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Monday, 20 July 2009
02:07:39 AM (GMT)
I'm back from my family camping trip, and have many stories and adventures to share!
First though, I feel inclined to point out the order I did things in upon arriving

1) ran inside to check on pets
2) turned on computer, and used it to charge MP3 player
3) unpacked
4) sprayed anti-flea stuff on rugs. (my cats got fleas while we were gone )
5) Logged onto kupika to begin checking on friends
6) Vacuumed
7) started laundry
 showered alot.
9) finished Kupiking
10) Yet to happen- anything else.

You are all very important to me! I attempted to call my father also, but couldn't
reach him so it isn't included. If it was, I supposed  it would be number seven,
where as you all ranked five. Do you feel loved?
As to my many frolicsome adventures... Hm, where to start? I suppose I should clarify
where I was, since many of you seem to think I've been at sleepaway camp.
I traveled hours by car to go to a summer-camping-festival-thingy on the border
between New York and Pennsylvania. The festival is meant for spiritualists,
ex-hippies, not-so-ex-hippies, the generally awesome, and it must be said, pagans.
Which is why we were there, as my family and I are Pagan. Well, my belief system is
something more like deism, but it's polytheistic deism and the polytheism bit is
really based on paganism.
   ... Now how'd I get into religion? Oh yes. It is not strictly a religious
festival, but there were lots of religious folks there looking to have a good time
away from mundania.
This brings me to the next part. By the way, I've begun keeping a journal, and the
following is an excerpt from said journal.
"Point being, I wouldn't want to stay there forever. It's not that the novelty of
living in such a relaxed environment would wear off, but half the fun is that
everyone is determined to fit as much peaceful bliss into a single week as possible.
And by "fit" I mean "cram forcefully, with much shoving, and occasionally jumping up
and down on the weekend to make sure it all zips up properly.""
      "...more adults were whining this year. Poor them. I guess my lack of
anticipation lead to a lack of disappointment? I had a great time.
Maybe it's the money they spent to be there. Maybe their attitude is "for one hundred
ten dollars, this should be an emotionally moving experience!!"
... That would explain some of the bliss cramming..."

I could quote more of my diary at you, but I get the strong feeling that you don't
care, so I shall move on.

