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Playing with Eyeliner :: SEXUAL CONTENT:: ::DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED::Category: sex story
Tuesday, 27 January 2009
11:24:01 PM (GMT)
This is a sexual story, if you are offended by sexual content, leave now. Don't post a idiotic comment, and you know what type of comments they are. Don't complain about my writing, if you don't like it: I don't care. So, again, sexual content, don't wanna read? don't read. Thanks to the fans :] comments are appreciated,
type: m/f “What kind of pencil is this?” I asked her, when she came back and plunged down next to me on her bed. "It's an eyeliner,” she answered. “What's an eyeliner?” “Just what the word says. It's for making lines around the eyes, dummy,” Annie giggled. “Like a makeup thing?” “Any girl over 10 would know that. It's pencil for drawing on skin, if that makes it easier to understand. Look here.” Annie pointed to her eyes. She had really pretty emerald-green eyes, which sat in a round, freckled face, framed by long, slightly curly, red hair. “See the black line? That's made with the eyeliner.” “I'm a boy and even though I'm 15, I have never felt like wearing makeup. Do you think I should?” I asked her, blinking my eyes at her. “Nooo,” Annie giggled “Can I try it on you?” I asked. “Not my eyes, thank you. You can try on my arm.” She was wearing a short, sleeveless shirt and a short skirt. The two didn't quite meet, leaving a bit of her tummy bare. All the girls were dressed like that and it looked so cute. “I'll try on your tummy,” I said and pushed up her shirt a little. We had only been going steady for about a week. All this stuff with girlfriends, dating and so on, was something new. If somebody told me I was in love with a girl, it would have been meant as an insult, only a few months ago. A lot had changed since then. Suddenly, one of the boys in my class was openly dating one of the girls. Within no time at all, all of us were dating; well, almost all of us. We were just holding hands and kissing and stuff like that, nothing more. Annie's tummy was smooth as silk. I had touched it before, but only her tummy. I hadn't dared to go beyond that. Annie was only my second girlfriend and I wanted it to last a little more than the two weeks the first one had lasted. Still, I badly wanted to get a little further than kissing and holding hands. I drew a flower with her navel as centre, drawing the petals around it. Then I began to draw a stem with leaves, pushing up her shirt a little more. Annie had raised her head and was looking down on my masterpiece. I pushed her shirt up a little more, expecting her to protest any minute. Annie's breathing had become a little faster. The stem of the flower had reached her ribcage. I drew leaves on the stem, trying to drag it out for as long as possible. I could feel the tension growing fast. Inch by inch, the stem grew longer and the shirt was pushed up higher until it was just under her tits. “Stop.” Annie hissed, short of breath. I did, but I continued to draw leaves on the stem. My hands were brushing lightly against the underside of her tits. I was all out of stem to put leaves on and once more, I tried to push up the shirt, just a fraction of an inch. “No don't, David,” Annie said. “Please. I just want to look,” I said, pleading. “No.” “All the other girls do,” “No, not all of them,” Annie replied, sounding a little angry. “Sandra and Lisa do,” I replied. I knew almost for sure that they had let their boyfriends look and even feel. “Well, they have something to show, don't they?” Annie replied, sounding frustrated. Okay, Annie didn't have much in that department, not compared to Sandra and Lisa. But right now I didn't care. Tits were tits, even if they had been only the size of golf balls and Annie still had something that looked like half lemons. I'll admit that the girls in my dreams had bigger tits but that was dreams. This was reality. “I think small is better. Small tits look so proud and they don't grow to look like empty bags,” I said, trying to sound convincing. Annie thought about it for a moment. I must admit I didn't invent that line myself. I had overheard my older sister complaining to mom about her small tits and mom had said something like that. “Come on. I can almost see them through your shirt anyway and I think they look very pretty.” I said. “Promise you won't laugh?” Annie asked, anxiously. “Promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.” I held my breath while I waited for Annie to make up her mind. “Okay,” she said. I was so excited I could hardly get hold of her shirt again. I'd temporarily forgot all about my beautiful flower. Very cautiously, I lifted the tight shirt up over her tiny tits; the first tits I had ever seen up close. I'd seen topless women on the beach, but only stolen glimpses; this was for real. She didn't wear a bra. She didn't need one and I guess they didn't come in her size