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Wednesday, 11 November 2009
06:15:03 PM (GMT)
so, as you know if you've read my profile i'm courtney.
here is a little about me.
i mean i might as well let it out,
i don't care if you judge me.

i was born november 16 1994, yeeeboy its my birthday monday 
my first pet was a rotty, my parents got i so they'd stop getting robbed..
but the robbers ended up taking the dog.
then i got a chinese fighting fish, i fed it to death..didn't think that could
when i was little i was obsessed with pokemon and digimon.
when i was 4 i watched my dad leave my mom.
the apartment we lived in was 303.
i didnt cry.
then my mom met my stepdad.
and thank god she did.
as much as i dislike him sometimes, my mom would be nowhere without him
actually she'd be on the streeet.
uhm, i was raised by my babysitter.
Sherry, and i love her..she did a great job raising me & her children
i miss her. 
when i was little i used to have nightmares and wake up screaming.
my mom thought my dad was sexaully abusing me, well she was wrong.
and she took me away from him for months at a time.
my dad is my bestfriend.
my mom, neglects me, all she does is play online bingo, smoke & watch tv like all day
long :|
i have to repeat myself 345463456676 for her to listen, and she wonders why i never
tell her anything 
in the summer of grade seven i went to alberta and british columbia, my grandfather
of lukimia, and if you dont know what that is, its blood cancer.
i didnt find out til i got home.
and i didnt cry when i found out, cause him and my mom were in a fight,
and i guess i was scared my mom would get mad?
am i cold hearted :|
turns out my mom cryed for two days straight.
anyways last year, my friend almost got pregnant and killed herself.
i had to stop her, and it took a hell of alot out of me, and i was ready to give
but i didn't. see i have this problem, people can hurt me over and over and over, but
no matter what i will forgive them.
and if they need my help, then i'm their.
guess i'm a good person?
i seem happy everyday, and i always have a smile on my face.
but honestly, i'm kinda sorta depressed.. its not to to bad though.
i've made a hell of alot of mistakes in my life,
i guess you could call me a bad influence?
i've drank, smoked pot more then once, stolen and got caught.
but i learn from my mistakes and thats what counts. (:

so yep, thats all you need to know fernow 
oh and i love mayday parade, i'm seeing them in twodays.
so flippen excited<3

‹WonkaBalls› says:   11 November 2009   580255  
november 13th.
yush, friday the 13th.
do you know how neglected I feel you won't even say hbd because of
mayday parade?
who I'm listening to right now.
AND D'AWW about the dog. 
happened to me too. 
like, legit. but it was a little dog. and they stole it, and broke the
and the fish. didn't happen, but still sad.
yeah well. Yugioh. pwns all.
and that sucks about the divorce :[
awww, (I'm gonna say that alot) I'm glad your mom found somebody.
and at least you had a babysitter.
you should still keep in touch with her. 
that's terrible, to not see your dad.
but it's good you talk to him.
and my mom plays online poker, smokes, and talking to her is like
talking to a brick wall.
but Iloveher. 
and you love your mom too.
my grandmother had cancer twice. 
she's still going strong though.
cancer is terrible. the worst thing to ever happen.
you aren't cold hearted.
don't worry, Courtney.
it's just how people are raised to act.
and pregnancy shouldn't lead to suicide.
it isn't a problem.
it's a curse. that you learn to love.
I just learned your whole life story :|
and yeah, I'm making one of these.
read mine in like, 6 hrs when I'm done.
‹courtneyj› says:   11 November 2009   220279  
oh shit son, 
you were right about how long it'd be.
the divorce is fine, its the stress of moving back and forth every two
and having both of them telling me i'd be better off just living with
and yes i love her buut still. 
and i am way to lazy to reply to the whole message.
buut, i will send you a message on here to say happy birthday <3
i'm so glad i met you, 
gotta admit, your pretty great.
and i def. got you addicted to mayday parade 
‹WonkaBalls› says :   11 November 2009   531003  
don't you 'ohshitson' me.
aww, that sucks.
yeah, choosing? too much pressure.
I think you're better off living with BOTH of them.
yeah, I'd be too.
aww, hun, you too.
pft. I know I am.
I loveeeee mayday parade 


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