I am, it must be said, obscenely bad with people. It's hard to tell online because I
can rewrite and edit things before sending them. When I'm really meeting new people
though, I find it very hard to start a conversation. In general I find it hard to
keep conversations going. Since this is the first year that my charismatic older
sister hasn't come with us, and since we couldn't go last year, I thought this would
be a fabulous opportunity to show her friends (AKA, the only people relatively close
to my age that I knew of) that I wasn't as annoying as I had been two years ago, and
that in my own way I was as good as my sister.
    I failed.
Couldn't find 'em, and when I found 'em I didn't know how to talk to 'em. So I
offered to babysit the boys (more on them later) and went down the story telling
read this Miss_RolePlay1995.
Among the children was a boy who looked just like Naono. I am not kidding. He was
small, slim, light brown hair (okay, so it was a bit longer in the back, oh well),
oval shaped wire glasses, and was so feminine looking that with his hair longer in
back I wondered briefly if he was indeed a he. He was even wearing a black tee shirt.
If he had a vest on I think I'd have fainted out of pure fangirlishness.
    I just had to talk to this kid. I had to. It took several tries for me to
successfully start a conversation, which made me feel like a real creeper because he
was actually a fair bit younger then I originally thought. Somewhere between ages
eight and eleven, I'd say. Younger then my slightly evil and entirely fictional
adoptive son is supposed to be. Siigh.
   His name was Ember (his parents were hippies) but he went by Random, which was
It turns out that Random loves dragons and books (which I've always thought Naono
does), and maybe because Random is still young, or maybe that's just who he is, but
he doesn't hide his negative opinions on people. It's more than a bit mean, but it
does give the impression of being very honest.
    He also has a camera. I sooo wanted to take a picture of him holding it, but
restrained myself. I did take other photos of him though, including one from the
children’s costume parade- he had on medieval garb. How perfect!!
Going back to how obscenely bad I am with people, and my complete failure to hang out
with the only kids I knew who were my age, I sought to become friends with some of
the younger people. A positive attitude and a pair of pigtails was all it took to get
assimilated. It didn't hurt that Random wanted to include me. I just showed up at
that storytime and made it clear that I wanted to play, and that was that. I now have
a far number of friends between the ages of seven and ten.
   It didn't escape their notice however that I was almost twice some of their size.
These are bright kids. But I liked playing and could supply piggy back rides, so I
was their friend anyway.
   It also didn't slip past them that I'm obscenely bad with people. The great thing
about kids though is that they don't care. The danced around me and sang that
I was a weird head, but that was it. It was all in good fun. Random was the
random-fun one, Clover was the hyper-fun one, Emma was the competitive-fun one, and
Janet was the weird-fun one. As they saw it, that was just how things were. And it
was all fun, so what did they care?
"The boys" are the sons of one of the families we camped with. Close family friends.
I've know the two of them since the elder was two, and the younger was born. I'm so
glad that Ben can sort of talk now. I wish Dan didn't talk half as much as he does.
Ben is three, but Dan is seven. He's old enough to get how the every-day world works,
and stupid enough to try to explain it to everyone around him. He didn't used to be
so arrogant! I was just about ready to kill him at certain points.
    I snapped and shouted at him without raising my voice (if that makes sense) when
he tried to tell me, for around the fourth or fifth time (if I had counted
correctly), the rules to a game I had taught him how to play the last
time we camped together. He started to get why grownups randomly got so annoyed with
him a bit after that. (He was still a bit of a brat though. I hope his personality
does another 180 before I see him again...)
I mentioned that my sister wasn't there. I didn't say that taking her place was one
of my mom’s friends. Lacey is only about twenty eight, much younger then my mom,
but only a dozen years older than my sister, so it wasn't too awkward. Though
when she started missing her girlfriend, I didn't know what to say... Still, Amy is
going to try coming out camping with us next year, so then Lacey won't get so
While in the pool I met a guy my age. Rather good looking. Tall, blonde, not muscley,
but wiry. He looked like a bit of a younger Jason Dolly. I was just thinking that he
couldn't possibly have interest in me (have I ever mention that I have horrible
skin?) when he said that his sun burn was really bothering him, ouch, they'd warned
him that skin sensitivity was a side effect for the acne meds he was on, but he
hadn't known it would be this bad. Then he said that he planned to stay at the
pool/shower house until the sun went down. So I spent several hours hanging out with
a hot shirtless guy. It was really casual of course. After awhile he got out to use
the showers.
    The community showers at this place are public. No walls, no screens... Nothing.
It is saved from being unbearably awkward only by the fact that there are never more
than one person using them for the first time at a time, and everyone who's ever used
them before knows that it's no big deal. It soon becomes obvious that while showering
your back is turned towards the other showers, the angle at which you're turn
determined by what shower head your using.
    That said, the guy, Kori, did not remove his swimsuit before rinsing off. I just
wanted to point out that if he had chosen to do so, I know shower etiquette and would
not have looked. I would also like to point out that doing so would be really yucky.
Moving on.
    I took him getting out to mean that he was leaving, and so I got out too and
started to put my dress on so that we could hang out more. I hope to do this without
seeming clingy, not sure how well that worked. He said "Oh, I was planning to go back
in..." at which point I had to lie to avoid seeming truly clingy. The festival this
year was themed "elements". I said jokingly "Yeah, but I want to be dried off before
the fire ceremony. Going there dripping wet just seems wrong somehow, I can't
put my finger on it..." and he laughed and grabbed his towel and we went outside,
still joking about stuff. He joked that the reason the world would end in 2012 was
that he was graduating, and was tempted to kill off the stupid people in his school
once he got his diploma, which would pretty much mean massacring everyone. So I
suppose he's probably a year or so older than me. Oh well. The sun wasn't quite down
so he and I went back to his camp so that he could hide, and I met a friend of his
who Kori like to fence against. Kori is apparently training in four types of martial
arts and Asian fencing. Well that's what he claims. I know he's at least good at
fencing, though his stories of single handedly beating ten armed opponents who tried
to take his IPod at weapons camp seems a bit farfetched...
     Then we went to the fire thing together, which was just the nightly bonfire with
some cool pyrotechnics, and there was drumming and people danced, because when
there's a multicolored sixty foot tall fire and drumming you dance, and Kori and I
talked some more, and danced next to each other (not together though), and some guy
came over and started exchanging banter with Kori, which somehow became a martial
arts fight so maybe Kori hadn't been lying... Dude-man stopped mid fight to
say "Oh don't worry about this, we do this every year." Then he went to go hit Kori,
who blocked it... They weren't hurting each other, and I couldn't stop them, so I
dance around the fire a few times and came back to find them talking, and just joined
in the conversation. It occurred to me minutes after each attempt that they were both
trying to flirt with me, most likely to further their rivalry. Whoops. After other
dude walked away I asked Kori who he was and Kori said that he really didn't know, he
had forgotten his name years ago, they just liked to fight, and after doing so for
years asking his name would seem awkward. He further explained that the dude was a
loser who had started their fued when he tried to take Kori out my hitting him in the
back of the head with a folded chair while Kori was talking.
    Kori then said that the guy hung around Kori a lot because Kori had the tendency
to be around cute girls. Half an hour later as I was walking home I realized that
that was a flirt. Whoops. Again.
   Kori explained that his parents had packed way too much soda and they were having
a party of sorts to get rid of some of it later, probably the next day though he
didn't know when. I told him I'd try to be there and said I had to go back to my own
camp, and then utterly failed to do so. After ten minutes of conversation in which I
didn't go home, he asked if I wanted to go back to his camp for some of that soda,
but I said no and walked away. It was after I had gone a yard or so that I realized
that within the festival grounds asking to go back to his tent for soda was the
equivalent of a date and I had blown it. Ah, well, I figured. I'd see him the next

