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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter eighteen.Category: (general)
Monday, 24 August 2009
07:19:56 PM (GMT)
I hopped on the bus and plopped my ass down next to Skye's. "This seat taken?" I
asked after I sat down. Nice one, Ave, I said to myself.
     "It is now," she replied with a smile.
     "How was your day? I didn't talk to you a whole lot." It was true. Skye and I
barely talked the whole day, besides Science, English, recess, and lunch. Wasn't a
whole lot. It wasn't enough for me.
     "Meh. Boring, but okay. Yours?" she looked over at me.
     "Complicated," I looked around the bus, seeing where Xavier and Roman were. I
knew they'd be together. They were usually attached at the hip. Something like that. 
     "Where's Xavier and Roman?" I asked her, after failing to find the guys.
     "Here they come now," Skye pointed as Roman hopped on the bus, Xavier following.
They actually looked like they would make a good couple. They both sat a few seats
behind us. Skye jumped a little. "Ah, I have a text," she took her vibrating cell
phone out of her pocket. "Hm. Xavier wants to know if our plans are still on. They
are, right?" she asked.
     "Yep. We're heading to my aunt's house, and we're just going to chill in her
basement, which by the way, I have all to myself," I explained.
     "Sounds like a plan. I'll text him back," Skye's fingers glided quickly around
the keys of her cell, and she shut it and put it back in her pocket. "So, what were
your 'complications' today?"
     "I think I'll tell you in a less crowded place. It's about Annabelle," I told
     Skye did some major eye-rolling. "Well, this is going to be fun! What the hell
did she say to you?"
     "Again, Skye. Less crowded place. We'll talk about it at my aunt's," I repeated.
She nodded.
     I pulled out my iPod and enjoyed the rest of the ride home with some Emmure
flowing throughout my ears. I can't believe I find this stuff relaxing, I
shook my head at my extremely weird taste in music.
     The bus finally stopped where we all had to get off. The stop wasn't directly in
front of Marg's house, so we'd have to walk a little bit. Just a block or so.
     I got off of the bus first, followed by Skye, Xavier, and then Roman.
     "Hey, guys," I greeted both of the guys.
     "Hey, Ave, what's good?" Xavier sounded like a true gangstaaaa.
     Skye answered for me. "Nothing's good. That little slut..."
     Roman just looked at her, and then at me. "What's wrong with her?" he whispered,
though she could hear him perfectly.
     "Oh, Annabelle's just being a total fucking BIATCH again. Nothing new," Skye
shrugged, though she was flippin' her fucking lid.
     "What'd she do now?" Xavier rolled his eyes.
     "Saying shit to Avery about me. STILL. It's been a fucking year! Why can't she
just grow up and grow some fucking balls and GET THE FUCK OVER IT?!" Skye was going
     "Skye, calm down please. It's really not as bad as you think. She just gave me
her side of the story of what happened between you two. I'll tell you as soon as
we're secluded in a place where I can give you a doll to take your anger out on,
okay?" I smiled.
     She nodded and began to calm down. We got to my aunt's house, and I showed them
around first. They absolutely LOVED Marg's house, which I did, too. It was better
than my old house, of course. I also introduced them to my sister.
     "People, this is my sister," I pointed to June who was sitting on the couch
watching Hannah Montana. For some reason, she seemed to think it was the best thing
since sliced bread.
     "Hey, Avery's sister," Roman waved. June just looked at him, and then back at
the TV screen.
     "Yeah, don't worry about her. She's a spoiled little bratttt!" I sang, making
sure she heard me. She got up off of the couch. "Hello, Avery's friends. Did you know
that if you guys weren't here right now, Ave would be sitting next to me watching
Hannah Montana? It's our daily routine," she told them. Little runt.
     "Yeah, there's confession A," I rolled my eyes jokingly. "Confession B is that
June still wets the bed. On a weekly basis."
     "Confession C? Avery is circumsized," June shot back.
     "OKAY. One, no, I'm not. Two, you don't even know what that means!" I threw my
hands up in the air. "June, you're ridiculous. Come on, guys. Let's get out of here
before she spills more of my precious false secrets!"
     We headed downstairs. "Whooaaa, Ave, I'm totally sleeping over here sometime!"
were Xavier's first words.
     "Me too!" Roman agreed.
     "I'm going to be a dork and say 'Me three!'" Skye raised her hand, chuckling.
     "No problem. One this weekend, if you guys are up for it," I shrugged.
     Of course, they all agreed that they were up for it. Then, I remembered I had to
talk to Skye about Annabelle. I went into my bedroom, took Lulu off of the bed, and
brought it out to Skye. "Something to take your anger out on..." I nodded, sad that I
was giving up my stuffed bear.


Happy late birthday, Kyle! <3 This chapter is dedicated to you. ILY. :D

StickThatInYourJuiceBoxAndSuckIt says:   24 August 2009   887461  
-speaking as kyle on jennas account.


Avery is circumsized x)
Died at that x)

SexFlavouredPancakes says:   24 August 2009   655815  
Hahaha. Thank you.
And I had to get creative.
+ You're welcome. ILY! :D
Kylosaur says:   25 August 2009   344544  
ily more ;D
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   25 August 2009   969288  
No waii.

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