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Random Quiz That Some1 Stole From 'Billy', Whoever That Is...Category: (general)
Monday, 16 February 2009
06:01:04 PM (GMT)
Background check 
Who gave birth to you?- My mum
Who is your biological father?- My dad
Do you live with both of your biological parents?- My mum, yh.
Do you like your parents?- Umm, lets just say we don't always see eye-to-eye but I
can always see where they're comimg from.
Do you get along with your parents?- Umm, most of the time.
Where were you born?- Cambridge
What date were you born?- June 30th 1996
Do you have any siblings?- One brother
You are child number?- ... A what???
Do you have a large family?- Kinda. Most of my family's died already. Lolz.
What is your family like?- We're random and lke it that way!!! XD

About you
What is your name?- Ruth Jane Ingrey
Do you have a nickname?- Skye
How old are you now?- 12 but I wish I was 14...
What color are your eyes?- Brown
What color is your natural hair?- Brown
Do you dye your hair?- I did once and I think I will do it again.
Do you have a 'style'?- Emo!!!
Are you wealthy or poor?- Poor.
Are you single or taken?- Taken.
Do you have any tattoos?- I'm gonna get 'AC(lightning bolt)DC written real small on
my sholder in a butterfly.
Do you have any piercings?- My ears and I wanna get them done again.
How tall are you?- 5'6" I reckon

What is your favorite
Food?- Chinese
Song?- Rick Springfeild - Jesse's Girl
Mood?- Umm... Apathetic
Animal?- Penguins or Polar Bears
Person?- The BF Aaron
Color?- Sky blue, hot pink and black, black, BLACK!!!
Movie?- Kung Fu Panda!!!
TV Show?- -Scrubs and Futurama
Thing to do?- Hang out with friends and BF, but not at the same time.

Future Goals
What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?- Duh! I wanna be a total ROCKSTAR!!!
Do you want to get married? Do you have someone in mind?- Umm, IDK. I might do and if
it is then it's to Aaron (if you dunno who the fudge he is, look back up the quiz!!!
What age do you plan to be married?- Umm, whenever. IDM.
Do you have kids? How many? What are their names?- Nopedy nope.
Do you want (more) kids? How many?- I'm not really bothered, TBH.
Do you know what would you name if it was a girl? If so, what?- I'd name is Skye, o'
Do you know what would you name if it was a boy? If so,what?- Wolfie or Freddie
Who would be your dream mate?- Jack Black. We'd be, lke, the two laziest pplz on
What is your dream house like?- A flat would do me. It's who's IN the house that I'm
concerned about.
What is your dream car?- I could live walking or taking the London Underground.
Any goals not mentioned above?- ...I wanna eat the world's biggest doughnut one day.
Which goal of yours keeps you alive?- Seeing Aaron every day or at least as much as
Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goals?- I see Aaron nearly every day so,

