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college english essay(i got a 75% on this)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 17 February 2009
12:27:34 AM (GMT)
Teen Suicides
	Joe Bob Smith was your normal everyday teen that had a smile on his face all the
time and appeared happy. One day though Joe locked himself in his room. His parents
called him down for dinner, waited for five minutes but he didn’t show. They were
starting to worry so they called him again. They waited another five minutes and he
didn’t show. They were now really scared so they went upstairs and tried opening
door but it was locked. They started banging on the door and yelling “JOE OPEN THE
FUCKING DOOR!” He didn’t answer so his dad rammed the door breaking it down.
Joe’s bed was on the side of the room out of sight when you first opened the door.
They looked up on the walls and saw posters of Marilyn Manson, satanic shirts
scattered on the floor, and the Satanic Bible. They started to walk into his room
getting close to his bed when they started seeing pill bottles, razor blades, knives,
and beer cans. They walked to the bed where they found Joe lying down dying. Both his
wrists were cut in the form of satanic symbols and his arms were dripping red with
blood gushing out of his wrists, and his blood was soaked in blood. He was vomiting
on himself because he didn’t have the strength to pull himself up so he could puke
anywhere else and his parents were screaming out of fear for his life. They quickly
rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. They watched their son in the
hospital bed as his heart rate slowed down more and more and more until he died right
in front of their eyes.  They talk to the doctors and he had died of blood loss,
overdosing on pills, and alcohol poisoning. The parents then filed a lawsuit against
the band Marilyn Manson because they blamed them for the suicide of their son. This
story is based on a true story. But contrary to what many people believe, music, and
in particular Marilyn Manson does not cause teen suicides
Brian Hugh Warner was born in on January fifth, 1969 in Canton, Ohio Brian was an
only child and was molested multiple times by his neighbor until he finally broke
down and told his mom . His parents raised him as an Episcopalian, and he attended
the Heritage Christian School where he grew a deep sated hate for Christianity. He
convinced his parents to let him attend a public school in tenth grade and after he
finished High School he moved with his parents to Fort Lauderdale, California. He
then got a job as an entertainment journalist for a local magazine. As an
entertainment journalist he interviewed many famous musicians so he soon decided to
start his own band. He formed the group called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids He
later on shortened his name to Marilyn Manson, a combination of the names Marilyn
Monroe and Charles Manson. They only had three members and electronic drums. Marilyn
Manson is hated by most Christians because he named himself as “The Antichrist”,
was deemed a reverend at the Church of Satan by Anton Szander LaVey, sells bracelets
that say “WWJD” that mean “We Want Jesus Dead”, he’s burned and ripped
Bibles at his concerts and sermons, and he’s sold T-shirts that say “Kill
Jesus”. Most people also hate him because he’s bisexual, he’s a transvestite,
he’s known as gothic and a pervert, and, as a result of his alternative lifestyle
choices, people unjustifiably blamed him for suicides and the deaths at Columbine.   

What motivates teens to kill themselves isn’t music, music just gives them the
feeling that their other people out their that feel the same way they do, what really
causes teen to commit suicide is depression, stress, hurt, emotional pain, feelings
of being lost and alone, and the feeling of being useless and having nothing.  Teens
kill themselves because everything goes wrong in their mind and nothing seems to go
right, that may not be true but they’ve been hurt so much that their blinded to
what’s right in front of the.. When you’re depressed you’re too lost in your
sadness, misery, hurt, and pain to see what’s sitting right in front of you. You
just want all the pain to go away and since you’re blinded theirs not always
something to stop you from killing yourself unless one of your friends talk you out
of it. Now theirs different levels of how suicidal you are, first level is where you
want to die but you don’t want too hurt your family or friends. The second level is
where you don’t want too hurt your friends. The third level is where you have a few
really close friends that you don’t want to hurt and you don’t see any of other
friends. The fourth level, and the worst, is where you just don’t give a damn you
want it all to end. After being hurt enough times you may developed a plastered smile
that never goes away and hides everything, like a mask. You start saying that
everything is ok or good when everything seems to go wrong. You just want someone to
dig deeper and try to fix you. You may start cutting, scratching, overdosing,
drinking, doing drugs, or smoking to relieve the pain. All music does is show that
theirs someone that hurts like you and   that’s why teens kill themselves. 
	I used to be depressed and suicidal, it was really bad. It started out with me being
at the first level and id only self mutilate me. Id also find myself countless times
with my arms around my throat or a knife to my throat. Now depending on how much
you’ve been hurt in a way equals how much self control you, their for equal how far
you take mutilation. How much you care about others and yourself affect what you use
to mutilate yourself and how far you take it. If you’re not that strong you might
just kill yourself, if you’re somewhat strong you might cut your wrists, and if
you’re really strong, like me, you just scratch yourself over and over leaving a
burning sensation that feels really good. Id stay up all night not being able to go
to sleep because of I had so many thoughts rushing through my head and I was
depressed.  Then I was severely hurt and skipped the second level and went to the
third level were I was only keeping myself alive because of Julie and Amanda. I was
depressed but I had gotten hurt enough that it didn’t feel like I was depressed.
Then someone severely broke my heart and I just didn’t give a damn, I wanted to
die. That night I had a mental breakdown and was screaming and yelling at myself and
was starting to have psychotic thoughts But thankfully I spent the next morning
talking to my friend for an hour and she talked me out of  suicide.. Now I’ve
gotten to the point were I don’t feel pain and don’t know if I’m depressed or
not, and I actually have and do talk multiple people out of suicide.  
Bands like Marilyn Manson don’t cause you to be depressed and kill yourself, well
maybe if you’re a complete dumbass, it actually shows you that theirs someone
who’s going through the same kind of pain and hurt as you making you not want to
kill yourself because you know you’re not alone. So in a way, music actually keeps
you from killing yourself. And that is why it isn’t Marilyn Manson’s fault for
any teen suicides.
Last edited: 18 February 2009

‹+The Lilysaur!+› shouts:   17 February 2009   537874  
:D yay jakey! i like it ^-^
hehe very long @.@ 
‹Ally-Is-Beast(:› says:   17 February 2009   496489  
Very good!
Did you write this?
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   17 February 2009   386553  
yes i wrote this
‹PLUR› says:   17 February 2009   822434  
i really like this
‹NewAccount› says:   17 February 2009   817665  
<3 :]
‹SOHEREWEARE› says:   17 February 2009   933981  
i like it

it's beautiful.
good use of words,
MakeItLast says:   18 February 2009   724867  
Only 75%!?!?! I would have gave you 115%
Insanity_MuffinPie says :   18 February 2009   522277  

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