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Friday, 5 June 2009
09:50:54 PM (GMT)
1. Most of the time, I have the attention span of a gold fish. 2. I only have two friends that truely matter. 3. I'm a ninja. 4. My world revolves around stupid and peculiar things. 5. I'm listening to music 95% of the time. 6. If I don't, I'll hear this high pitched whine in my ears. It's annoying. 7. I'm listening to music right now. 8. I'm fascinated with odd words that people rarely use. (Ex: Peculiar, scrumptious, bodacious, etc.) 9. I spend a fair amount of my time setting things on fire. 10. The most girly thing about me if the fact that I have a shit-load of shoes. 11. 40% of them being converses. 12. 35% of them being black or black and white. 13. 20% of them being high-heels. 14. 4% of them have been wore no more than twice. 15. 1% of them is butt-fugly. 16. I love yogurt. 17. My favorite food (besides yogurt) is dirty rice. 18. I hate bananas and anything banana flavored. 19. Very few people in this world share my sense of humor. 20. My attitude over the internet is radically different than my attitude in person. 21. (In person) I'm as stand-offish as they come. (Over the internet) I'll welcome you with virtually open arms. 22. I despise text talk. 23. It is physically impossible for me to keep my room clean for more than three days. 24. If you do and/or say anything stupid, I WILL hold it against you for the rest of forever. 25. I'm not going to stop you from doing something stupid. (One. Because you should know better in the first place. Two. If not, it's a good time to learn. Three. I'm always up for a good laugh.) 26. I'm a Christian but Satanism fascinates me. 27. I have, in fact, read the Satanic Bible. 28. And I want to visit a Satanic church at least once in my life. 29. I adore horror. 30. I am mentally insane 45% of the time. 31. . . .I'm not kidding. 32. My hair color is natural. No matter how unnatural it looks. 33. I despise the sun. 34. Seriously, I never go outside if I can help it and if I can't, I stay in the shade. 35. I hate pubic bathing. 36. Hell, I hate getting wet in general. 37. I hate even the thought of adultery. It sickens me. 38. I'm annoyingly loyal. 38. I can keep a secret. 39. I hate being lied to. (And I can tell when I am.) 39. Ironically enough, I'm a great liar. 40. But I never lie to my friends. 41. I tend to laugh at horror movies for reasons I do not know. 42. (In my opinion) Horror movies with demonic children are the scariest. 43. My favorite horror movie is "The Omen"(2006). 44. I don't like the original or any of it's sequels. 45. I love books! :DDD 46. Mostly teen fiction. 47. My favorite authors are Ellen Hopkins & Laurie Faria Stolarz. 48. I want to be an author one day. 49. I'm a photographer. (Kind of) 50. I love photography. 51. Especially photography that stands for something... like against rape or child abuse. 52. I also like dark, gory photography. 53. My boyfriend is a pervert. 54. But it's okay because I am, too. 55. I have a small family. 56. My parents are still together. 57. But I can see the happiness fading... 58. Sometimes I fear if my husband and I will share the same fate. 59. I've always wondered at what point in the marriage do couples start farting on each other? 60. Because the first time my husband farts and holds my head under to covers, someone's head is going to roll. 61. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't think flatulence if hilarious. 62. My brother is seventeen and has cerebral palsy. 63. My father's brother lives in our laundry room. 64. Because his crazy-bitch ex-wife that cheated on him set his house on fire... 65. It's okay, you can laugh. 66. I did. 67. I only have one grandparent (My father's mother) that's still alive and she's an ex-alcoholic that hates my father but adores my uncle. 68. My grandma likes to think she's manipulative but she fails. xDDD 69. My uncle is in a rock band. 70. He has a skanky girlfriend who is cheating on her husband with him. 71. . . Yeah, I know. 72. I put 38 & 39 twice.
Last edited: 5 June 2009

‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says :   12 June 2009   198111  
awezome. i have the attention-span of a squirrel. ...and i sometimes
wonder if i'm mental. so... i'm bored. ima draw a sheep-muffin, byee!


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