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Friday, 20 February 2009
01:07:23 AM (GMT)
[x] You have atleast ONE "My Chemical Romance Saved My Life" story. [x] When someone says ''fro'' you say/think ''RAY TORO!'' [x] When someone says "chemical'' or ''romance'' you think or say " My Chemical Romance'' [x] When someone talks about St. Helena, Montana Helena starts playing in your head. [x] You wake up at 2 A.M wondering if Mikey has stuck a fork in the toster or brought a hearter into the bethtub resently. Total: 5 [x] You really think the Black Parade will come to you when you die. (PRAISE GERARD!) [x] You believe they should hire you for every one of their music videos, because you dance to all their songs like nobody's business! [ ] It pains you to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force because of Gerard's rejection [x] You want to kill the mofo MTV technition who killed Pansy [Franks old guitar RIP] [x] You wouldn't mind being with Gerard all day in his basement, watching him draw Total: 9 [x] You count down the days to an MCR concert, even if you're not even going. [x] Your drowning in drool after you watch their music videos. [x] You've seen there new music video ''Desolation row'' at least atrillion times. [ ] You've writen atleast one fanfic [x] You'd join TMNT just to be with Bob. Total: 13 [x] You'd offer Frank your shower at 3 A.M. because you know he can't stand being sweaty [x] Atleast one of your parents knows the words to 'The black Parade' [x] Not too many of your friends like them, but could write a book about them with how much you've told them about MCR. [x] You've Googled their high schools. [x] You don't care when people call them emo, because you know their not. Total: 18 [x] You cry when you see videos of Geard drunk. [x] You don't do drugs or drink because Gerard has been sober for almost 5 years. [x] You wouldn't cut Ray's hair off, even if your life depended on it. [x] You celebrate their birthdays at school, like singing Happy Birthday really loud in the hallways at school. [x] You have named any of your pets, stuffed animals, or insterments after any of them. Total: 23 [x] You listen to bands they say they like during interveiws. [x] You refer to Gerard as ''Gee." [x] You've written an essay about why Gerard is your hero for your English class. [x] You own Life on the Murder Scene, and/or have forced your friends to watch it. [x] You support the fact the Frank is a midget x] Total: 28 [x] When some says ''My Chemical Romance" you snap to attention. [x] You defend them when people talk sh*t about them. [x] You feel like burning the TRL building down. [x] You wanna lick the TV when their on. (I love the taste of My Chemical Romance in the morning xD) [x] You've asked your parents a BIJILLION TIMES to go to a My Chem concert. Total: 33 [x] You love the fact the Frank can wear a pink tiara and still look manly [x] Your friends get a glazed look when you say MCR [x] You wanted to slap Frank upside the head when you heard him call himself and ugly oldman [x] You know that when God said "Let there be light" Gerard said "say please" [x] You would live off of skittles and coke zero, just because they are Mikey's favorite. Total: 38 GRAND TOTAL: 38/40. Repost this as MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FREAK TEST.

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