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The Pricked Finger.Category: Just Me.
Sunday, 10 May 2009
04:15:33 PM (GMT)
I think this will become a story. ♥ The girl sat there, reading a book on her steel bed. The bars on her windows hardly brought in any light. She looked up, her two sorrowful blue eyes searching the dull room. The air tasted of blood and dead animals, she was never taken care of the way she was a few years ago. Where the girl was you ask, well, this small girl is in a mental asylum. She got to this point from doing things that frightened her parents. From cutting herself, to being schizophrenic, and from just being an outcast, by law she was to be put in the asylum until further notice. The girl got up, walking to the large, knobless door. She put her two small hands on the door and frowned, wanting to get out. Her roommate was to come in today, she was scared for she did not know who he or she was. Then, the door creaked open, she jumped back alarmed. "Rose, say hello to Haji." The nurse said slowly. The young man looked at the girl, her ice cold blue eyes piercing through him like a stake. Haji held onto the nurses hand until she pushed him gently in the room, closing and locking the vault like door. Rose kept her eyes on Haji as he sat on the floor. She had a weird feeling about him, brushing it of she just sat on her bed. Haji only had one thing with him, his cello case. He looked at Rose, her silk blond curls flowing down her short shoulders. "What?" She growled at him, not liking of having a near grown man in her room. "I wanted to introduce myself is all..." Haji said softly, his dark black eyes trailing off. Rose looked at him, his voice made her calm down a little. Haji got up and sat next to her, holding out his hand. She looked at it then at him. Haji smiled and took her hand, shaking it. Rose trembled and tried to force a smile. He walked away from her and sat next to cello case, opening it. "Do you enjoy music?" He asked. Rose nodded yes slowly, she used to be in ballet and she loved classical music. Haji nodded and took out his cello. She looked at it in awe, it was so pretty. Haji sat it in between his legs and played a slow sad tune for her. Rose got up and sat beside him, leaning on Haji's shoulder. He looked at her and yawned a little. Rose clinged on to him as she slowly passed out. He kept on playing the tune, making his music dance through the asylum. The following morning, Rose was back on her bed and Haji was polishing his cello. She woke up with a jolt and she gasped, as if she had never breathed before. Haji looked at her surprised. "You alright?" He asked. "Y-Yes sir. I usually wake up like this or worse.." Rose said, looking away. Haji just nodded and continued to polish his cello. She got up and walked over to the door, sighing. Haji got up, dusting of his tuxedo, he walked over to Rose, holding his wrapped up left hand in hers. She looked down at his hand, staring at the dry blood left. Haji looked at Roses' expression and explained to her what happened to that hand. She smiled and took both of her small hands in his. "I can make you're pain go away, Haji." She said quietly. "Really? How?" He asked. Rose unwrapped his hand and looked at it, all the cuts and bruises left there from the past maybe. Haji looked away ashamed of himself, Rose kissed the palm of his hand and led him over to her bed, looking for something. He sat down, watching Rose and she found a rusty old needle with a pretty good syringe in it. Haji looked at her in shock he got up walking away to a corner. She got up with a smile, grabbing his hand and sticking the needle in all his fingers. Blood rushed to the blood and Haji held back a scream. "See, I made it all better." Rose said with a happy squeal. Haji just nodded no as he bled to death, laying on the floor. He reached for his cello with a shaky hand and he gave up, not being able to die with his cello. Rose looked at him from her bed, smirking devilishly. The tune Haji played swept through the halls again and filled their room as Haji screamed with sadness. Rose realized that she didn't do anything right this time, as usual. This was going to be the twentieth death she'd caused so far. She wanted to stop it now. Rose hurried over to Haji's side and laid her had against his chest. "Please... don't leave me..." Rose cried, something she hadn't said in years. Haji looked at her and coughed up some blood. She looked for the needle and found it, stabbing her self repeatedly with it. He looked at her frightened as she staggered back over to him, dropping his cello in between them. Haji put his runny fingers on the strings of his cello and plucked the tune he played for Rose. She looked over at him slowly, dying more quickly than him. She put her hand on top of his, helping him play the sad tune. A few hours later, a nurse walked into the floor and found them, their hands intertwined with the strings on the cello. They were both hurt so badly and they were dead. Haji's motionless eyes were locked on Rose while Rose was grinning at him. The nurse just left them there, not bothering their sad state. Fin? Okay I know that was a crap ass story but hey, it just came up in my mind so there.

Duckie says:   10 May 2009   741259  
I thought it was well written <3 C:
‹Wallflowers♥› says :   10 May 2009   389343  
Rawr. D:
I thought it was horrible.

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