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Tuesday, 1 September 2009
06:51:51 PM (GMT)
BASICS: Name: Billy Robert Gray Relationship Status: No idea. Age: 17 Languages: English, Spanish, a bit of some others. Label: Creeper. ♥ Current Location: Artesia, California. Eye Color: Light brown. Hair Color: Brown. Partner: asdfghjkl;' Vehicle: Not mine. Overused Phrase: 'I' 'and' 'like' 'bitch' 'hoes' Sexual preference: Debating. Hobbies: Drawing, reading, logical and illogical debates, Chester fucking Tam. <3 FAVOURITES: Food: None. Restaurant: Only have been to like.. 2. Candy: Dark chocolate. Number: 2, 13, 17, 23, 27. Color: Orange. Animal: Cat. Drink: Water Body Part on Opposite sex: "Might as well face it you're addicted to boobs." Perfume: Uh? Something fruity. x] TV Show: None. Movie: Benchwarmers. Actor/Actress: Chester Tam. Animes: ...DBZ. xD Manga: Furuba. THIS OR THAT: Pepsi or Coke: Coke. McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds. Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee Kiss or Hug: Hug Dog or Cat: Cat Rap or Punk: Rap Summer or Winter: Winter Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Both Love or Money: Money. Favourite symbol: ♥ YOUR: Bedtime: Meh. Best physical feature: I have a sexy nose? Lmfao. I don't know. First Thought Waking Up: 'Shit.' Ambition: Be the next Chester Tam. Best Friends: Mina, Bree, and Sam. ♥ Weakness: Sex. You have to give in, you know? Fears: Needles and bees. HAVE YOU: Ever been beaten up: By family. xDD Fucking giants, man. Ever beaten someone up: Yeah. Ever Shoplifted: Yes. Ever Skinny Dipped: Fun times, man. Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Durr. IN A GUY/GIRL: Favourite Eye Color: Light. Favourite Hair Color: Brunette. Short or Long: Long. Height: 5'7. Style: Anything that catches my eye. Looks or Personality: Personality. Rebellious, sweet, perverted. Hot or Cute: Both. Muscular or Really Skinny: Depends. RANDOMS: What country do you want to Visit: Japan. How do you want to Die: On the operating table. Been to the Mall Lately: Nope. Get along with your Parents: Nope. Health Freak: Meh. Do you think your Attractive: No. Somehow, I am though. Believe in Yourself: Hell yeah. I can do whatever I want. x] Want to go to College: NYU. New york, bitches. <3 Do you Smoke: Not now. Do you Drink: Sometimes. Shower Daily: Of course. Been in Love: I am. Do you Sing: IMMA BARBIE GIRL INNA BARBIE WURLD Want to get Married: Indeed. Do you want Children: Seven. Age you want to lose your Virginity: Lmfao. Already did. Hate anyone: Yes. Love anyone: Erie. ♥

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