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With a stab in the heart (chapter 1)Category: my story :D
Wednesday, 22 April 2009
09:24:32 PM (GMT)
Well all know those sappy love stories how the girl gets the guy shes always wanted
and they fall in love happily together, well you could say this is like that.
My names Charlotte, I'm in the marching band, and I have my best friend Brandon and
thats all I need. Our story begins on the last day of middle school and what a
relief, it was the worst ever, me, Brandon and other friends our now incoming
freshmen. Were sitting on the bus that will transport us to the high school, even
though its the last day of school. Were going on a "trip" since were in the marching
band we perform parades and thats why were meeting the high school kids. So on the
way Brandon, Alice, Natalie, May, Savannah and i are sitting on the bus, seat belts
undone so everytime we hit a bump on the crappy road we hit our heads on the roof,
because the township rather care about our football team then the rest of the town,
but anyway were sitting there listening to my new drama. I'm basicly my friend's
drama queen. My now ex-boyfriend, Leo, had just broken up with me before we left and
so I was in tears as the story went on.Brandon of coruse the most comforting of them
all reminded me that he was simply a waste of my time and that everything happens for
a reason. Not what you wana hear, but form him it sounds perfect. You see although I
could never admit it to his face I've had a crush on Brandon since forever, he was
perfect. Longish black hair, pretty brown eyes,he was tall and just charming in
general. When we got to the high school we stepped off the bus and the June heat hit
us like an unexpected dodgeball in gym class. It was extremly humid and after
stepping off the air conditioned bus it felt nasty.My friends trying to be comforting
hugged me but it was just to hot. We went to the high school were the upper classmen
greeted us with the usual "ew look lower classmen" and some even included that we
were freshmen now!And now senior came over to me and hugged me.
"Ello Charlotte long time no see girlie!" he said. It was Peter,he kinda creeped me
out, but he was pretty funny too.
"Hey Peter..don't call me girlie"I reminded him. I hated being called girlie, you
could say that along with being a dramaqueen thatI leaned towards the punk type too.
"My bad Charlotte, hey you look like you've been crying you okay?" he asked me. I
honestly didn't feel like telling him but I did answer him,
"Middle school relationships you know,..I sorta just broke up with a boy."I said
wiping any evidence that I had been crying away.
"just wait until high school" he said suggesting that I sat next to him.
"Uh Peter I gotta make sure Mr.Watson knows I'm here"I said walking away. Mr.Watson
was ourmarching band director and I knew that he knew we were all here but, I didn't
feel like talking to Peter so I found Brandon, who was cleaning his Baritone and
talking to his girlfriend Felicia. Felicia kissed him and walked away.
"Hey Brandon, Peter is kinda all creepy and I don't know, does he wana scare me or
something?"I asked,I knew Brandon and Peter talked, and Peter's other friend, Tom, I
hated. So Brandon was about my only option.
"Don't thinkso" Brandon said in an unsure voice. I was about to ask him again when
Mr.Watson called us all to tell us toboard the bus.

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