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Sepphy-nightmareCategory: Dream
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
01:35:09 AM (GMT)
Ahem in the words of Elora 

                      “Heaven didn’t want him and Hell was afraid he’d burn it

Me: Of course I’m talking ’bout you, Sepphy. *doesn’t notice him behind her*

Sepphy: Excuse me?

Me: *nervous as hell* Umm you’re excused…..?

Sepphy: *glare* Get out of my way.

Me: *mad* Why don’t you make me? *pulls a sword/key blade looking thingie out of
nowhere* Don’t fuck with me. I’m…I’m-I’m gonna be god of the new world!
*has no idea why she said this maybe cuz she was watching DN before she fell

Sepphy: *stares at the key blade/sword pointed at his neck, amused* Really now?

Me: *knowing she made a huge mistake takes on a sneer-tude* Yeah. I’m taking over.
You may be top dog now, but just wait. I’ll rule your world. *she doesn’t know
why but she means it*

Sepphy: *still amused* That will be interesting to watch. *he senses her intensity
and slowly pushes the sword/key blade thingie away* I very well look forward to it.

Me: *pissed that he’s pushing her bangs out of her face so he can get a better
look, and that she’s letting him* I’m not a tool for your amusement.

Sepphy: You amuse me either way, but you’re right. Not a tool for amusement, but 
for success. *kisses her* You’ll join me when you’re ready. *sneer* 

Me: *stares* Wha-? Fucker I’ll never join you! Kiss-stealer! Jerk-wad! *just about
ready to slap him* 

Sepphy: Oh you’ll join me if you want to make that dream come true. *vanishes*

*            Me: Ass-hole! *blush* Weirdo! What does he think I am? Sasuke? Feh!
*glare brings hands up to her lips* Wonder why his lips were warm?
Ewww. *even more blush*


                     Freaky dream. I knew Final Fantasy would catch on because of my
friends at school.
But SEPPHY?????? Werid. Very werid.
Last edited: 10 June 2010

foreverchacha says:   24 March 2009   767957  
I stopped breathing.

Leon'll be pisssed .xD;
i_likes_L says:   29 March 2009   978212  
lol i'm laughing so hard and my aunt is staring at me!
Akiba23 says :   29 March 2009   773225  

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