into the sky, but it was
different. It seemed darker and less comforting, like the sky was afraid. Just then,
I turned, and there standing in front of me was a man in black. Not the tuxedo black,
I mean the black jeans and hoodie.  
I didn’t want to sound scared so I said, “I am sorry, but visiting hours are
over. And I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow.” The guy came next to me, and
I scooted as far away as I could.  He said “Do not be afraid of me princess. I am
just here to protect you.” “I am sorry, but I am no princess. And what do you
mean protect?’ I answered a little quicker then I wanted. He smiled “You are
wearing the necklace I gave you. I will tell you sooner then you except.” he
answered and quickly turned off the light and disappeared. 

Chapter 5

	School is in session, well now anyway. The school opened the day after I was
released from the hospital. Lucky me, I guess. When I stepped back into the stone
fortress, known as Phoenix High school, I was greeted with hugs and hellos. But I
also felt unsafe in the school, like everywhere else. After that, guy came in my
hospital room, I never felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. I can’t even go to the
bathroom without having the feeling he is watching me. I was walking, with all these
thoughts in my head, when I bumped into this guy. He was a senior, I could tell from
his black backpack and dark jeans. Even the youngest teachers don’t wear dark
jeans. “Sorry!’ I said, and I walked over to look to see if I hurt the guy.
That’s when I saw his face. 
	His face looked so familiar to me. Almost like, he reminded me of that guy at the
hospital, only he had a face. He had the bluest eyes I have ever seen and onyx hair.
He was like model. But whatever, I had Adam. “Is something the matter…” he
trailed off and showed me a smile white as snow. “Tessa, and no, nothing is wrong.
You just remind me of someone I just met”, I answered with a returning smile.
“Cool, I am Payne”, he answered. “Like Max Payne. That is pretty sweet”, I
answered. He laughed and said “Sure I guess. I gotta go”, and then in a flash, he
was gone
	As if I was in a trance, I stayed in the same spot and stance before Payne left. As
I looked down, something did catch my eye. It was a wad of paper, but it looked as
though it wrapped something. I slowly grabbed the wad and took it apart slowly, to
find a shimmering blue gem inside. The weird thing was that, it looked just like the
gem I had found days before. But when I held the gem softly in my hands, my vision
went blurry and I didn’t realize that I just fainted. Here we go again. 

Chapter 6
I woke up in the school nurse’s office with another blaring headache. But when I
saw Payne, Cheyenne and Adam, it quickly dissipated. Everyone noticed I had woken up,
but Adam was first to my side. He hugged me tightly; probably to make sure I was all
right. But the hug felt like a coffin of warmth of safety. It felt like a human
snuggie with extra love. When he let go, Cheyenne gave me a quick hug. It’s not
like Adam’s hugs, though. Hers are more friendly and sister like, and then… well
you get the picture. When she let go, the room fell to silence. 
Payne, after a brief moment, finally spoke up. “ I didn’t want to barge in and
start talking while you were hugging, but I got you some water”, he said, stepping
closer. He held a paper cup, filled to the brim with water, and I could see the look
on Adam’s eyes change from happy, to pure jealousy. I have never seen someone
change emotions so fast. I looked away and took the cup from Payne, and added a
simple thank you. I gulped down the water, faster then even I could say water, taking
in every ounce if liquid inside the cup. I dropped the cup in the trash, trying not
to feel eyes on my every-waking move.  I turned around, just to see everyone staring
around, except in Cheyenne’s case, looking at Payne. I didn’t say anything,
because it was too good to resist.
I sat back down and asked, to break my silent streak, “What time is it?” Everyone
but Adam said in unison “2:15”. Cheyenne glanced over at Payne, but he didn’t
notice, obviously. “Hahaha. No! I missed lunch. And 7&8th period.” I replied.
“No big deal. The nurses excused all of us from class”, Adam added. “Just, we
have to say in here until 2:30, then we can leave. “, Cheyenne added. “Here, We
will all go out to Otaku for lunch, my treat.” Payne added. Cheyenne answered
quicker then she saw Equidus, “That sound wonderful!” “I agree we should all
go!” I added, so Payne wouldn’t get any ideas of this being a one-man show.
“Then it’s settled, we’ll all go the four of us”, Tom continued. 
When the clock struck 2:30, the four of us ran out the door, to Payne’s Black BMW
XI. His car was so shiny; I could just eat off it. It was the color black that
perfectly matched his and Cheyenne’s perfectly. “I call shotgun!” Cheyenne
said, and then added, “If you don’t mind Payne”. Payne gave a shrug and said
“Course, I don’t wanna be alone in the front”. We all laughed and Adam and I
slit back into the back seats. 

