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Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:17:21 AM (GMT)
enjoy, no copy cunties.
I awoke to the loud buzzing sound of my alarm clock on a nice Saturday afternoon. I had stayed up quite late the night before so I decided to sleep in a bit. I got up and stretched out slowly, sighing to myself. I then headed for the bathroom to have my usual shower. I slipped out of the white nightie I was wearing and turned on the hot water. I was never really much of a singer but I loved to hum songs to myself while I washed up. I let the soap run down my rather slim body and legs. I was comfortable being naked as long as no one else was around. Afterward I dried off and put on a pair of khaki jeans and a blue sweater for the day. I was never really one who dressed revealing in public. I didn't even like to carry a purse outside. I thought it was much easier to just keep my wallet in my back pocket and I didn't ever carry makeup outside either. I always put some on in the morning but I didn't think I had to carry it around everywhere I went. Once I was ready I gathered up everything I needed to go out for the day. basically just my wallet and my glasses just in case. I put both in my back pocket and walked out of the door. As soon as I felt the warm afternoon air touch me I smiled brightly and continued on. I had brown hair which was not quite down to my shoulders and brown eyes too. I enjoyed how I look very much. I looked fragile but also strong in a feminine sort of way. My first stop was at the mall to shop for some nice clothes I might like. I usually wore sweaters and jeans for the most part, nothing too revealing. I walked through the aisles of one of the many stores that I liked to shop in running my hand through my fairly short brown hair. While I was looking at a pair of nice jeans, I noticed someone walking up to me from the corner of my eye. "Hi there!" the voice said. I looked up to see a nice woman in a knee length skirt and a coat. "Hello." I said smiling. "I think you'd look perfect in those." she said. I blushed a bit and kept smiling. "That's so nice to say miss..." "Its Carol honey, and what's your name?" "Hi Carol, I'm Cherry." "That's such a cute name. Cherry..." She was very elegant and beautiful as I looked at her. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes similar to mine. Her hair was about down to her shoulders and she was slightly shorter than me. She had a warm, gentle confidence in her voice which I really liked. "I think I might get this pair then." I said. "You are so pretty Cherry, why don't you show it off?" I really began to blush now. "That's so sweet Carol, but I guess I'm a little shy." "You keep sounding better and better to me Cherry. I just love the reserved type." Carol replied. "Are you doing anything today honey?" "Ummmm...not really." I said. "Why?" Her grin widened and she pushed her hair out of her face. "Well...I would love to see you again is all." she said. "Oh...I would love to Carol...I guess." Just standing beside her was giving me a strange feeling in my stomach which I liked. She had the such a nice look as she stared at me with her beautiful eyes. "Are you this direct with every girl you meet?" I asked. "Of course not." she answered. "I think you're different from other girls Cherry. You're special." She was really starting to flatter me with her words. I knew I wanted to see her again too. "How does this evening sound?" Carol asked. "For what?" "For us to meet again silly." she said happily. "Ohh...that sounds nice I guess." I answered. "Where?" "I know this new bar around here that I would love to check out. Sound fun?" she asked. I timidly smiled and nodded my head. "Great! I'll seeya there tonight then Cherry." Carol said. With that she blew me a kiss and walked out of the store gracefully. It wasn't a practice of mine to meet with someone I just met at a bar on the same day. There was something about the way she acted towards me. She seemed just as cheerful as I was and I loved it. I had no idea what to expect when I saw her again and I was definitely excited. I bought the jeans and left the store, still smiling to myself. For the rest of the day I stayed home and read a book quietly while listening to music. Every so often I took a quick peek at the clock to see when I should leave. When the time finally came I went to my bedroom and picked out something nice to wear. I put on the same pair of jeans that I had bought and a nice red sweater. After that I took a quick look in the mirror and left for the bar. When I finally got there I walked inside and looked around for Carol. The bar was moderately full with both men and women but not Carol. I went and sat at the bar to wait for her to arrive. "Would you like something to drink miss?" the bartender asked. ", I'm just waiting for someone. Thanks." I replied. While I waited for Carol to show up I noticed that some of the other men were looking at me. I thought that one of them was going to end up beside me until someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see Carol standing there smiling happily. She was wearing a gorgeous red dress and had a nice purse over her shoulder. "Hi there Cherry sweety!" she said. "Have you been waiting long?" "Hello Carol, I haven't been here too long. You look so beautiful in that dress on yours." I answered. She sat down beside me and crossed her firm, long legs. She had a great confidence in the way she sat; elegant and even breathtaking. Carol even had a pair of heels on that matched her dress perfectly. I half expected her to ask why I didn't dress as well as she did as I sat there in jeans, a sweater and a pair of sandals on with socks. Instead her grin widened and she let her eyes travel up and down my body. "I