Yes, no, sometimes or maybe?
Are you on a diet?- Sometimes.
Are you happy?- Sometimes.
Are you at home?- Yes.
Are you nice?- Sometimes.
Are you understanding?- Yes.
Are you attractive?- Maybe.
Are you athletic?- No.
Are you caring?- Yes.
Are you annoying?- Sometimes.
Are you spoiled?- Nowhere near.
Are you picky?- No.
Are you smart?- Yes.
Are you dumb?- No.
Are you trust worthy?- Yes.
Are you crazy?- Yes.
Are you weird?- Yes.
Are you romantic? Sometimes.
Are you sweet?- Yes.
Are you funny?- Yes.
Are you normal?- No.
Are you popular?- Not a chance in hell.
Are you tall?- No.
Are you skinny?- Maybe.
Are you fat?- Yes.
Are you muscular?- No, but I can pick up my mum and she weighs a lot.
Are you amazing?- Maybe.
Are you perfect?- Duh, nobody is.
Are you talktive?- Yes.
Are you shy?- Nope.
Are you responsable?- Yes.
Are you mean?- No. I'm lke, the nicest perspork on earth, compared to some pplz.
Are you addicted to anything?- Yes.
Are you easily influenced?- No.
Have you ever had a pet rock?- Yes. WHO HASN'T???!!!
Have you ever wet your bed over the age of 12?- No.
Have you ever written a Song?- Yes.
Have you ever been in love?- Yes.
Have you ever danced in Public?- Yes.
Have you ever given a fake smile?- Yes.
Have you ever made out in a theater?- Nope, not yet anywayz...
Have you ever cheated on someone?- Never.
Have you ever danced in the rain?- Yes actaully, I have.
Have you ever gotten a broken heart?- Hell yeah.
Have you ever sent a hate e-mail?- No.
Have you ever won a race?- Yes.
Have you ever failed a grade?- No.
Have you ever made a website?- Yes.
Have you ever blew something up?- Yes.
Have you ever swam in the ocean?- Yes.
Have you ever spread a rumor?- No.
Have you ever written a short story?- Yes, many.
Have you ever licked a 12 volt battery?- No.
Have you ever been on TV?- No.
Have you ever had an imaginary friend?- Yes.
Have you ever had a boy/girlfriend?- Yes.
Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?- Yes.
Have you ever cried your self to sleep?- Yes. Many many many many many many
manyyyyyyyyyy timez.
Can you whistle?- Yes.
Can you play an instrument?- Yes.
Can you touch your nose with your tounge?- No.
Can you lick your elbow?- No.
Can you speak another languge?- Yes.
Do you shower everyday?- Sometimes, lke, when there's water.
Do you dream?- Yes, all the time.
Do you day-dream?- Yes, all the time.
Do you wish upon stars?- Yes, all the time.
Do you wish you could have someone you can't?- No, I'm perfectly happen thanx.
Do you smoke?- No.
Do you drink?- Sometimes, but still, who doesn't have the odd drink?
Do you have a cellphone?- Yes.
Do you have your OWN computer?- Yes.
Do you have an ipod?- No, but I will soon.
Do you have a pet?- Yes, I have 2.
Do you want a pet?- Yes, I wanna German Sherapd and I'd call it Rex.
Do you see ghosts?- Yes.
Do you like were you live?- Yes, but only because it's close to the people I love.
Do you lie alot?- Sometimes.
Do you like to be alone?- Sometimes.
Do you miss anyone?- Yes.
Do you think your taller than most people your age?- No.
Do you eat alot of candy?- Yes, and then regret it later.
Do you love chocolate?- Yes.
Do you like some body on myspace?- Yes.
Do you have a myspace?- Yes.
Do you have any talents?- Yes.
Do you like to travel?- Sometimes, it depends on where I'm going and who I'm with.
Do you hate it when people copy you?- Yes.

Right now 
Are you alone?- Yes.
Are hungry?- Not really, no.
How are you feeling?- Kinda depressed but OK really I guess.
How's life in general?- It's OK. I mean, appart from the fact my parents don't trust
me and I'm an emotional wreck 'cuz Aaron's gone up to bloomin' Darby, life's a bed of
roses, thanx.
Is there any noise around you?- My cats are meowing for food.
What are you thinking about right now?- Aaron.
What are you wearing?- Underwear, jeans, socks, t-shirt and a towel on my head 'cuz
I've just washed my hair.
What is the weather like?- Dark and cold.
What is your mood?- Appathetic.
What date is it?- February 16th 2009
What time is it?- 22:48
What season is it right now?- Winter.
Where are you?- My dining room.
What are you listening to?- Rise Against - Audience Of One.
Are you having a good day?- Not really, no.
Do you like school? Why?- Kinda 'cuz I get to see my friends and Aaron.
What time does school start?- 8:45AM.
What's the name of your school?- SWCHS
What grade you are in?- 8th.
Who's your favorite teacher?- Mrs Rodda
Who's your least favorite teacher?- Mrs Laker
What's your favorite subject?- Science
What time does school end?- 3:20PM
When will/did you graduate from High School?- 2012, I think.

