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Through the Looking Glass Chapter Two: The First DayCategory: A story I wrote
Monday, 11 January 2010
07:38:03 PM (GMT)
Chapter Two- The First Day

It was a quiet drive to school. Light traffic, good weather...until...
SPLAT! A heavy raindrop fell upon my windsheild...of course. I 
turned on my windshield wipers and proceeded down Westing 
Avenue. I finally reached the front of the school fifteen minutes 
until the bell. I pulled into the lot and found myself a parking space.
I cut the engine and opened the glove compartment for my umbrella.
My leather jacket was enough for me, but I hate the feeling of water
on my head. Slowly I opened the door and my umbrella. I quickly 
shoved my keys into my pocket and stepped out of the car. The door 
slammed and I locked it and dashed for the door.
I reached the canopy by the front door and closed the umbrella. 
Opened the front door. "Just two more years..." I told myself.
I walked through the front doors to the same scenery I have seen 
everyday for the past two years. I didn't bother stopping in the cafeteria
to talk to my friends...after all, I needed some time to find my new classes.

I carelessly shoved all my belongings into my new locker, and walked off, 
class schedule in hand. Room 302, Homeroom: Mr. Johnson.
I knew where that was. As I approached the door I began to realize that 
there was more wieght on my shoulders now. Now is when I needed to 
prepare for college, fill out applications, and to uphold my good grades. 
Now more than ever, I feared school. It isn't so much fear as it is hatred. 
Most of the time I had better things to do than sit in a desk for hours and 
be lectured about subjects of little importance. I'd prefer to be working, to 
tell you the truth. The diner I work at is a friendly place, a teen's favorite 
place to hang out. I loved the diner as a child and now that I am sixteen and 
working there,the little kid inside of me couldn't be happier.
Unfortunately, my first obligation was school, and as much as I dreaded it, I had 
to go. "Two more years..." I said again, as if it was helping.
I opened the door.
Mr. Johnson looked up from some paperwork he was doing.
"Trenton, nice to see you boy. I trust you has a most exciting summer..."
"Yes sir." I replied rather sarcastically. 
My summer wasn't very exciting but I'd do anything for any time away
from school. I took a seat and starting texting Gigi, my coworker at the diner.
She always helped me through tough times. Her southern drawl was soothing in 
an odd way. She's a college student now, I think she'd make a great pshycologist,
but her heart is set on becoming a lawyer. For now Gigi was a diner girl, it'll be a

cold day when she quits. 
'I think I'm just going to drive to the diner right now' I said.
'Come on, Trent. I know you.'
'It's just school. It's so stupid'
'That stupid thing called high school opens so many doors for the thrill we call
'Fine, you win.'
'I always do'
A loud thud came from right in front of me.
It was my best friend Jude. Thank goodness, he's in my homeroom.
He was the only real friend I had.
Jude decided to take the liberty of sitting next to me.
By then students began pouring into the room.
First bell. I was ready to face my teenage doom.

evetype says :   11 November 2010   409209  
OMG I have a social studies teacher named Mrs. Johnson


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