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Tuesday, 9 June 2009
03:48:52 AM (GMT)
Connecting to server... You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: yo You: Hi. Stranger: You're typing a lot. You: Hehe. You: now what. Stranger: I don't know. You: D: Stranger: Don't look at me like that : You: Wat. Stranger: Do I have to my belt off? Stranger: Beat that ass, son. You: AW SHIT. You: NO. Stranger: LOL You: WELCOME TO MOONSIDE. You: MOONSIDE TO WELCOME. Stranger: Paul? You: COMESIDE TO MOONWEL. Stranger: Lol wtf You: Hehe. You: MOTHER2 ref muchmore? Stranger: DONT MAKE ME GET MY WEAVE You: YOU WANNA BE CARVED? Stranger: I'LL CARVE U LIKE A TURKEY You: OSHIT. Stranger: GOBBLE GOBBLE NIGGA You: HIDE YOUR CHILDREN Stranger: YOU ARE MY CHILD You: NO. Stranger: FTW You: LIES. Stranger: HO ASS SHIT You: NOWAY Stranger: DONT DENY YOUR FATHER Stranger: YOU CAME FROM MY BALLS You: NO Stranger: RECOGNIZE You: I CAME FROM MYMOM'S VAGINA You: IT'STRUE Stranger: I MADE THAT SHIT FERTILE You: NO. NOOOOOOO Stranger: SEW THAT SHIT LIKE MY NAME WAS MOFUKIN JOHNNY APPLESEED You: LMFAO. Stranger: STUNTIN You: WAT. You: DDDDD; Stranger: Anyways. Stranger: my name starts with a M You: M? You: MARIO Stranger: 'cause i'm miraculous Stranger: hell nah You: Okay sorry :/ You: Uuuuuhhhhhh Stranger: Let me guess Stranger: L You: LUIGI Stranger: Or Stranger: K You: KKK You: BLUEBLUE Stranger: :| Stranger: DONT MAKE ME COME OVER THE INTERNET You: I'm gay-I mean rabid for MOTHER2 Stranger: SLAP YOU UPSIDE YO HEAD You: NO WAY You: YOU CAN'T MAKEME Stranger: DOMESTIC DISPUTE ALL UP IN YO GRILL You: DO I HAVE TO CALL GIYGAS You: AND PYRAMIDHEAD Stranger: NIGGA WUT You: /oshit wat. You: GOOGLEIT Stranger: NO Stranger: THATS 4 GAYZ You: NOT NO You: YES NO You: YENO You: /dead. Stranger: :| Stranger: wut r u high You: Idk Stranger: nope You: I just took too much water You: Also oxygen Stranger: uh Stranger: suffocate Stranger: and dehydrate You: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Stranger: ur 15 You: No. Stranger: ur 18 You: Good guess. You: No. Stranger: u smoke crack You: NOWAY. Stranger: ur 16 Stranger: i win. You: Ew no, Stranger: bow down to a true pimp You: 16 are for loser. You: *losers Stranger: ur azn You: yes Stranger: and 17 Stranger: mon amou You: NO. Stranger: i Stranger: ur 19 Stranger: ? You: NOOOOO. Stranger: wtf Stranger: fuk u den You: D: Stranger: geeza You: I thought we gonna have funnn. DDDDD; You: TAKE A MELODYYYYY You: SIMPLE AS CAN BEEEE You: GIVE IT SOME WORDS You: AND SWEET HARMONYYYYYY You: RAISE You: YOUR You: VOI You: CES You: ALL DYA LONG NOW You: LOVE GROWS STRONG NOW You: SING You: A You: MELODY You: OF You: LOVE You: OH Stranger: DUN You: OH Stranger: DUN Stranger: DUN You: LOVE Stranger: DUN Stranger: DUN Stranger: DUN Stranger: DUN You: NANANANANANNA Stranger: DUNDUNDUNDUN You: NMANANANANANANAN You: NANANANANANANNAA You: NANANANANANNAA Stranger: ITS THE..... You: BATMAN Stranger: EYE OF THE TIGER You: OH SHIT Stranger: ITS THE THRILL OF THE FIGHT Stranger: BITCH Stranger: CHECK YOSELF You: BETCH PLEASE. Stranger: ROCKY 4 ON YO ASS Stranger: *FLXS* Stranger: BEAST You: GUITAR HERO TIEM Stranger: COD > GH You: WAT You: CODFISH? You: /worst joke ever. Stranger: YA MOTHER TASTES LIKE CODFISH Stranger: LULZ You: LMFAO. You: MOTHER 2> CODWHATEVERITIS> GH. You: YOU CAN BEAT UP HIPPIES You: AND EAT BURGERS FROM TRASHCANS Stranger: i could Stranger: but i'm a vegetarian You: Baaawwwwwwwww Stranger: it's why i had to leave ur mom You: You buy burger from MOTHER 2 for $14 You: how aweosme is that Stranger: wtf is MOTHER 2 You: A fucking cool game Stranger: o You: PLAY IT Stranger: COD = Call of Duty Stranger: duhsauce You: I knew ittttt Stranger: RPG? You: Yes Stranger: RPGz r lame You: But not like those overrated sword shit You: you use bats You: fry pans You: guns Stranger: wut Stranger: the You: belts Stranger: fux Stranger: belts You: Eat burgers Stranger: i can dig that You: Hee hee You: Get to name the characters You: and your dog You: music is fucking cool Stranger: lol ur the only person who didn't disconnect after like 1 min You: Disconnecting are for losersd You: *loser You: /drinks bleach Stranger: :| You: srsly You: awesome game Stranger: hnstly You: wat Stranger: i bet it's lame You: noooooo You: It's cool You: google it as earthbound You: pleeeaaaaaaaasssseeeeeee You: PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEEEE Stranger: :| Stranger: idk You: bai bai You have disconnected.

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HAMMERTIME says :   13 June 2009   292187  

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