Would you 
Ever have an abortion?- Only if I REALLY have to.
Go out with somebody of the same sex?- If I was in love, yes.
Go out with your ex's friend?- No.
Kiss your boy/girlfriend with your parents watching?- Yes. IDC.
Tease a monkey at the zoo?- No, thats mean!
Shoplift?- Nu uh.
Write homosexual in sharpie on the mona lisa?- If it's a copy.
Cry in public?- Bene there, done that.
Cuss in front of family?- Been there, done that.
Run naked in a famous city?- No.
Go to the a forest alone?- Yes.
Go to visit a random person at any prison?- Yes, I would.
Cheat on a test?- No.
Kill yourself for money?- If the money's for a good cause then I might consider.

If you could change one thing about your life it would be?- I would make myself 14,
super skinny and have black emo hair.
Draw a smiley:- 
What was the last word you said?- Nite.
What is one of your pet peeve:- IDK.
Find your perfect place:- IDK.
What is the relationship like with your friends?- Very close.
Look into your own eyes for a second. What do you see?- I see a pair of brown eyes
staring back.
What's your biggest wish?- I wish I could fly.
What's the most important lesson you've learned in your life?- Don't sweat the petty
things and don't pet the sweaty things.
What or who would you give up everything for?- Aaron.
What do you fear most?- Never seeing Aaron or my friends/family again.
Any dirty little secrets from the past you've shared with no one?- Yes.
Share a secret- I still have a pet rock called Rex II.
Have you ever experienced any major tragedy? What was it?- Yes, I wasa trying on some
really expensive bras in New Look one day with my friends but the forgot to take them
off so the guards made my strip when the alarm went off when I came out of the
shop!!! Cringe!!!
What's one of the biggest issues you're going through currently?- I'm deciding wether
or not to go and eat some Ben And Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream.
In one word who are you?- Experiment.
Which cell phone provider do you have?- Vodafone
How many states have you been to?- None. I live in the UK.
How do you feel about freckles?- They're OK. I don't mind 'em.
Are you married?- No.
Worst thing a teacher did to you?- Mrs Laker my ebil old Maths teacher made me
explain about epilepse in front of my whole class 'cuz I'd had to go up to
Addenbrookes Hospital with my family the night before because my brother had had an
epileptic fit and we were there fro, lke, the whole night so I had no chance to do my
Maths homework.
How many contacts are on your phone?- A good few.
What are you going to do for summer?- IDK. I'm probably going over to France again
for a week.
Do people think your crazy?- Yes.
What is your myspace URL?- www.myspace.com/ain't_no_going_back_now
Who's your best friend?- Aaron.
What's your ring size?- Umm, Medium.
What is the most missed memory?- Sleeping in my own bed for the first time.
Have you lost something or someone important to you? Who or what?- I lost my phone
once just as I was in a cab. It was SCARY!!!
What is the one restaurant you eat at way too much?- Ask.
What do you think about most?- Aaron and when I'm next gonna get to a computer.
What are you looking forward to?- Thursday.
Money or love is more imporatant?- Love.
What is your youngest cousins name?- James.
What is your third favorite color?- Hot pink.
What is the closest thing to you that is purple?- My t-shirt.
What does your desktop background look like?- It's purple and says 'Packard Bell'.
IDK why.
What is the last red drink you drank?- Ribena. :D
What college did/do/ you want to go to?- IDK.
If you were opposite gender what was your name gonna be?- George.
How many friends on myspace/facebook do you have?- 69.
What is the best movie you've watched in the last month?- Sleepy Hallow
What is the 1st word of the last song you listened to?- I
Do say soda, softdrink, or pop?- Pop.
What color is your wallet?- Black.
Are your floors mostly wood or carpet?- Carpet.
Do you have your license?- No.
How old was your mom when she had you?- 30-something.
What is a time or day you're looking forward to?- Thursday.
Have you ever shaken from anxiety/nerves?- Yes.
Can you see a calander from where you're sitting?- No.
What color is the dry towel for dishes?- Yellow and white.
What's your crushes/bfs middle name?- Aaron's middle name is Richard.
What is the first song on your favorite mixed cd?- Lilly Allen - Smile.
Have you already gotten a kiss this year '09?- Oh, millions.
Why do you stay up so late?- Because I'm waiting for my friend to come online.
Do you want to marry someone smarter or dumber than you?- IDK. Someone about the same
would be nice.
Have you ever snuck someone in to your house?- Yes. I think most insaine people have.

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