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Friday, 11 September 2009
04:50:03 PM (GMT)
[ ]u've gotten lost in the mall
[]u are a prep
[x]u have made up a slang word that only u use
[]u listen to screamo music
[]u listen to classic rock
[]u listen to techno
[x]u listen to music that sooths the soul
[]u listen to metal
[]u listen to rap
[]u listen to country
[x]u have comforted a friend before
[]u have seen a musical before
[x]u have lisented to depressing music to try to cheer u up
[x]u have gotten stung by a hornet
[x]u have woken up with some difference to ur body(i scratch my hands sometimes)
[x]u have ran for ur life before 
[x]u have mistaken some one for a freind before
[x]u have jumped off a high diving board before
[x]u have taken some lessons for an instrument
[]u have seen a movie with some one on a date
[]u have been forced to go out with some one before
[x]u have a pet
[ ]u have dressed in all black becuase u were depressed
[]u're not happy with ur appearence
[x]u have been embarrased infront of alot of people
[x]u have been in a play and forgot the word u were supposed to say
[]u are a major bookworm
[x]u have been in the spelling b before
[]u seen a conert before
[x]u watch a lot of anime
[]u're favourite color is brown
[]u watch cartoons
[x]u watch spoungebob square pants
[x]u have whent to the theatres with ur parents,relitive
[]u can't stand ur family
[]u get bored easliy
[]u have been known to not be a patient person
[x]u play video games alot
[]u wine alot about things
[x]u have tasted alchohal
[]u have feelings for someone right now
[]u are dating someone
[]u have a job
[]u would consider your self lazy
[x]u would be the one to start eating dinner before u have said grace 
[]u would be scared to hold some ones hand
[x]u are comepletly against having sex( well noww XD jk )
[]u have left ur country before
[x]u have seen your freinds today
[]u have cut ur self before on porpose
[x]u have waited to see someone all day
[x]u plan to not live alone
[x]u plan on having a good life
[]u have someone to come home to( uhh wat do u mean XD )
[]u are always greeted happily by someone when you come home
[x]u have been to scared to ask someone out before
[x]u have seen ur self as ugly before
[]u have been kissed
[x]u have sleeped with someone before(not in a sexual way)
[x]u've been to a sleep over
[x]u've been slapped before(uhh ahmad XD)
[]u plan on having kids when ur older
[x]u have slapped someone before(lmao andrew apparently, and many people )
[x]u have gotten into a real fight before
[]u have been in jail
[]u have been shot at
[]u have stolen something before

geez so many spelling mistakes, i dun think i got them all xD fun quiz though

‹krista ♥› says:   11 September 2009   473343  
"HEY KRISTA..KRISTA!, KRISTA, HELLOOO?" -lady turns around-
"ohshit,thatsnotkrista"  -runs-
Conspiring says:   11 September 2009   334111  
catloverextreme says :   12 September 2009   678748  
lmfaoooo krista STFU XDDDD


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