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Sunday, 17 January 2010
01:27:07 AM (GMT)
Been too lazy to write one, but now I shall.


Ugh, my TLO inspiration reserves are running on empty! 

Let's see...

Kirti's Mind Theater, Pro and Ant angonists in school I!
 In May, before the story started....

      Mana got her math binder and shut her locker slowly, trying to prevent an
avalanche of who-knows-what from cascading out her disorganized, grapheti stained,
under sized locker.
      Just then an older student who was big enough to be in High School came shoving
past everyone else in the halls, earning her a volly of glares from students who
didn't approve of pinked haired book worms barreling through the school.
      "Oh Mana! Guess what tiiiiiiime it is!" Sang the older girl, reaching the
locker and towering over it's owner.
      "I don't know, what time is it." Mana replied wearily, not really interested in
playing along right then.
      "It's time for you to pay up," She answered, pink ponytail slipping over her
shoulder as she leaned foward. "I finished the entire Lord of The Rings series
in two days, so you, little sis, happen to owe me a dollar!"
      Sera Adachi struck a triumphant pose with the book she was holding while
waiting for a response.
      "We made that bet over a month ago," Mana stalled incredulously, "Plus our
library doesn't have the second one. How'd you do it?"
      "Nuh-uh, explaination and time constrants weren't part of the deal. One buck,
come on," Sera said, as Mana dug change out of her pocket.
      Just before money changed hands, Mana said "Wait a second- you read the graphic
novel, didn't you?"
      "Uh..." "Cheater! That doesn't count!" Mana complained.
      "It was only for the second one; and I suffered my own punishment. I had to
look at some crappy drawing of Mount Doom." Sera said in mock dispair.
      "Well between your obvious rule breaking, and the fact that you just swore, I'm
only giving you seventy five cence," Mana said haughtily.
      Sera stared at the coins in her hand- Two quaters, two dimes, and a nickle. "Oh
yes," she told her friend.
      "Mana Futebaiti, defender of Truth, Justice, and Girls who need
another quater! Sera laughed as they walked towards the math wing.
      "Fine, you caught me. I only had seventy five cence," Mana giggled.
       "I knew it! I'm Psycic! I'm amazing!" Sera said as they turned the corner.

Meanwhile, sitting wedged in a trashcan was Naono, who wasn't very big, and therefore
got shoved in trashcans sometimes. (He just happened to fit, and if he protested
without fighting back, he usually got put in without injury.)
      When the halls were quite silent and he was sure no one would see, he lifted
the lid and tried to quietly squeeze himself free without knocking the bin over.
      "Alright, maybe Mana and Sera made me late to class by standing around talking
for so long, but I got my preemptive revenge," He said to himself,
    "Because I stole Mana's quater!! Ha ha, yes! There was a quater in the
hall near her room that she would have found, but I found it first.
Therefore even though it was never officially her qauter, it probably would have been
and now it-"
      "Tushigara! Get to class!" Naono jumped and looked around at the hall moniter,
whom he nick named Scary Face.
       "Yes ma'am!" he squeked, running towards English already.
      "No running in the halls! Detention! I'm writing you up! Stop running!" She
screamed after him.
      Stop running? But she's scary! I was starting to think I sounded crazy by
talking to myself, but she's absolutely mental!
      He entered his classroom, and every head turned to stare at him until he
reached his seat in the desk grouping in front of the board.
      "Naono, you're late,"
       "Do you have a pass?"
       "Do you have a pencil?"
"Not anymore." 
        "Do you have plans after school?"
"I already have detention today."
        "I'll see you here tomorrow then."
         "Alright class. So when you write dialog, you have to avoid relying to
heavily on the word 'said'. In certain situations, you needn't identify the speaker
at all..."
      Gosh I want to go on the internet...
Kirti's Mind Theater- end. Naono is considered something of a delinquent by his
teachers, I think. Not in a "he's dangerous" way though, more in a "he's a nuisence"
way. I've heard public schools in NYC are like that, with staff trying to enforce
rules but they can't catch the real gang members so they just punish everyone they

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   17 January 2010   438281  
Nice, this was a good read.

I love how Naono is just obsessing over this quarter. It's amusing. xD
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   17 January 2010   342488  
Aww, this one was fun. :D
Kirti says :   17 January 2010   955317  
Thanks! (I got two people to comment, I feel so special!) 


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