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Diary.Number.One.Category: Survayyys.
Wednesday, 30 December 2009
08:14:16 PM (GMT)
GO! "Who are you?" I am Alexis. "Can I call you Parrot?" I'd prefer if you wouldn't. "Parrot it is." Really? I look nothing like 'Parrot'. "Do you like toast?" Yes, I had it with my breakfast today. "I like toast." That's awesome. "Okay?" What's your problem? "What time is it? " It is exactly 7:58pm. "Is your clock slow?" Nope. "Why not?" Because it isn't. "Okay. " 'Kay. "I found a ruler". Cool, what color? is it flexible? "Wonderful right?" I don't know, you didn't answer me. "How old are you?" I am twelve. "Do you like rap music?" Eh, some. "I like hip-hop." That's great. "We're gonna start a new section now, ok?" Fine with me. "I don't care what you think. We're starting a new section. " I said, fine. IN ONE WORD, PLEASE DESCRIBE... "Paris Hilton." Barbie. "George Bush. " Ew. "Polar bears." Sexy. "Spaghetti." Yum. "Sausages." Breakfast. "A box full of potatoes." Box? "Mosquitoes." Smisquitoe. "Candy apples. " Please. "Apples". Green? "Candy." Sour? Here's some more things for you to do. "Have you ever had the chicken pox?" Nope. "Why? " 'Cuase I got my shot. "Oh." Yuppp. "Really? " Can we move on? "I see". Uh. "What are your thoughts on seashells? " I use them for decorations in my room. "Cactuses? " My Grandma-Mama owns some. "Snoop Dogg?" Haha, dumb. "Do you even know who Snoop Dogg is? " Yuppp. "No he isn't Snoopy." I know. "No he's not a dog." Haha, that'd be cool if he was. "He's a dogg." Um. "Double g's." Yeahp. "Can you dance?" Depends, what kind of dancing? "Sing?" Told I can but don't think so. "Make cake?" Yes, but better at desighning them. "Will you make me some cake? " Nope, you're a creeper. "Thank you." Um, if it's a compliment to you... "Have you ever eaten refried beans?" No, wait, I don't think so, but maybe. "Do you want to?" No, they sound discusting. "Are you wearing hand lotion?" From earlier. "Foot?" No. "Hand lotion on your foot?" No. "Can you lick your elbow?" Sadly, no. "Did you just try?" Haha, no. "Did it work?" I didn't...try. "Did you know that ABC's & Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rythm? " Pretty much everyone knows that. "I bet you just tried to sing them." But I didn't. "I'm right, arent I." No, you are not. "Are you wearing a watch?" I don't wear watches. "What time is it now? " It's exactly 8:08pm. "How do you know? " I looked in the lower right corner of the computer moniter. "REALLY? " Um, yes. "Okay". Creeper! What do you think of when I say these words: "GREEN" Grass. "FEATHER" They get stuck in my shirts sometimes. "ICE PACK" Cold. "T-SHIRT" Love. "COW" Is it a strawberry cow? "CROW" Like the bird? "WOW" Cheesy phrase. "SUNGLASSES" I just use my dad's. Haha. "LEOPARD" Is that the fast one? Or is that a cheetah. Ha. "GRASSHOPPER " Yuck! "WHEELCHAIR" My grandpa owns one! :D "GOLF CART" I love to drive them. "GOKART" Scary, I crshed into someone else and tipped before. "CANDY CANE" What kind? "JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE" He's bringing sexy back. "MADONNA" I have a 'Madona glove'. "POLICE" Haha, wave! "FIRETRUCK" My grandpa was a firefighter. "MISTLETOE" Kissy kissy. "BAG" Paper or plastic? "BOX" Useful. "CALCULATOR" Good for homework. "BASKET" Easter? "YARN" Kitty! "SACK" Haha, like on a baby's foot! "BUTTERFLYE" I see you have spelling issues. "CLAY AIKEN" American Idol? "SALMON" Yummy, but feel bad. "INUKSHUK" What on earth is that? :SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS" Um, mispelled? "More stuff" To this survay? Ug! "Do you know how to say the word in question 97?" Wait, these aren't numbered! "OMG, A HUNDRED QUESTIONS!!! " Is it almost over then? "How do you feel about that? " I'm gtting annoyed. "Do I sound like a therapist? " No, you sound like a peice of writing I found. "How does that make you feel? " Uhm... "Are you okay with that? " Like I said, uhm... "I don't want to sound