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SCHOOL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Category: WTF!!!
Tuesday, 30 June 2009
08:30:24 AM (GMT)
omg! i'm freakin out abt the up-coming school year. i have to become the school
president or get an A honor roll to get scene hair. i've never gotten A honor roll
b4. it's not gonna b easy becoming president either. let's c: hannah, mary, molly,
becky, sarah, hunter, james, nick, and i r probably going to b all of the
contestants. scratch mary she'll go 4 treasurer and so will molly. nathan will
probably try. hannah, mary, and becky probably won't be vote for because they're part
of the clique and not much ppl like them. then again hannah and sarah might have a
chance since they're both really brite, but the up-coming 6th and 7th graders
strongly dislike them. james and hunter will probably drop out so they can vote for
nick. nathan will probably get 0 votes since everybody except me and now julie think
he's gay and hates him. so the only person i have 2 worry abt is nick, but all the
guys except nathan will vote for him since nathan will probably vote for himself. but
i'll have the advantage of the 6th and 7th graders since i made friends w/ all of
them except the 6th grade guys. and on top of the stress of getting good grades and
becoming president i have all my practices. in the fall i'll have football practice
and i'll probably b captain since nick does soccer. in football i'll b the only girl
since sadie's moving and her and i r the only girls in the entire school that like
football. football practice is on tuesday and fridays which is also my karate, tai
kuando (however u spell it), and fencing practices 2. then on wedsday i have guitar
lessons as well as  school/church choir practice. not 2 mention my Mom wants me 2
join the school band. plus she's enrolling me in2 violin and cielo lessons. then in
the spring i'll have soccer practice every day except wednesday and thursday. and in
the winter i'll also have regina contorres choir practice. and also in the spring
i'll have those psda or whatever they r test thingies which my Mom will excpect me 2
join. with everything that's going on will i have enough time 2 do my homework? sadie
won't b there so i can't copy off of her's. plus the book reports. mrs. kelley won't
let me turn them in late by a day even if i was sick on the due date. plus all the
science reports and english reports. and oh noes! we're gonna b disecting this year
and blood besides my own makes me queezy. the only way out of doing the disecting is
by doing a report on the human anatomy. i'm facinated and all by anatomy, but that's
just 2 much. and how can i get 2 all of the football games when band plays at some of
the highschool's games. football is my passion, but my mom wants me 2 do band. i
can't skip band 'cause the instructor can b a tottal bitch abt that. even joe and k.d
had 2 miss some games last year 'cause of band, and joe was our m.v.p! goodness
gracious how am i going 2 get through the year?! i won't haave vanasty (vanessa)
there 2 help me. and romo (roella) and karisna (carina) won't b either. i'll b the
on'ly one of the troublesome triplets (me, vanessa, and roella) and the almighty
mighty one (carina) there. not to mention the only phillippina. julie and
k'lee won't b supportive because she thinks i'll die playing footbal and k'lee will
take her side 'cause she doesn't want julie 2 get mad at her and stop b-ing friends
w/ her. but she ought 2 know julie won't give up her only 2 friends. well 3 now
scince she's b-ing nicer 2 nathan.  good lord wut am i going 2 do? i really want my
scene hair and play football.

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