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stole from tayyCategory: (general)
Friday, 28 August 2009
10:41:44 PM (GMT)
imma quiz theif -3-

Do you eat at the table as a family?  sometimes
What is your favorite kind of jelly?  duuhh rasberry and strawberry mixed 8D like a
sugar rush -w-
Who would win out of a fight between Paris Hilton & Jessica Simpson?  lmfao paris XD
she'd b like
What would you do if you could stop time?  put water balloons over their heads XD
IF you could make up a law what would that law be?   FREE ICECREAM DAY (too much food
on my mind )
If you were a movie star and had to change your name what name would you pick?  
If you could play for any sports team what team would you pick?  uhm i dunno
australia? XD i fail
If you could sell out one of your friends for a million dollars would you? 
god, uhm depends, if my friend is goin somewhere for a beautiful spa 
then yes
otherwise NO
What would you do if you saw someone harm one of your kids?  GO IN PANTHER MODE XDDD
Do you think people treat you the way you should be treated?  no -A-
Do you treat people the way they should be treated?  yesh -w-
If you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be?  HOLLISTER =A=
Whats one object you just couldnt live without?  computer maaan, oh and food and
water e3e
What would you do if you saw a ghost?  freak,then go back to find it again XDD
What would you do if you saw an alien?  shit bricks XDDD
What would you do if you saw an angel?  *poke wings* oooo soft XD
Describe the best date you have been on?  guh i fail -A-
Favorite candle scent?  lilack
Is it easy to confuse you?  oh yes XD
Have you ever fallen down stairs?  a few times...i was hyper ok XD
Do you know your parents wedding song?  lmfao THE BARNEY SONG
Are you religious?  not at all XD i like die in church 
How do you like your eggs? in a cake XD
First alcoholic drink?  my mom's budweiser when i was like 6
Whats the story behind your display pic on myspace? i dun have myspacesooo NO STORY
Favorite brand of clothing?  uhhh
Do all good things come to an end?  sadly yes
What is your earliest memory?  uhmmm when i traded pokemon wit my friend XD (neeerd
Do you know the Soulja Boy dance?  i for got it XDDD
Who do you support?  my friends and family ( except my sister XDD)
Any plans this weekend?  nah, oh maybe sleepin in XD
What cell phone do you have?  i dun have one -w-
Do you watch far too much tv?  i dun really like tv, only nature channels
Who was your last text from?  no one D: <
Do you get along with your parents?  i OWN my parents XDD jk yeah yeah
Anything you want to accomplish? to be a godly drawer XD 
How many pillows do you sleep with? 1, and my wolf named soul (stuffed animal )
What do you find most of in your room?  paper EVERYWHERE im like OMG where did all
this paper come from D: 
Who is your neighbor across the street?  some lady XD
What is your favorite method of exercise?  crunches
What is the longest you have been in the car for a roadtrip?  a day NEVER AGAIN will
i do that XD
Who is your favorite celebrity ever?  i dun have one
What do you call it when you pass gas?  who dearestly fauted in this room XDDDD
What would you like your tombstone to say?   rip Tesha aka PIMP MASTER 3000 and then
it would say all of my bitches on it
(i have like 20) XDDDD
How often do you get a haircut?  havent had one for 15 years
What was the last cartoon you watched?  noein
What would you like to have for your next meal?  turkey soup -w-
Ever rode a motorcycle?  does grand thaft auto count? XD
If you could paint something on a water tower, what would it say? uhm the clouds :3

lmfao pissed myself watching this XDDDD

‹DasAtem› says:   28 August 2009   363693  
at the picture at the end. xDDD
‹'94› says:   29 August 2009   711252  
lol death note made heart attacks cool again
catloverextreme says :   30 August 2009   396699  
rofl damn right XD


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