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First TimeCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
12:04:37 PM (GMT)
Alex arrives at her friends house and notice Jessy’s car isn’t in the driveway
but the lights are on so she knocks on the door. A cute redhead opens the door in a
one piece bathing suit. She’s cute, and doesn’t look like the brightest girl but
she seems surprised at seeing her. “I’m Alex jessy’s friend”. The girl
invites Alex in and introduces herself “I’m June”. She seems to be rather
flustered around her. Alex sees her nipples hardening a bit through her flimsy 1
piece suit. June leads Alex to the couch where she was apparently relaxing by
herself. She sits a little ways away from Alex and grabs a chip from the coffee table
next to her. “Jessy said she’d be back soon” June trails off. Alex then moves
closer to her so their thighs are touching. June’s cheeks turn a little red as
their bodies make contact, surprisingly she doesn’t pull away though in fact she
presses against Alex ever so gently. Her eyes closed. Alex’s sure now she can see
them clearly through her swimsuit. June doesn’t look at Alex. She starts getting
the idea that this girl isn’t used to the kind of affection Alex is giving her but
she doesn’t seem to mind it either. Alex then looks over into June’s eyes and
glides your fingertips softly over the soft skin of her exposed thigh. She feels hot
to the touch and as she presses her fingertips to her bare skin June cries out softly
before leaning in towards you eyes shimmering. Alex kisses June for the first time
and can feel how very tender her lips are. Alex then holds her close to kiss June
more. They’re both feeling very hot now. June pulls Alex towards her as she lays
down on her back on the couch. Her eyes are wide open with both eagerness and fear.
“I’ve never done anything with a girl before…” she admits. Alex reassures her
by giving her a few more light kisses and tells her not to worry. She looks at Alex
pleadingly not knowing what to do but as June’s warmth against Alex’s leg tells
her desperate for release. Alex pulls down her shirt and places Junes hand softly on
the skin of her left breast. Junes shy at first but Alex reassures her “There’s
nothing wrong with this, it’s natural… Go ahead play with them you wont hurt
me”. June rubs Alex’s breast shyly. She’s awkward at it Alex wonders if her
boyfriends ever rubbed her breast at all. Alex smiles sweetly at her. June must have
been deprived of affection. Alex reaches down to June’s breast pulling back her 1
piece. June blushes as Alex leans down and engulfs June’s breast within her mouth
circling her tongue around her nipple tenderly. As Alex lifts her head she can see
her eyes begging. Alex then rubs her fingertips across June’s clit and stimulates
the lips of her soaking wet pussy she bites her lip and moans a little rocking her
hips against Alex’s fingers. June breathes in a quick rhythm following every
movement Alex’s muscles make. Her body rocks against Alex’s lips as she presses
them to her mound he eyes alternate opening and closing as she watches Alex’s
tongue dart out to lightly play with her clit. Junes moans louder now wanting to be
filled. June is trembling now on the verge of climax. Alex smiles and thrust her
tongue deep into her throbbing hole. Wrapping her arms around her hips to hold it
there and flexing her tongue June cums long and hard rocking against Alex’s face
but she holds her fast and continues until she collapses in a newling pile. As June
pants breathlessly, Alex moves up to kiss her mouth and then stares into Junes eyes.
“How did it feel” Alex asks. June replies “wonderful…” and stares back at
Alex. “Well I need you too” Alex says staring into her eyes. She at once
understands once. “What do you want me to do?” she asks shyly running her fingers
over Alex’s body. “Just do exactly what I tell you” Alex replies with a smile
“Ok” Alex asks “Ok” she replies smiling sheepishly. Alex guides June to her
knees before the couch and leans back “kiss my pussy” Alex tells her in a soft
tone. She does and Alex realizes just how horny she was June kisses Alex’s pussy
and then shoves her tounge in deep as alex screams and cums quickly

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