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Crazy Little Woman In A One-Man Show ~ Pein One Shot~Category: stories
Saturday, 13 June 2009
01:02:52 PM (GMT)
Curling up on my make-shift bed, I recounted the day.  I had gotten up around five
to find my way through the sprawling forest, and arrived, breathless, at the lair of
the Akatsuki.  They seemed to regard me with a subtle annoyance.  A tall,
orange-haired guy, told me that I would start today as a maid.  I had started with
the laundry, gathering it with a basket they had left in my new room.  Knocking on
each door, I gathered a massive pile of dirty clothes and cloaks.  There was no
laundry room, so I had to wash them by hand.  After the labor, which took me almost
all of the day, I ran to the leaf village to get food and supplies.  My eyes closed
slowly as I breathed in the musty scent of the blanket.  At least they were nice to
          I was kicked awake.  
          “Wake up, brat.”  A piercing female voice cut through my haze of sleep.
 Cracking my eyes open, the blue haired woman stood in front of me, her hands on her
hips.  I uncurled from my tight little ball, yawning slightly.  
          “Time to get to work.”  She threw a mop, a broom, and a bucket at me. 

          “You can start with the bathroom.”  She turned and stomped away.  
          “She’s obviously not a morning person…”  I muttered to myself,
gathering up the cleaning supplies she threw at me.  Sighing, I got up and stretched.
 Faint echoes of voices came down the halls to my ears.  Everyone was going to be out
of the base today, to help me get it clean.  I thanked Jashin, then opened the
nearest door and started to clean.  
           The room was damp and slightly musty, like day old fish.  There were clean
clothes strewn across the floor.  An hour later, I finished, with everything as tidy
as it could get.  My arms hurt from lifting the piles of clothes from the floor to
the bed, then from the bed to the closet.  I moved to the next room, contemplating my
fate.  How did I become this maid here?  Oh yeah, the ad.  I saw an ad in the paper
and answered it.  Geez.  
           The room smelled faintly of blood.  I was drawn in, and found a sort-of
tidy room.  The only difference was that instead of clothes, there were weapons.  I
bit my lip, not sure if I should move them.  I had a tendency to bleed near sharp
objects.  Deciding to save it for last, I moved on.  
           For a second, I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  Turning, there
was nothing there.  
           “I’m going crazy here…”  I muttered under my breath.  The next
room was business-like and very spotless. I saw the shadow again, this time it stayed
in my vision as I turned, half-crazy, to look at it.   I realized it was the
orange-haired man.  
           “S-sorry sir...”   I stuttered, backing out of the room.
           “Stay for a minute.”  His voice was rich and warm, the tone he used
when he wanted something.  I couldn’t resist, so I took a step forward.  I was
scared, but my feet moved by themselves.  Soon, he was an inch away from me.  He
lifted my chin up so he could see my eyes.  He chuckled slightly.  His breath tickled
my forehead.  
           “Um... I really must get to cleaning, sir…” he chuckled again,
drawing me closer.  I looked up and blushed when our noses touched.  He wrapped his
arms around me, hugging me tightly to his muscular body.  
           “I don’t care.”  He said in the rich voice again.  He pulled my chin
up for a rough kiss.  Just before our lips met, the woman burst in, saying that she
couldn’t find me anywhere.  She froze, her anger obviously boiling hot.  He slid
away and went to her, saying back to me, “Continue cleaning please.”  
           I stared in amazement after him as he led the crying woman out, winking
before he shut the door.  I heard a lock click, then realized I was stuck in here
until he decided to let me out.  A few minutes later he came back in, locking the
door behind him.   I felt I wasn’t going to get ANY cleaning done tonight…
     TEH END

*note: i really hop you guys like it.  >w<;

Hawkeye15 says:   16 June 2009   892194  
Haha, I like this. Very nice!
take_the_beat_or_the_mic says :   18 June 2009   867735  
thank you >v<


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