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Sunday, 3 January 2010
03:11:53 PM (GMT)
When Kinra and Hikaiki fell to the forest floor, the children who were hiding came
out to investigate. Kinra looked up, slightly dazed, and saw those strange creatures
surrounding her, but they were a few of their feet back. One of them still had it's
arms over it's head against a tree, still shouting out things. It must have not
heard us. Kinra thought. She tried to flee, but realized she was pinned down by a
thick branch. "Try to lift it from your side Hi.. Hikaiki!" She suddenly realized
that Hikaiki was sprawled underneath the branch, unconscious. The creatures kept
muttering to each other, as if they were arguing about what to do. Kinra struggled,
hoping that she had enough strength to knock the branch off of them. But her injuries
were too severe, and the weight of the branch stayed on her back. Then she saw,
almost like they were startled by her struggling, the creatures ran away, towards the
city, or the shiny place with no trees as Kinra called it. 

Kinra stopped struggling, and tried to think of a way to get the branch off of her.
There has to be a way! If I wasn't so sore, I could probably do it. I have to get
Hikaiki out of here, but how? The one creature that still remained had shouted
something even louder than before, and turned around. It looked around, Kinra saw
confusion and fear in her eyes, then it spotted them. Kinra started frantically
struggling again, even though she knew it was no use. But instead of running away
like the other creatures, it slowly started walking towards them on it's two thick
legs. Kinra kept struggling as it kept coming closer, then it was only a few of it's
steps away. Kinra stopped struggling. "Get away from us!" she shouted at it. It
stopped briefly, but continued towards Kinra's right side, slower than before. Kinra
struggled as hard as she could, cutting herself on the fallen branch, then the
creature bent down and Kinra stopped and closed her eyes. This is it... Sorry
Hikaiki, I guess we're done for. Kinra thought, bracing herself for whatever
might come next. 

Suddenly, she felt the crushing weight released from her. She opened her eyes, and
saw the creature lifting the branch off of them. It... it's helping us? Kinra
stared in amazement, utterly bewildered. The creature carefully placed the branch on
the ground, then backed away from Kinra a couple of steps. Kinra slowly got up,
unaware of the clenching pain in her leg, and looked at the creatures eyes. She saw
no violence, only compassion and curiosity, and a hint of worry. "Uhhng..." Hikaiki
suddenly moaned, not entirely conscious yet. "Hikaiki!" Kinra suddenly lost all other
thoughts besides making sure her best friend was ok. There weren't as many cuts as
Kinra had, but there was a lot more bruises and bumps, and she suspected her left
foreleg might have been fractured. Kinra picked her up by the scruff, and tried to
fly them away, but even with her fierce determination Kinra could not get them both
airborne. So instead Kinra carefully got Hikaiki on her back, after a few minutes of
struggling, and started off towards the hollowed out oak. She turned to look at the
creature, and it was just staring at them; motionless. Kinra nodded at it.
Thanks. Then, they disappeared into the bushes.

She arrived at the oak tree, but then hesitated. Is it really safe here anymore?
That one thing did help us, but what of the others? I should probably go further in
just in case. So she passed by, going in as deep as she could. There were many
twists and turns, rotten logs, boulders, there was even a fallen tree surounded by
thick bushes blocking her path, forcing her to backtrack a bit. The sky was beginning
to dim, when Kinra came across a stream, and decided to follow it. There might be a
place to sleep near this stream, so we won't have to go far to look for water. The
stream suddenly jerked to the right, and flowed right into the mouth of a large cave.
Kinra peered inside. She saw the river was only on one side of the cave, and there
was a lot of space on the other side that was relatively warm and dry. The only
scents in there was the stream, algae, wet moss, and the lingering scent of an animal
family that probably left here over three lunar cycles ago. Kinra decided it was
safe, so she brought Hikaiki inside. 

A few hours passed, and Kinra was still wide awake. What were those things? Why
did that one help us? Those thoughts kept going through her head as she lay
there, trying to make sense of what had happened. Is there more of them than just
that pack? Why did they run away, instead of kill us? Come to think of it, the one
that helped us was the only one to get close enough to be able to kill us, but
instead it freed us. Aaargh! None of this makes sense! Maybe I should find that one
again tomorrow, if Hikaiki wakes up. Kinra looked over to Hikaiki, and she
noticed there was a pained expression on her face. Will she come with me, or will
I have to sneak out? Kinra pondered. *Yawn* Well, my priority is making sure
that Hikaiki is ok. I'll just have to sort other things out after she's well enough
to walk. In the meantime... I should... get... some..... Kinra fell asleep,
curled up next to Hikaiki.

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