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Dude I am not a lovestruck idiot. xDCategory: school!
Tuesday, 3 March 2009
04:12:16 PM (GMT)
Ok so. Er I had to cough the whole entire time and I did cough once but it was like
LOUD Dx and so I just had to wait the whole mass. Sucks being sick. Gah.
Anyway LONG ASS homily. I mean LONGGG.

-.- Dude Steph just realized that I had a straightner. HAD ONE FOR LIKE A GOOD TWO

Langauge arts.
Pretty easy I guess. Indefinite pronouns again. xP

LOL Mikey was like "mine is awesome"
-.- We had a tornado drill. Whoop de doo.
But er I hate ratios. So not good with them.

WTF? Stupid assignments. 
anyway chrissy and I were like searching toys of the 80s and 90s HOLYSHIT.
Dolls. Freaky looking scary ass dolls.
And then Chrissy looked up phrases. So like yeah
" Sup, b?" LMAO that is like our saying right there xD
AKA What's up, my bitch?  HAHA. 

That is why I do not like dolls

Went outside. OMG.
Well looks like I ain't celebrating my birthday with friends. Thanks a ton guys. </3
Anyway so like Cassie and I were like. You hump or whatever. xD
It was fucking hilarious. I was like "Cassie you ran away with Joe to Las Vegas and
banged him!?" 
xD And yeah yeah we so do not have innocent minds. 
Well at least I didn't know what viagra was until last Friday!! 
But yeah. She was like "You want to do your husband all night long" And I'm like
"What husband???"
"Joe!" And I started chasing her. xD 

It so did not stop there. We brought Chris A. into it. Cassie was like "Chris,
Janelle wants to do it with you all night long" And I'm like no that's Cassie. xD

We learned about cells. Sorta. 

Social Studies
Ok amendment 18 yeah something about drinks. So I was like "cassie shame on you
getting drunk and doing erickson!" 
And she said I was a gangster. Lol. Yeah we are like crazy. 

PSHHHHH. Taylor was like "You're the lovestruck idiot!" It was just because I
couldn't get the ball and hit it with the racket. You know I'm not good with rackets
at all. So umm not lovestruck idiot. 
PSH. But Mikey was being funny today he was singing Umbrella and using the racket as
a 'guitar' and then he sang Pocketful Of Sunshine
Cassie's like why do you like him!?
And then like my bra strap was like unconfortable and Cassie was like Janelle made a
new move it's called the bra strap move! Dx DUDE.
She yelled that out!!!
So yeah

Pretty crazed day with my friends.

OH and Taylor forgot that this coming ............. Is my birthday. She's like you
can't have it on the day of your birthday! I have a going away party to go to.
Well and I can't have it on the day before my birthday because.
Cassie, Jackie, and Taylor can't come cause of basketball.
Only Viki can.
That's gay. :/
So much for celebrating with them. I'll celebrate with you guys :D 
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‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   3 March 2009   314741  
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funny. :]

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