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RUNAWAY- part 2Category: Stories
Sunday, 7 June 2009
03:37:43 PM (GMT)
Crystal didn’t see what was coming, nor could she have guessed. The figure that
Declan had seen was right behind her, waiting for the train to come closer. Declan
raced towards them, shouting for Crystal to get up. At last she heard him, but not
before it was too late. The sky had darkened and it was starting to rain. The figure
rested his gloved hands on Crystal’s shoulders. She could see lights in the
distance, coming closer and closer. Declan ran up to them and punched the figure in
the face. It fell backwards onto the track and its hood fell back. Crystal could see
its face, a beautiful young girl, no older than herself, with long brown hair and
glinting green eyes. Declan gasped. “Charlotte! Why… why are you trying to kill
Crystal??” Crystal stood up and looked Declan in the eyes. Charlotte was still
lying crumpled on the track. Declan held Crystal’s stare for a second before
crouching down and helping Charlotte up, just as he had done to Crystal a few days
before. Crystal walked up to Declan and put her hand on his strong shoulder. He span
round and looked her in the eyes again. “Who is this?” Crystal asked him.  He
looked at the ground and shifted awkwardly. “Crystal, this is my girlfriend.”
Crystal gasped and backed away from him. Charlotte screamed. “You cheated on me for
HER! You cheated on me with that THING?!?” Crystal sat in a crumpled heap on the
dirty ground. She was frozen with fear. The train was getting closer, the tracks
started buzzing. She got up and walked towards the tracks. Declan moved forward to
try and stop her, but Charlotte kicked and punched him until he fell to the ground in
agony. Crystal was standing on the very edge of the platform now, looking at the
tracks. She took a deep breath, pulled her phone from her pocket and dialled her
mum’s number. She gulped as her mum answered. “Hello? Crystal? Is that you?”
“I love you mum.” She gasped, holding back tears. “I will always love you.
Goodbye.” She placed her phone on the floor and stepped off the platform. The train
sped closer. Despite his pain, Declan ran towards her, grabbed her hand and pulled
her out of the way at the very last second. They collapsed in a heap on the platform.
Declan smiled. Crystal smiled back. They both stood up and walked over to Charlotte.
“We’re over.” Declan smirked. “I’ve found someone who appreciates me for
who I am.” He looked at Crystal and smiled. “You going to tell you’re parents
that you’re ok?”
“Ok, maybe they’ll let me stay.” She bent down and picked up her mobile again.
“Mum?” she asked.
“Crystal! Thank god you’re still alive. I heard you choking back tears and the
sound of a train and I thought… Oh I’m just so glad you’re alive! Where have
you been?” Her mum was crying, but tears of happiness rather than sadness. 
“I met a boy…” She had begun.
“My little girl, you’re growing up so fast!”

‹DinosaurzGoRAWR.!♥› says:   8 June 2009   563599  
that was awsome!i love it soooo much!your a great writer!
‹♥•;just;me;myself;and i;•♥› says:   11 June 2009   732244  
ty :D i would finish it but i lack things in the thinking department
lol :L
‹DinosaurzGoRAWR.!♥› sings :   11 June 2009   181767  
ha!lolz!well thats ok...i do to alittle!but i bet youd make it more
aswome for the next part in what happens


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