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001.Category: Avery.
Saturday, 5 December 2009
07:04:38 PM (GMT)
I view the world differently. I might be vain, at times selfish, and very shy But I promise you I'm one of the nicest boys you will ever meet. I change my mind often. I get confused about how I feel and what I really want. But I am me. And there are many different parts of who I am, that add up to exactly who I am. People should never have to hide who they really are, or have to limit themselves to only expressing a portion of who they are. Just be yourself. Be proud of yourself. You'll be cool. =] I am a very emotional and energetic boy. It doesn't take much to make me smile and laugh. I often talk too much, or too little. I think about things too much. I'll admit it, sometimes I'm shy. I worry about the things I care about. I can be very random, spontaneous, and hyper. I tend to break out in dance and randomly tackle people. You'll find me laughing at things no one else would ever find funny. I embarrass myself constantly with all the stupidly random things I do, but even though I might not be very funny, I really hope I can make you laugh. Although everyone says it, I'm very serious about how much I love music. Even with all of that, remember that I really do have a dark side. It guides me through every rough day. It makes me happy. You'll find me listening to it, singing it, and wearing something representing it wherever I go. I listen to pretty much everything and anything. I love listening to boys that scream, and the serenity of acoustic songs. Powerpop and Electronica make me dance. Let's have a party, k? I play guitar, and even though I'm not very good at it right now I hope that someday I can play something just for you. I like cute things. I like scary things. It's amazing when those two are combined. I'm really affectionate. I give hugs a lot. Don't be afraid to embrace me. Sometimes I really need it. I'm a Dreamer. I constantly have new ideas on my mind. My imagination carries me off into my own world every day. Ask me about it? I might just share it all with you. I heart animals, and so should you. Nothing in this world exists more innocently and perfectly They're so beautiful, amirite? I'm a freak of nature. I care a lot about this world, And every bit of life on it. Everyone should consider what they're doing to the environment every day. Everyone should respect the animal kingdom that surrounds us, and realize that every animal needs space, freedom, and care in order to live their lives Just as we do. I have a few little addictions, haha. I drink Mountain Dew on a daily basis, and I use emotes way too much. Green and Purple are my colors. I'm a bit obsessed with them. I am very interested in art and photography. I have a passion for taking pictures, even though I rarely have a camera to use. But I will someday. Because there is so much beauty in every moment, and everything that surrounds us that goes unnoticed but I want to capture each moment and keep it forever. It's so important to me, and someday I want to be able to take my life, every clear to cloudy memory, And line them up on my wall in pixel perfect detail. Every single one. I wear a lot of colors and accessories every day. How I look and how I dress is very important to me. I am one of those boys that spends a lot of time in the mirror Get over it. I like both Boys and Girls. =] I believe in love, and I am very much a lover. only the world could understand and take in what it really means... Hate is what destroys this world. There is no reason for people to be so selfish. Without my friends, I wouldn't be who I am today. I will never forget them, I will never leave them behind. Throughout the years, we've made so many amazing memories together. We've grown up together...and things are still changing so much for all of us. But we still have each other through it all. I love them very much. They give me every reason to smile. You could too.
Last edited: 12 January 2010

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