like a therapist." Well, don't. "Skinny jeans." LOVEEE! "How do you feel about bumble bees? " Cute and fuzzy, but gotten stung twice. "What about when they sting you? " Cry, cry! "What if I threw a bee hive at you? " I'm sure it's no worse than spraying it with a hose (like I've done). "Would you get mad?" Pshya! "I'm sorry". Thank you, creeper. "Just kidding. " Oh, well then. "No really, sorry." Mmhhhm. "Of course I'm kidding. " Thought so. "Do you like this survey?" Nope, now it's really boring. "How does it make you feel?" Boreddd. "Would I make a good therapist? " No. "Did you notice the last few questions?" Yeah. "They got longer and longer and longer right? " Um, no. "That stops now." Good. "Crazy right?" Um, sureee. "I know. " 'Kay. "Yay. " So. "Those got shorter." I noticed. "I'm aware of that." Me too. "Are you hungry?" A little. "I'm not". That is just, so awesome. "Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope. "Can I be the one you don't have?" Oh dear god, no. "Do you think I'm a he-she?" Dude, your a survay. "Well I'm not." Um, didn't think you were. “Who is your favorite actor? “ I have no clue. Adam Sandler? “Actress? “ Demi Lovato? “Singer?” Bon Jovi. “Dancer? “ Number five from Short Curcit (however it is spelled). “What's your favorite TV show?” iCarly. “Is this survey too long? “ So much. “Deal with it.” Fine “Do you use stencils to write your letters? “ No. “Righty or lefty?” Righty. “Don't you just find the name "BZOINK" amusing?” I find it truely...disturbing. “It sounds like you're hitting your head.” Haha, just to think of that... “Omg, stop hitting your head.” I'm, not, hitting my head. “What do you think about platypuses?” Cute. “Kangaroos?” I touched one. “Oops I did it again..” Okay. “I played with your heart..” Why am I answering to song lyrics? “Got lost in the game.. “ I'm not answering the next one. “Oh baby baby. “ “Do you know what those last 4 questions were?” Yes, yes I did. “They were lyrics.” Well, of course. “To an old Britney Spears song.” I know. I had a barbie that sang that like forever ago. "Oops I did it again". Again, really? “What color socks are you wearing?” White, today is boring day. “Do they have any holes in them?” No, I'm not a hobo. A LITTLE NORMALNESS IN HERE. “When's your birthday?” 09/23/97 “Are you surprised that I'm being normal for once?” Actually, yes. “Do you have any pets?” Yes. “Want any?” I have some. “What's your favorite food?” Steak. “Fave survey?” Not this one. “(You should say, "THIS ONE!") “ No thank you. “Do you have MSN? “ No, I have an AIM. “Can I have it?” No, you scare me. “I don't want it.” You weren't getting it. “Did you think you were that special? “ Hopefully not to you. “Well, you're not.” Um, cool. Randomness has returned. *Starts new section* “Normal-ness doesn't last long.” Obviousely. “Are YOU random? “ Not like you. “If you answered no, why are you doing this survey?” I dind't answer no. “Guess what, it has 200 questions.” Oh my gursh. “Why?” I have no clue, why? “Cause I want it to!” Isn't that just amazing? “Do you eat McDonalds?” Yes. “It's bad for you, you know.” Most fast food is. “I eat McDonalds.” That's great. “It's hard to resist, you know?” Haha, kay? “But I'm not fat.” Um, your a peice of writing. “Really.” 'Kay. “Are you?” No. “Too personal?” No. “I won't read your replies anyway.” Again, you understand your a peice of writing, right? “I wish I could.” That's cool. “Nah, nevermind.” 'Kay. “That's too time consuming.” This survay is too time consuming. “OMG, it's almost over!” Oh thank God. “BAND-AID.” I do have a cut. “Band-aid's are brand named.” Sure are. "I am stuck on Band-Aid Brand,” 'Cuase the band-aid's stuck on me. “Cause Band-Aid helps heal me!" No! Wrong verse. “It's a commercial.” Sure isss. “On TV.” Where else? “BYE”. Peace!
Last edited: 18 January 2010

xxjunelunaxx says :   18 January 2010   794360  
You got that from me, didn't you?????
Well done!


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