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Vampires of Daylight Chapter TwoCategory: my story
Saturday, 26 September 2009
06:28:40 PM (GMT)
Eli leads me towards some unknown destination. At least he doesn't have me
hand-cuffed. Which would be useful if I had my dagger. The girls are hanging
onto him, giving me snarky looks over their shoulders. Glaring at me. Okay, that's
weird.  I'm not the one hanging onto him with three other girls who could
decide to just pick one at any moment.
      Jayme Hitler. I should've made that connecton earlier. I smile sweetly,
preparing myself for an innocnet question. "Hey, Jayme....are you Hitler's
    She turns around, dark black hair swinging over her shoulder. "Yes."
    "Do you have any rather odd and unusual desires to kill anyone without blonde
hair and blue eyes?" I ask, still smiling. 
    "Idiot. I have black hair and brown eyes. I would kill myself," she says, glaring
at me.
    "I was hopin'...." I say quietly and off-handedly.
     Eli turns around. "What did you say?"
     "Nothing, oh hot leader guy who I want to make out with..." I say omniously,
like when you meditate and do the 'umm' thingy. He turns around quickly, accidently
dumping Jayme, Maxine, and Rayna.
    "Nothing," I sing, twirling around. "Where can I find some cloths? If I'm going
to die, I'm going to do it pretty. I WILL be hot when I die," I growl.
   They laugh. "You will never be pretty," Rayna says.
   "Ha-ha, funny, Rayna. I'm already prettier than you. Wait, that's sayin' nothin',"
I reply off-handedly. I look at my nails and start cleaning them. "You're right! I
am ugly!" I wail.
   I throw my head back and do the whole show. Mouth open, eyes wet, face fixed in
this weird horror-movie scream-cry thing. I continue to make these odd noises until
we have a crowd gathered around us. About twelve people peer at me. One old lady
pokes me with ehr stick.
  "Hey, lady, stoppit! I'm tryin' to cause a diversion and ecape here!" I shout at
her, pausing. I continue my act after that.
  "My baby!" another woman cries, throwing her arms around me. "Oh, it really is you,
Ruby," she sobs, hugging me.
   I freeze. "What're you talkin' 'bout? I'm not your daughter. My mom is a human.
Like my dad. And, they died a few years back."
   "Joke's on her," Eli says, smiling.
   "What...huh? What joke? Confused," I whine.
    "You're a vampire. The same thing you kill, you are," the woman says, not
releasing me. "You got swtched a few years ago with Price, the human girl at the
gate. We nver could find you."
   My world just collapsed.
   "I'm......a.........VAMPIRE?" I shriek. 
   I pick up the branch laying next to my feet and hit Eli with it. Why? Because he's
getting on my nerves.



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