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Wednesday, 4 February 2009
05:16:47 PM (GMT)
Comments are appreciated, No like-y? No read-y. And no bitches and or cunts. :] never knew people loved the Star Wars™ Hotties. :D Plotless Closet Fun m/f
"Shhhhh... we have to be quiet." You look up into Obi-Wan's aroused, flushed face. "Why?" you ask innocently, letting his cock brush against your cheek. He groans and tries to give you a stern look. "The Masters might hear..." he whispers. "I think we're well past the age of consent, Obi-Wan," you reply, sucking lightly on the swollen crown. "Yes, but... ahhhh.. do you want your Master to come in here and catch you giving me a blow job?" You muffle your laughter against his hip. "All right, all right. I'll be quiet. Now, you... I can't guarantee that you will." He cocks an eyebrow at you, but his eyes roll back before a smart-assed comment can form on his lips. You go to work, sliding your tongue around his thick cock, drawing his length deeper into your throat. His fingers twist lightly in your hair, stifling his moans. You let him slide in as far as you can take him, relaxing around his girth. Carefully, you swallow around him, tightening your throat, and his fingers clench convulsively in your hair. A cry escapes him, and you freeze and glance up in alarm. His eyes are just as wide as yours, and you both stay perfectly still for a moment that feels like an eternity. The only sound that filters through the door of the broom closet is the distant chatter of the banquet. No one heard you. You relax and start sliding up and down his cock, stroking the smooth skin with your lips. "Oh, yes..." he whispers softly, falling back against the wall. You wrap your hands around his hips, tugging him closer to you, and you quicken your pace. "Trying... uh, to ah... to get me to hurry?" he asks brokenly, his eyes clenched shut. You pull back from him, licking your lips. "They'll be wondering where we are," you reply, probing the slit on the head with the tip of your tongue, "Oh, fuck them." He slits his eyes open, peering down at you with that patented 'come-hither' look of his. "I'd rather fuck you," he says, giving you a wicked grin. You smile back at him. "Love to, but we won't have time for that," you whisper, then swallow him again. The pace you set is furious, and he lets out this sexy little 'oh' noise with every stroke. Pre-come starts to seep out of his cock, lending its salty-sweet taste to your mouth. You slide one hand under his balls and the other between your clothed thighs. "Oh... oh... I'm close... love, I'm gonna come..." he whimpers. You hum in encouragement, pressing up against his perineum and against your clit. He chokes off a cry and comes into your mouth at the same time a shuddering orgasm races over you. Sighing in contentment, you lick him clean, not letting a single drop spill. He sighs with you and rearranges his trousers, pulling you to your feet. "That was nice," he whispers, kissing you lightly. "Nicer for you, I imagine. You owe me, Kenobi. Tonight. After the banquet. I expect several orgasms and a good long fuck," you reply, sucking on his bottom lip. "Well, that sounds pleasant. I'll be happy to oblige," he chuckles, kissing you one last time and smoothing your hair down, "We should probably get back out there, before someone misses us." You nod, and pull your cloak over your shoulders. He takes your hand and you both pause at the door, listening intently. "I don't hear anything," he says softly, "Let's go." You slide the door open and come face to chest with Master Jinn. "M... Master!" Obi-Wan stutters, "I... we were just...." A faint smile crosses Qui-Gon's face. "Next time, just be more discreet, Padawan."

Felix68 says:   4 February 2009   657128  
whoa. is that the same girl who kissed qui-gon!?!?!? cuz if it was,
that would be like a whole affair story and qui-gon and obi-wan hating
eachother...haha, that would be awesome :D (but i love this story!)
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   4 February 2009   447713  
I like this one :D
I think if my 8 year old brother read this he would never like star
wars again.... xD
kattany3 says:   4 February 2009   362189 never look at them the same
Sex_stories_author sings:   4 February 2009   232729  
haha, sorry for the whole "Sexual-Star Wars" warping...but, really,
look at the use of the Force. You know that would be some "fun"
Sex_stories_author says:   7 February 2009   217538  
Do not fucking request stories in my diary. I have told it countless
of times that requests are made in my Q&A, so to that, no I'm not
going to for you, hunni_pie_xx. Sucks, huh? :]
Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says :   30 August 2010   571528  
i like this star wars better than the origanal

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