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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter sixteen.Category: (general)
Monday, 3 August 2009
07:58:21 PM (GMT)
I couldn't sleep at all that night. What the hell was I going to say to Skye? Was I
going to go up to her and be like "Hey, what happened between you and Annabelle?" or
was I going to ask her if she really liked me. Again, I didn't want to seem stuck up
and too confident. And what was I gonna do about Annabelle? I still had plans with
her the next day, and didn't want to ditch those plans. But I didn't want to dtich my
plans with my friends either. UGH, SO FRUSTRATING, I kept thinking inside my
     I finally got some sleep at about 4:30, but I only had two hours before I had to
get up again to get ready for school. Aunt Marg woke me up and I felt like I hadn't
slept at all. I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower to wake myself up
before shoving on some dark blue jeans and an Alexisonfire t-shirt and brushing my
teeth. I turned on the straightener and waited for it to heat up. While waiting, I
took a good look at myself in the mirror and laughed at how horribly ugly I was. My
hair was way too long, my face was too skinny, and my nose was shaped weirdly.
     "Why would they even like me?" I asked myself aloud.
     "I dunno, but I gotta pee, so get out," June's voice startled me as I spinned
     "God, stop eavesdropping. I was having a nice conversation with myself," I
rolled my eyes as I left the bathroom, messing up her hair on the way out.
     "You're so weird. And my hair is already messed up, so you're not making much of
a difference by doing that, moron," she laughed as she pretty much slammed the door
in my face.
     She took about forever and a half to finish "peeing", but she finally came out,
and I went back in to straighten my hair. It took about a half an hour since my hair
wasn't cooperating.
     When I was done, I had five minutes before the bus came, so I grabbed a muffin
and shoved on my shoes after saying goodbye to aunt Marg and June (June's school
started a little later than mine). I began to walk towards the bus stop, where I saw
a few kids from some of my classes. I said hi to them and just stood there, waiting
for the short bus! :D
     It finally came, and I hopped on, sitting closer to the front because of all of
the drug dealers and gangster wannabes that sat nearer to the back. What was so good
about the back, anyway? I didn't care where I sat, as long as I wouldn't be
     But I was bothered, because when Skye hopped on, she plopped her butt right next
to mine. I didn't even know she was on my bus. But obviously she was.
     "Hey, you," she smiled. She seemed like she was in a much better mood than
yesterday. Well, that was probably because I hadn't told her that I was cancelling
plans yet. Maybe I wouldn't tell her. Maybe I wouldn't even cancel the plans. Maybe
I'd just tell Annabelle I'd already made plans. I mean, she wouldn't mind, right?
     "You could at least say hi back," she laughed, rolling her eyes.
     "Oh, sorry. Hi," I chuckled."What's up?"
     "The roof of this smelly bus, that's for sure," she replied, staring at the
     "Gotcha. Hey, so, are our plans still on for today?" I asked.
     "Hope so. If not, I'm stuck watching Oprah with my mother after school," Skye
told me.
     "Oh, gosh. Not Oprah!" I gasped.
     "Yes, Oprah. It's just as horrible as it sounds. So, what are we doing,
     "I don't know, to be honest. I was just thinking we'd go to my aunt's and hang
out and not watch Oprah?" I shrugged.
     "And ice cream?" I found out that ice cream was one of Skye's favorite foods.
     "And ice cream," I nodded.
     "Sounds good. I'll be there. Are we all taking the bus?" she wondered aloud.
     "I guess so. Is that okay?"
     "Sure. So, what about your plans with Annabelle?"
     I just looked at her. How the hell did she know what plans I had with Annabelle?
Huh? I hadn't even told her. Unless...
     "How did you know?" I asked.
     "I was online this morning, and Roman told me that you were talking to him
yesterday to cancel our plans."
     "Oh, well, yeah. I was going to cancel, because Annabelle asked me out
for supper today, but I'm actually gonna cancel on her," I explained.
     "Is it because you're scared of me?" Skye giggled.
     "Actually, kind of." I laughed. "And also because I made plans with you before
that. I just forgot about them."
     "I'm sorry for being so negative about her. I just have problems with her. It
doesn't mean you can't like her. If she's nice to you, go for it," Skye didn't sound
totally honest. Deep down, I knew she didn't want me to have anything to do with
     "Well, my friends are more important than some stupid girl. And I'm determined
to be friends with you, Xavier and Roman for a long, long time. So, I'm not going to
throw it away because I got asked out."
     "It's because she has boobs, isn't it?" Skye mumbled to herself, but I heard it.
I chose to not reply, even though I really wasn't into boobs like almost every other
male was.
     The bus pulled up in the school parking lot, and we hopped off. We met up with
Xavier and Roman, and walked inside the school to start a brand new day. 

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Kylosaur says:   5 August 2009   425399  
First thing i done when i got he was read this

Good chapter : D
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   5 August 2009   866154  
Kylosaur says :   5 August 2009   384146  

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