just love the way you dress Cherry. It's so sexy and reserved." she said. I giggled to myself and even started to blush a bit. "That's so nice of you to say Carol." The bartender walked up to us again and asked what the two of us wanted. "I...ummm...." "I'll have a Gin and Collins please." Carol said. "Cherry?" "Well...I don't know. I don't drink very often." I replied nervously. "Make it two Gin and Collins then." she said to the bartender. He turned and started rummaging through bottles as Carol looked at me. "You'll like it honey. You don't have to drink it if you don't want to of course." She put her hand on my wrist and rubbed it softly. Her touch was very warm and comforting on my soft hand. When the drinks finally did arrive I ended up finishing the entire glass along with Carol. It wasn't too bad and I didn't want to let it go to waist anyway. We talked for a long time and learned some more about each other. Carol was in her early forties which surprised me because she still looked very young and beautiful. She seemed to have a special hold on me as we sat together and talked. I just wanted to be with her so nice because she was so sweet. Carol and I sat together talking for over an hour never once running out of something to say. We seemed to be very open with each other from the start. I could tell after a while that we were actually starting to flirt with each other. The drinks had definitely affected the both of us a bit. When the time came to pay the bill Carol casually reached into her purse to get her money out. I immediately reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet to pay as well. Carol insisted that she would pay for everything and I finally let her do so even though I would have paid too. We both stood up and looked at each other. "It was so nice being with you Carol, I loved it." I said. There was a pause then Carol said, "Would you like to go some place else tonight sweetheart?" "Well, I was thinking of just going home and reading for the night but what did you have in mind Carol?" She took a step forward and wrapped one of her hands around my waist. "Would you like to come over to my place for a visit Cherry? I promise it would be fun." I turned my gaze to the floor and started to blush again. "Well...I...ummm okay Carol." I said, with my hands behind my back. "Oh that's perfect then sweetheart, lets go!" She kept her hand around my waist as we walked out of the bar together. I didn't exactly know why I agreed, but just thinking about it was very exciting. I couldn't deny the fact that I began to get a great feeling between my legs from her holding me. We walked together down the sidewalk, smiling and giggling to each other happily. Soon after our departure we arrived at Carol's home within a few minutes. Her place was very nice and decorated quite well. She let me walk in first before coming inside and closing the door. I turned away from her and looked into another room as she locked the door behind us. "You have a beautiful place here Carol." I said. I waited for her response but instead, Carol walked up behind me and put her hands on my hips. "Why thank you Cherry." she said. "'re just so pretty sweetheart." I started to feel her warm breath tickle the back of my neck as she blew on it very softly. I looked at the floor and began to blush again. "Turn around for me angel." she said quietly. I did as she said and turned slowly until our eyes met once more. Her smile was the same but she had a look in her eye that was different. Before either of us had a chance to speak our lips met with our first kiss. I let out a very quiet moan as her tongue slowly slipped into my mouth. I wanted the moment to last forever, it was incredible. When our kiss finally ended we opened our eyes and looked at each other once more. "Have you ever made love to another female before Cherry?" she whispered. "I...I...yes I have..." I answered, stuttering with each word. "Did you like it?" Before I could answer, Carol moved her hands down from my hips to the front of my belt buckle. I could feel the swelling heat between my legs now. I stood and shivered as Carol removed my belt and undid my pants slowly. "I want you Cherry...please let me..." she whispered. "Ohhhh...Carol...please be gentle with me." I said slowly. "I would never hurt my little princess..." Carol let my jeans fall to my ankles before putting her hands back on my hips. I kept my own hands on my stomach as she let her fingers slip between my legs and rub up against my panties. "Carol...ohhhhhhh..." I moaned. "I want you to be wet for me Cherry...please." I could feel her fingers caressing the sensitive skin beneath my panties with her heavenly touch. My legs shook and I struggled to remain on my feet as Carol's fingers passed over my quivering pussy lips. "Ohhhhhh...I..." " Cherry is already wet. Mmmmmmmm" she said quietly. I slipped my feet out of my sandals and jeans and stood in from of Carol, shaking. "Don't be nervous angel, lets move into the bedroom." My face was almost completely red from blushing now. I walked into Carol's bedroom with my legs trembling and my eyes only partially open. It was a very spacious, neatly kept room with a large bed against the wall. The room was surprisingly warm and made me feel very hot in my red sweater. "Lay down for me Cherry." she said slowly. I sat on the bed and let my back fall to the sheets as she said. I took my hands away from my stomach and rested them near the sides of my head. Carol just stood above me admiring the cute sight; me in my red sweater, panties and socks staring at her with my face still blushing. "You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen Cherry. Please let me make love to you." she said. "Okay..." I whispered.

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