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Tuesday, 8 September 2009
10:01:16 PM (GMT)
I could lie to you and say that I did nothing yesterday, but I'm not a liar type.
I'm fighting type, Bitches.

Anyway, I went to go bug Roark and see if I could play with his Onix and other
pokemon, and he was like "... Didn't you destroy the city last time?" and of course I
had to convince him that since I had already done it, I wouldn't again. So Me and
Onix had a jolly good time. but since Roark is still a butt he barely let us out of
the mines. Something about how we "couldn't cause mass hysteria" there. Without the
screaming people it isnt as fun! Onix said that he could ask the dugtrio to dig us
over to floaroma town.

We stole honey from the guy in the garden, It was happy fun times!

After we did this, I THOUGHT I saw shaymin but as it turns out, it was just a bush
that Onix accidentally threw into the air. Aw. If any of you DO see shaymin around,
tell him I want to hang out again. Cause he is so bad ass. Also because I need to
train some more and I need a reasonable sparing partner. (ever hit a rock?)

After we thoroughly confused Floaroma Town, I remembered that we were gonna go to
spear pillar afterwards. So I'm all like "C'MON LETS FLY!" And and and then I
remembered that neither of us were flying types. Which made me sad. I usually hang
out with Articuno, But someone CAUGHT my sweet ride yesterday. I have to find out who
and kill them, Like I did the last one. By kill I mean kick in the crotch and take
all his pokemon. It's super effective!

Oh, I also saw darkrai today. After me and Onix kind of sat there staring blankly at
the ground after I suggested the whole flying thing, Darkrai appeared behind us and I
was like "HOLY SHIT" cause like, he looked REALLY angry. 

Honestly, first the wanting money thing and then the stalking me. Well, at least I
THINK he's stalking me. Though he floated away silently after glaring at me, then me
and Onix fell asleep. I woke up back in Oreburgh and Roark was all "STREAM OF
PROFANITY" at us for disobeying him. Again. I had to remind him that I technically
did not break any promises, as I destroyed a garden and the business of a Honey
merchant, not Oreburgh City.  Anywhoo, I really don't know what the heck is UP with
that guy. (Darkrai, Not Roark) He must be having mood swings, cause last I checked we
were socially awkward friends.

Oh well.

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