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20 facts about ME.Category: (general)
Monday, 10 August 2009
11:43:32 AM (GMT)
1. Katie is just a nickname. My real name is HORRIBLE. -_-" 2. I can't ride a bike. And I don't want to. :P 3. I'm not that good at swimming either. 4. I'm very organised, but my room is a mess. 5. My appearence means a lot to me. 6. Hoodies are LOVE. 7. I hate my hair. It's really thin and icky. Dx 8. I plan on getting quite a lot of piercings when I'm older. 9. And a tattoo. (a small one) 10. I still haven't read the Hobbit. -_-" 11. My eyeliner collection is MASSIVE. 12. I love the smell of teabags. 13. I have a REALLY high pitched laugh. It makes me sound mad. 14. I love to dance, but I rarely do. 15. I can't make toast. All I make is burnt bread. 16. I used to be good at spelling. 17. I like parrot fish. :3 18. I grew up around adults and only ever saw other children at school or on the rare occasion a friend came over, so my mind is more mature than is should be. 19. I've never tasted a tomato. 20. I HAVE THE BEST FEFFIN FRIENDS ANYONE COULD ASK FOR. Oh wait.. You all new that..

‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   10 August 2009   119648  
Pretty layout! :D

tomato are horrible, don't try them Dx
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   10 August 2009   193635  
Thank youu. :D

'kay. xD
‹Callie;Calls herself CRUISE. TOM CRUISE ♥› says:   10 August 2009   613411  
Meoooow. Imunna do thiiissss~~~
‹[Rachel;; Couldn't Give A Damn ♥]› says:   10 August 2009   218933  
Your real name aint horrible Katie.
It's just because it's YOUR name that you dont like it.
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   10 August 2009   637753  
Hyperpixie says:   10 August 2009   839711  
I love tomatoes.
I ate one like an apple.
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   10 August 2009   842733  
I know you did. :P
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   10 August 2009   586439  
I like tomatoes. They taste good with salt! :D

Tea bags do smell nice. They small all fragrant. I also like drinking
tea. :P
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   10 August 2009   218698  

I don't like drinking tea. I just like smelling the teabags. xD
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says:   10 August 2009   236686  
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   10 August 2009   584732  
NO. Dx
XxXxTWILIGHTxXxX says:   11 August 2009   559495  
tomatoes r disgusting!!!!!!!!
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   11 August 2009   412645  
Hm, actually, I like tomatoes. Especially if they're drizzled with
olive oil, pepper, and salt. Yum. 

My grandma drizzles them with sugar. It's kinda weird, but it actually
tastes really good.
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   11 August 2009   467182  
Awesome. :D
‹cut_up_and_scattered_around› says:   12 August 2009   349615  
tomatoes taste good
(ur lucky ur mature, im not)
especially with salt
‹§♥Completely and Totally ME♥§› says:   13 August 2009   877874  
i'm gunna make one

i never liked tomatos
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says :   4 September 2009   358789  
I can't ride a bike either, neither can my aunt, don't worry xD


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