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Story I wrote for my science classCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 24 February 2009
07:28:53 PM (GMT)
My Life: Rainforest Adventures

	Hello there! My name is Charlotte. I recently moved to the rainforest. I used to
live in a small town called Meleetkashee. I lived there with my mother and my three
brothers and sisters, Benjamin, Marshall, and Lydia. My father did not live with us.
He lives in Africa with our stepmother and our half-sister Alice Elizabeth. Anyways,
my mother had just accepted a teaching job in a remote village in the Amazon


	It was a bright sunny day. My friend Lynzi and I were at the park. My phone started
to vibrate. It was my mother, saying she had some exciting news! Lynzi and I jumped
on our bikes and pedaled as fast as we could to my house. When we walked in the front
door, there were boxes everywhere. That’s when my mother told me to sit down. I was
worried! She calmly explained to me that she was offered a job in the Amazon
Rainforest. It paid a lot, so she took it. I was not very happy about this!


It was the day of the move. I swear it had to be about the worst day of my life. I
did NOT want to move to some stupid village in the stupid rainforest with all those
stupid people! I wanted to stay right here. It just wasn’t fair! I am so mad at my
mother right now. Benjamin and Marshall are fine with it, and Lydia is only two, so
she doesn’t really even know what’s going on. I hate this! 

				    WEEK ONE

	This week was terrible! First I got attacked by a sloth. I thought those things were
supposed to be slow! It just jumped right out of that tree! Then I fell in a river
and ruined my favorite shirt. I hate the rainforest. I hate my mother for making me
live here. To make matters worse, I have to go to an all- girls school. Talk about
torture! Also, there is no internet or cellphone service! How am I supposed to talk
to my friends? Maybe next week will be better.


	This is not getting any better. I got bit by a tarantula! I thought I was going to
die! Benjamin laughed at me and then pushed me into the wall. Our hut is so cramped.
And the boys’ room smells like feet. Marshall’s feet. I did make a new friend
though. Her name is Alex. 


		I was walking to class. I knew she was behind me. I never liked her, she never
liked me. Stupid Macy. I really made her mad today. But she deserved it. I tripped
her. Not on purpose, but everyone was so happy about it that I said I did it on
purpose. She was fuming. I knew revenge was coming. Anyways, I was walking down the
stairs and Macy was behind me.  All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my back. It pushed
me. I mean Macy pushed me. I fell down the stairs, sliding the whole way down! My
face was so red! I hate Macy even more now that my new nickname is 
“ Scarlett Charlotte”.


		Things are looking better. Alex and I have been hanging out a lot. We went to the
river and swam the other day. We have basically forgotten the whole stairs incident.
She is definitely the nicest person ever. I do miss Lynzi, though. I also miss Jacob.
He was the cutest guy ever! I did see an anaconda today. I got the stain out of my
shirt too. My mother bought me and iPod. Don’t ask how I got music on it. It was a
long torturous process that I never want to have to repeat.

			     WEEK FOUR

		I have lived here for a month now. It’s not so bad. I like it better than I did
before. I did get bit my a spider, again. This is a fun place to live. I do miss
Meleetkashee. And father. Although I am going to visit him next month. It’ll be
fun. He’s also taking me back to Meleetkashee for two weeks. I’m so excited! Alex
is coming with me also! 


	I’m in Africa right now. I would write, but I’m really busy. In two weeks I’m
going to Meleetkashee, then I’m coming home.


	I’m back! I had so much fun! It was amazing. I saw Lynzi and Jacob and all my old
friends! I miss them already. Alex had so much fun also. We shopped at the mall in
the town next to us. In Africa we saw lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!). We got to
ride in one of those safari jeeps. It was scary and I almost fell out. 


		I have been so busy with all my schoolwork. Oh! I got a pet sloth! It also has not
attacked me yet. (Knock on wood) Everything is pretty much the same around here.
Nothing new. Oh, Alex had a birthday. Sh’s fourteen now.


		I have finally turned fourteen! Yesterday, in fact. Now Alex and I are the same
age. I am only here for four more months. I am keeping a HUGE secret from Alex. When
we move back to Meleetkashee, she is coming with us! Her mom talked to my mother and
they said it was okay! I am so happy. Everyone has forgotten the whole “Scarlett
Charlotte” incident. My mother said we should start packing soon because knowing
us, we won’t get done if we don’t get a head start on this kind of stuff. We’re
messy people!


	We are almost completely packed. Next month Alex’s mom is packing her stuff while
she is at school. Speaking of school, it is almost out! I will finally be out of
eighth grade! I will be so glad to get away from Macy and all her friends. I’ll get
to see Lynzi again too. It’s going to be great! I am definitely ready. Marshall and
Benjamin are not too happy. They like it here. Lydia could care less. Typical
two-year old. 


	It’s almost time! All my stuff is packed, our plane tickets are ordered, and Alex
knows she is going! This is so exciting! My father and step mother are flying in to
Meleetkashee with Alice Elizabeth and we are all going to celebrate. This has been a
great year, and I am really going to miss it here. It was a great experience. I have
to go to the airport tomorrow. We will get in around 4:00, the same time my father is
getting in. Alex is a little nervous about coming to live with us. Her mom is going
to move here in a few months, so she won’t be away from her for long. 


	We are finally home. I am so tired. So is Alex. We slept on the plane. Marshall and
Benjamin are happy too. They deny it, but you can tell. Lydia is still not bothered
by any of this. Alex, Lynzi and I are best friends. Things are back to normal. I even
brought my sloth home with me! I got to bring it to school to. It’s really a
wonderful pet!

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Scene_Star says:   24 February 2009   755915  
Wow that sounds good!
‹XX_ScReAmInG_OuT_In_ThE_DaRkNeSs_XX› says :   4 March 2009   361682  


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