It being me and all, I completely failed to find him for the next four days.
I ran into him by chance the morning before I had to leave. He and two girls who look
a tab closer to his age then I am (though I look older then I am) were with him. Kori
invited me to sit so I did and we all talked and joked, and I was forced to use all
the people skills I had been practicing by hanging out with Random and Emma, and the
four of us ended up becoming friends and spends the next fourteen hours hanging out
nonstop. Cool! Kori soon faded as a romantic interest, which was good, because I
found out shortly after he faded that he, Sandy, and Nina all had girlfriends at
home. Well, Nina had a boyfriend. But Sandy and Kori have girlfriends.  My love life
is truly dead, which I should be happy about I suppose. And after seeing how Kori
acted with Sandy and Nina I realized that he's really just a general flirt, he
doesn't mean anything by it besides maybe making the girl feel good about herself.
It's like, he would only flirt with people he genuinely likes, but liking them
doesn't mean it's romantic. Ah, well. He's a great guy, and a great friend.
Finally, I cosplayed alot on the trip, because at festival crazy clothing is the
norm. Decorative tails were quite the trend among my younger pals. So I walked around
in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit a fait bit, never left my tent without my red lacey
fan no matter what I wore, and the day I left I bought a decorative bento box!
(bento=Japanese take out.) It's actually a purse, and has a small mirror inside, as
well and being covered in pretty fabric and lined with silk. Perfect for cosplay. And
today we stopped at a sushi bar for dinner on the way home. The waiter loved my bento
box and gave me extra food, joking that I should keep the left over’s in my purse.
Tee hee.
Last edited: 20 July 2009

Kirti says:   20 July 2009   869516  
Though some very fun tales were left out, like my many merry romps
with my short pals.

Or fencing, or Kori Sandy and Nina trying to hold me hostage so that I
wouldn't go home, or Harry the Fur Guy (I bet he changed his name)
getting married, the inproptu Battle of Dragons with Dan, the many
rounds of Monty Python Fluxx I was subjected to, the Native American
Pipe ceremony that I wasn't allowed to participate in due to my period
(gr!!!!!!!), all the pendents I bought for people, the spirit ceromony
being rained out because some adult told my short pals to stop
chanting "rain rain, go away, come again another day..." until the
white clad "Dragon Keepers" were done slipping silently through the

You go to a place filled with this kind of people and fun things
callie11 says:   20 July 2009   592175  
Wow. I didn't read all of it, though I might later, but that's really
strange about that boy who looked like Naono. >.>
tiggerlemon101 says:   20 July 2009   223845  
Welcome back!

  Whatever kind of place you were at... sounds amazing!  I wanna go

  In regards to this Kori character... I'm surpirsed that an
ex-hippie/not-so-ex-hippie-/generally awesome person/pagan uses acne
meds.  I'm none of those (unless one coutns my non-religious,
Jesus-believing, Church-hating religion as paganism), but I believe in
being all-natural and not allowing chemicals to seep into my body.  I
don't do vaccines or anything like that, and I use only
organic/natural soaps and and otehr hygiene essentials. 
   I used to have really horrible acne, but after a couple months of
washing proficiently with an oil-free cleanser, it's mostly better. 
If it does get to terribly awful, I find rubbing alcohol works
   In short, I'm surprised such a person wouldn't be more into natural
remedies.  I realize that it's strange that that's the one thing I
noticed about your trip, but hey!  At least I noticed something.
Kirti says:   20 July 2009   449357  
There are no commandments in Paganism. We don't have a book saying
"No medication for you!!", and historicly Pagans have been the best
herbalists. Our medical advanments throughout history have helped lots
of Christians live past age one minute. Hurray for midwives!

I've used oil free soaps every night for two years, but I've still had
a constant break out for four...

Any-who, if he wants to risk sunburn with meds, that's his buisness. I
was just glad that he wasn't freaked out by my zillion black heads.
(Though I was wearing water proof make-up at the time.)
tiggerlemon101 says:   21 July 2009   593749  
Oh, I know that you guys have no commandments!!!  i just thought you
generally took the all-natural approach.  Herablist-ism (?)  would be
considered all-natural.
Kirti says:   21 July 2009   449775  
Eh, don't ask me. I see it as helping things run to the best of their
ability, personally. Though when my mom tried putting me on
anti-anxiety pills I thought it was artificially running away from my
problems and flushed them down the toilet.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   22 July 2009   767775  
Wow, you HAVE been busy.

I'm still a bit astonished by that Naono look-alike. Could I perhaps
see the pictures, or would that be invading his privacy?
Kirti says:   22 July 2009   867613  
I'm struggling to add the photos. It probably is invading his privacy

I strongly considered adding the bit about the Native American Pipe
ceremony, but decided against it for space reasons.
‹ruthie .› says :   28 July 2009   923965  
:D a very interesting (and entertaining) read. we have a lot of the
'hippy' culture near us so its very interesting to hear about (:


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