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My yaoi diary story!!! =DCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 May 2009
08:43:30 PM (GMT)
‘Today I feel like my entire body died in a massive pulse of anxiety. I was almost
killed today working in a BAR. I mean come on WHO ROBS A BAR?!!?!? Well, I guess not
everyone has to think inside the box; but come on, a bar? I wonder what mom
would do if she ever got her hands on the men who nearly robbed it. After that I was
bombarded with nosey people who wanted to know how I ‘felt’ and ‘what
do you think caused that failed attempt?’ well, here’s my answer: HOW DO YOU
should I know WHY they did it, they just did it and failed!!!!. Geez, the nerve of
some people. Not to mention this cop who tried to ‘secretly point out how I’m
acting’ who does he think he is! If I don’t want to talk to people, then I
freakin’ don’t want to talk to them!!! I’m a bartender; someone who waits
drinks, why should I give a flying pigs knuckle what they think of me?! Nonetheless,
it was less annoying then the reporters constantly asking me questions I clearly
didn’t want to answer…I mean I would of liked to say something…..but I know
they wouldn’t stay on the story of the robbery, they would mold it into something
more then it was putting my ENTIRE life into the thing, starting off when I was a
baby till that moment. It’s not like it’s a life changing event or anything.
It’s not going to be in the history books. It’s just another everyday robbing in
the city. They followed me, even onto the bus! They tried to be discreet about them
filming but it didn’t work! Haha! This elderly woman knew it from the start. She
pin pointed them like that! She even scolded them about it; unfortunately she had to
get off the bus and I was stuck with those pesterous reporters. But, I guess I
started spacing because I can’t remember if they tried asking me anything. But when
I was getting ready to get off the bus I had just realized someone else was sitting
next to me and it wasn’t the reporters. It was a guy…I only got a quick glance at
him though. I felt kinda bad as i was getting off the bus, maybe because I was
radiating gloominess or at least some type of enthusiasm de-generator or something
because everyone’s face I got a quick glance at felt gloomy and I definitely
don’t remember them all looking that depressing when I got on. But, I couldn’t’
think about that  to much because I heard shuffling behind me, so I hurried off the
bus so that just in case it was the reporters coming I would be able to get a good
enough heads start before darting into the apartment building.’ 

Should i continue it?!?!?!? O.o it is up to you guyz!!!

‹.Nothing.Is.Real.♦› says :   3 May 2009   468432  
I don't see the yaoi aspect of the story.


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