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Aren't you the Queen of all Liars.Category: (general)
Sunday, 25 October 2009
01:44:18 PM (GMT)
Fuckk. I'm sick and tired of mom's shit. Really. She's always "I'm happy with whatever you choose" and all that nonsense then when I choose she gets pissed off because it's some called 'Religion' and she overreacts just because of it's belief after death. Seriously, why the hell should it matter to you? I deicided that, because I'm so critical when it comes to after life thoughts, and knowing that I can never make up my mind and stick with it without bashing it down easily, that I should just go with nothing. An Agnostic is what it's called. I told mom that that's what I am. She made a mad face. Today, Meghan was begging me to go to her church, but it didn't seem right doing that due to the fact of it. Last time I went into a church I felt bothered, knowing better then to be there, but again I also did fall alseep. But anyways, I told her that I can't. I'm Agnostic not Christian. Mom overheard me as she was pulling her coat on and immediatly made this sharp, smart-ass comeback. "More like you're Ignorant, you don't know enough to say your Agnostic." How the hell would she know? I don't talk to her about my thoughts of religion because of her snappy and bitchy ways. Good enough reason not to. She doesn't know how long I've spent thinking over the few different religions I knew a bit about and from those tiny information I just always found myself with no true thought and without it's meaning. She just wants me to be a fuckin' christian. No offense to any out there, it's your belief, but I just ain't believing there's some guy in the clouds or whatever who gives you a mansion and a perfect after life after death. Sounds about as real as the tooth fairy or Santa Claus if you ask me. But that's just me. The fact that my mom just won't shut her mouth about it irritates me, she just won't let it go and I'm on the edge of yelling out her. Sure enough she'll just drag Grandma's death back into the conversation and be all "Don't you want to believe she went somewhere great and that she's okay?" Well forget that. If she dares to do that I'll just have to snap back; "How about we just wait and see? I'll hope none, because for all this nonsense and fuss this might not even be real, but if this 'God' exists, he can prove himself when I die, until then I'll take my freedom of Religion Rights and take on as Agnostic. I don't give a damn what you have to say about it." Truth is that. .... Sorry about the rant. I'm just so angry at her. And sorry if I offended any religious people, not intended, however if you get so offended by this to yell at me and do this whole entire 'Preach Ceremony' about God and stuff, go to church and do it. And if you're too dumb enough to take that then just go die. o_e Really, I don't want to have to deal with some Over-Obsessed person. Go find something better to do. Tell someone who actually cares about it.

‹gunk› says:   25 October 2009   958637  
If you truly want to believe in no religion, thats the path you're
walking right? 
Just do what you want to do, don't let her bring you down.
‹adorkablemaknae› says:   25 October 2009   169794  
I don't mind that you're Agnostic, not all people have to be Catholic
or Christian like I am. I have a ton of agnostic friends and they're
all great people like you. :C
I hate overly obsessive religion people.  I didn't need to have
Christianity pushed on to me, I just chose it. So you don't need to
have it pushed on you either and be free with your crazy Agnostic
self. C:
Kyun_yo says:   25 October 2009   454665  
D; ughhh, I really hate it when it's the parents or people of
authority who shove religion down your throat. Geh, I get sick of it

-patspats- x__X; Hope you feel better. D; -I forgot to draw you your
pic...again...D: SO BUSY. -diesdies-
alleygirl92 says :   26 October 2009   147662  

I can't say I understand, because the fact is only a handful of people
know I don't believe in God. If my dad found out.. I may be be-headed
But when I do decide to tell him I'm sure I'll go through everything
your going through. It's a hard life, and we all have to live it
through it, some have it easier, while others.. have more obstacles to
I won't tell you to forgive, but maybe hold back on the snappy remarks
and she'll respect your privacy and choice of religion more?


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