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This gets SO ANNOYING.Category: rant? Iunno something
Tuesday, 2 June 2009
07:00:27 PM (GMT)
You know what gets SOO FREAKING ANNOYING.
When you hear people (say you're best friends) say that they're fat. They're ugly.
And that they're unlikeable. 
That they always compare themselves to you. It gets ANNOYING. I swear. 
Like at school. My friends we just randomly talk about whatever. Then it comes to
what we're eating. And they're all like saying "I'm fat." 
And I'm like you're not! And they say that just because of how skinny I am. They're
like "Well look she's a twig and I'm like a pumpkin" 
Just because someone is a smaller size in jeans than you means nothing. I swear to
God. I hate being as skinny as I am. But I don't go announcing to the
world that I'm fat even though I'm skinny. Like my friend. She says she's fat. When
she's not. It doesn't matter how much you weigh. Seriously. I mean you're just taller
than me and so you're bones are like bigger and so of course it packs weight. But
she's skinny. All my friends keep complaining they're fat. I'm like NO. Okay? I'm
just skinny for my age. Always has been. It's just getting annoying with them saying
OH I WEIGH 120 LBS and JANELLE WEIGHS LIKE 90 LBS. I admit I barely eat. BUT that's
because I just get full easily. Or I just don't like the food. So I swear if you
keep saying you're fat just because of me. I won't be your friend.  

All my friends say they're ugly. Seriously. And they're super pretty. But then again
they compare themselves to the populars. Annoying. I mean I sometimes say I'm ugly
but not like EVERYTIME. Just because you don't look like someone doesn't mean shit.
The way you are is perfectly fine. You just might have bad hair days or whatever. But
trust me not ugly. Everyone's pretty in some ways. And just because EVERYONE calls
you ugly that doesn't mean anything. They could just be doing that to bring you down.
Some people do that. Doesn't mean you need to believe them. Which also brings me to
unlikeableness. Now I have a small class soo not many guys. Some friends of mine say
that they're ugly and that no one will like them because they're unlikeable. Now that
gets so damn annoying. FYI. The guys only like the popular girls in the class. So
that means nothing. And just because I had a boyfriend means nothing because he
didn't care nor did he like me. So yeah. But just because people don't like you in
class doesn't mean anything. When you have a class of 30 and there's more girls than
boys and some girls are popular you most likely know especially in this society of
middle school that the boys will go for the popular girls. So don't go saying "OH I'M
UGLY. I'M UNLIKEAbLE" Okay that's fucking bullshit. The guys are just idiots and you
need to open your eyes and see that you're not ugly. 

So what I'm trying to get is.
Just because you don't weigh like 90 lbs, you weigh over, when you're about 13
doesn't mean you're fat. If you were like 5000 lbs. different story.
Just because they're some people you think are prettier than you it doesn't mean
you're ugly.
And just because more guys like that girl or that girl and not you when you're in a
small class doesn't mean you're unlikeable. 

It all just means that everyone is different. No one actually has to weigh a certain
weight for an age. No one looks the same. And no one is unlikeable. You may think
that but somewhere there is a person who will like you.

So enough already with all that. And enough with comparing yourself to someone else.

Okay? That gets very annoying.


‹adorkablemaknae› says:   2 June 2009   613363  
Dude, I totally agree.
When we went to Springfield and we went to the pool, all the girls
kept complaining they looked flat or their boobs were too big.
I mean I felt weird but I didn't really complain about how I looked, I
just jumped in.
It got so annoying I left the pool.

I agree about everything.
I think I don't look good but I don't complain about it every minute.
So what if you're unlikeable.
I was unlikeable for two years in my school days and when I went to
St. Mary's, people accepted me.
If people don't like you based on looks, fuck them.

It's their loss for not getting to know you, the real you.
SithWedgie says:   3 June 2009   295728  
:D a lot of people say "I'm fat" because they want to hear someone
compliment them.  Basically they are hungry for attention and
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   3 June 2009   847266  
Mel; It's not that you're unlikeable for a few years. It's just
depending on who the guys like more. :| 
Last statement= Agreed.

Sith; Mehh. My friends just really think that they are. But I think
I've noticed people doing that on here.
‹adorkablemaknae› says :   3 June 2009   665469  
Most of the guys at my school are immature and my friends so I really
don't care.
: |

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