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Saturday, 10 October 2009
11:38:00 PM (GMT)
A girl in my school comitted suicide on Friday.

I didn't know her.

Her little borther picked on me for two years, and this is my only connection to

Many of my firends knew her.

Everyone was at the verge of tears the first two periods on Friday. After that,
people who hadn't known her, or hadn't know her well, shoved it below all the most
meaningless things they could find to think about. You could feel it, in everyone who
walked by, that straining care free emotion.

Kids kept going missing from class. Nearly half of every room was in the counselors

Those kids being gone, and why, brought all conversations back to Andrea. She was so
fun loving. Nothing but smiles. So nice.
"I think she rode my bus last year,"
"She was in my class is sixth grade,"
"Her locker was next to mine,"

Everyone was taking a fragment of the life she had set down, as if afraid to leave
some peice unaccounted for.

Kids who knew her were crying in the halls. Her brother left school.

Every teacher tried to convince us that the best way to deal with this day was just
to throw ourselves into
Art, said the art teacher
Singing, said the choir instructor
Moving, said the gym coach
And if you can't handle it, all students can go to the counselors wing.

In choir, Miss. Teener tried to keep things normal by taking attendence.
"Joy? Is Joy in here? Where is Joy? Has anyone seen Joy?
Oh, there she is. Where's Jackie?" And I wanted to scream that of course joy was
missing, even if Joy wasn't.

I didn't know her.

I don't know how she did it, or why. I would never ask.

People say they're praying for her.

Suicide is a sin.

If you leave a life of torment, your reward is an afterlife of torment.

I don't see why that is.

I don't how praying will help, if it is a sin.

But I don't beleive in Hell, and I don't beleive anyone deserves anything for an

So I pray for this wonderful person, who is gone. Let her be happier.

MissMurder529 says:   11 October 2009   539812  
Is this true?
If not, you made a fantastic vignette. I write them too.
Great job either way
Kirti says:   11 October 2009   284729  
No, it's true. I'm really depressed about it, actually.I'd never met
her, and now I never will.
tiggerlemon101 says:   11 October 2009   383795  
If you leave a life of torment, your reward is an afterlife of

 That is so Christian that it's weirding me out that you said it -
such a disgusting thing to say.  I in no way condone suicide - I think
it's horrible; the coward's way out, but still... no sin, not murder,
not even pedophilia, deserves hell.  Personally, self-adapted religion
believes in reincarnation and the three-fold law.  If you were good,
you'll go straight to Heaven - at least for a little while.  However,
if  you committed suicide, which is indeed a sin, you'll probably come
back as bug who gets squished within an hour, or a baby born in the
slums of India.
   That's such a nicer comcept than hell.
Kirti says:   11 October 2009   725936  
My point is that people say they are praying for her, and that's the
reason. And I don't get it. How can anything anyone does earn
them an eternity of anything? And they all say she was a wonderful
person, so how can they be thinking that she deserves Hell? I don't
tiggerlemon101 says:   11 October 2009   481815  
I guess Itotally msised thatwholeaspect, but you and me both, dude...
you and me both.

I would just pray for her family.  Also, I've heard of people praying
for the souls of the departed jsut to be safe and not so much for fear
of eternal torment... maybe it's that, although I sort of doubt it. 
‹Panda  Bear› says:   11 October 2009   829427  
really touching. Sorry for this.
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   11 October 2009   518949  
Let's bless this girl on her trip to Heaven :D
Lyncheh says:   11 October 2009   366928  
Hey, kind of like nobody gave two shits about Michael Jackson until
he died. (y)
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   11 October 2009   151767  
God doesn't send people to hell. They go there themselves by their
own will. He believes in second chances, and will give them to those
who accept it. Your sins can be washed, if you choose to wash them.
Just cause someone sinned doesn't mean they're tossed away.

She could just be paying time for her sins. Some times you need to
heal from your earthly wounds and that takes time, even when you're

People pray in hopes to do something to help heal the person who died
so they can to go heaven.
Kirti says:   12 October 2009   858921  
Tarkxie- You seem very proud to be a devoute Christian. I thought
pride was a sin.
tiggerlemon101 says :   12 October 2009   181684  
I don't get it - we are all God's children.  My parents never tried
to send me to Hell, and I'm a head case for any adult.


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