Chapter 7
Normally, there would be a cheesey love confession right now, cause if you want that,
go read Twilight or something. But, the car was pretty sweet. Cheyenne and Payne
bonded, and they sounded like they were having fun or something. As for Adam and I,
we cuddled in the back. I didn’t feel like talking , so instead we just hugged. And
that hug turned into a cuddle. 
When we arrived at Otaku, everyone started to stretch out and get out of the car. The
conversations dimmed to low whispers and we all walked in a snails pace. We reached
Otaku from the parking lot, and in a single file like fashion, we walked inside. 
* 				*				*				I opened door and turned on the light in the foyer.  The entry hall
illuminated in little Japanese lights that gave the room a dim glow.  “Ah, peace
and quiet and loneliness”, I said out loud. Idropped my books and purse on the
table and turned on the coffee pot. I picked up the mail when a manila envelope fell
to the floor with a soft thud.
“Why is it that all this random stuff happens when I am alone?” I whispered under
my breath.  I felt around the envelope and squished it to try to feel what was
inside. The envelope was bulky and it felt as though all that was inside was a piece
of paper. I walked over to the desk and took out a scissor and cut the top of the
When I saw the envelope all there was inside was a small piece of paper. It looked
almost to be no bigger then a pack of on the go tissues. However, it was not some
piece of paper, it was a check. I pulled out the check and my eyes turned into the
size of Big Ben’s face. “ One hundred and fifty million dollars, for me…” I
spoke aloud. I wiped my eyes and looked the check in the light and even counted the
amount of zeros. But. The check was real, and there were the exact amount of zeros:
One hundred and fifty million dollars. 

Chapter 8 
“Who even gave you the money?” Cheyenne asked with excitement. I swear, she
looked like she was going to jump out her black jeans and Harry Potter tee shirt.
“See that’s the thing, there wasn’t a sender name listed, so I guess it’s
anonymous”, I replied. “That’s so odd”, Adam added with a hint of aggravation
and a spark of anger. Ever since Payne’s been hanging out with us, Adam’s been
acting like a butt face.  It’s like he’s jealous or something. 
“What’s up Adam, you seem more pissed then me on my period?”, Cheyenne asked
quickly. “Well maybe you and your boyfriend (he almost spit the word) are getting
on my nerves”, Adam replied giving me a short glance. Cheyenne’s face burned a
deep red, but smiled shortly after. “Guys just shut up ok?’, I said a little too
loud. But, I was getting really annoyed with their constant BS. I got up and started
walking away. I could hear Adam and Cheyenne, but I was too buys and bumped into the
man of our conversation: Payne. 
Except I looked down and I saw Ruby, Sapphire and Amystest stones on the concrete. 
My vision was slowly fading and my body was becoming stiff. I could slowly feel the
ground under me pulling me down. I crashed down to the ground with a loud and hard
thud. A very hard and loud thud.  I could hear the sounds of screaming students ,
Cheyenne’s panting, and two boys punching the daylights out of each other. Then my
vision and hearing shut off completely. 
I opened my eyes to a bright white light in front of me. Yes, I was standing and I
could feel all of my limbs, thankfully. But then I started to fall; however for a
short time, and maybe two or four yards below where I was “standing”. My body was
shaking and I could feel my heart wanting to pop out of my chest. So, I had looked up
to see something awkward. 
It looked like two sides: one side was yellow and tope and the other side was black
and a deep dark purple. On the yellowish side, was a woman who resembled my appetence
one hundred and ten percent. She even had the same exact necklace on as me. On the
other side was a man who looked so much like… Payne. But, a really older version of
him, like maybe his father. And by the looks of things, it was a fight: for what I do
not know. But then everything became dark and silent. The only thing I heard was
Tingueu cura de princesa. 
Chapter 9
I opened my eyes, after what felt like years, but I was in my room. I recognized my
teal pain and the smell of sage and lavender. I got out of bed and it was around nine
at night. So, I’ve been knocked out for a couple hours; wonderful, I thought. 
I held the railing down the staircase, trying to see if I could still not feel
anything. My legs felt so sore, probably cause of the fall. My body was barely strong
enough to walk downstairs. However, I kept walking down the stairs and then I heard a
familiar sound. It was the TV blaring with the lastest whatever from Anderson Cooper.
This meant one thing: my parents were home. 
My parents are some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. My
mother is a fragrance specialist. So, she gets to travel around the world and find
ingredients for companies to use in their new products. My father is a “high
–sky” photographer. He travels around the world too, taking pictures of everyth

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