either. Her tits were small. Two cones at the top of her ribcage, standing up very proud. On top of each cone was another tiny cone, topped with a very small nipple. I noticed that the freckles from her face spread down over the top of her chest and there were even a few on her tits too. I was thrilled beyond my wildest fantasies. We were both breathing heavily, looking at Annie's tits. Annie stared as much as I did. I barely dared to move at all, fearing that Annie would back out and pull down her shirt again. But she didn't. She didn't do anything else either and I was suddenly paralysed. I mean, I wanted to touch her, badly, but I didn't dare. “I want to draw on you too,” Annie suddenly said and sat up. “Huh?” I replied, surprised. “I want to draw a picture on you,” she repeated. “Eh, okay.” I pulled my shirt off and lay down flat on my back. Annie didn't pull her shirt back down over her tits. That was a good sign. She was usually very forthright and certainly not very shy. She leaned over me and began to draw something on my chest. I didn't see what it was. I was focused on her tits. She only drew a few lines. Then she stopped because her rolled up shirt irritated her. To my great disappointment, she pulled it down again, covering her tits. Then, after a second, she changed her mind and pulled it off completely. Great! She leaned over me again and began to draw. She took her own sweet time, drawing something very elaborate. Her warm hands felt so good she could have continued for hours, I wouldn't have minded. Her touches were heavenly. “Isn't it beautiful,” Annie giggled and straightened her back. Her tits stood out from her chest and I could only agree; they certainly were beautiful. But that wasn't what she was talking about. I had to tear my eyes from her chest and look at mine for a moment. She had drawn a fine pattern. “Very pretty.” “It's a maze,” she said and began to follow the lines with her finger. She followed the lines all over my chest and down over my stomach to the rim of my jeans, leaving no doubt as to where it was pointing. She looked excitedly at me and wriggled her finger under the rim. Just an inch or so, but it made the tension between us grow. “My turn again,” I said with a hoarse voice that surprised even myself. Annie lay down again, her green eyes glowing with anticipation and excitement. The maze seemed to be a good idea. I began to transform my primitive flower into a pattern similar to the one Annie had drawn on my chest and stomach. I began on her tummy moving up to her chest. I had become bolder now and my hands brush over her tits. Annie jerked, but she didn't say anything. I let my hand brush over her left breast again, this time a little harder. It felt fantastic. Soft and spongy and . . . it just felt incredibly exciting to actually touch her tits. I didn't dare to draw on her tits. Instead, I let the maze end there. When I was finished, I followed the lines of the maze, just as Annie had done. I ended up at her right breast and paused there for a second, not taking my finger away from her smooth skin. Annie stayed still, holding her breath. I began to circle my finger around her breast, slowly narrowing the circles until I ended up at the centre. Annie hissed and the tiny nipple seemed to grow under the tip of my finger. When I looked down on Annie's face, she had closed her eyes. Slowly, I descended from her right breast and moved uphill on her left breast, reaching the summit a bit faster than before. Annie let out a gasp and squirmed a little, moving her thighs against each other. Feeling very bold, almost triumphant, I put a finger on her right breast too, touching both her nipples at the same time. I brushed my fingertips over the tiny, hard peas. Annie squirmed and took my hands away. “Please, it tickles,” she gasped. “Doesn't it feel good?” I asked, a little surprised. I hadn't practised much at these things, but I knew some of the theory and it was supposed to feel good for a girl, when you touched her nipples. “Yes, but . . . it tickles,” she replied and sat up. “Lie down,” she added. Annie picked up the eyeliner and began drawing on my stomach. The lines moved very close to the rim of my jeans and she tugged it a couple of times, pushing it down a little each time. At first I didn't really notice, still staring at her tits. It wasn't until I felt her fingers just above my newly formed pubic hair that I became very aware. I might even have jerked a little. Annie stopped drawing and looked at her masterpiece. She followed the maze with her finger, again ending up at the rim of my jeans and again wriggling her finger under it. She looked at me as she did so. Her eyes were shining so brightly and her freckled face was warm and blushing; all the way down to her tits, actually. I was very aroused, too and I could hardly wait for her to lie down and let me have my turn with the eyeliner. I had covered most of her stomach and chest. Instead of continuing on her stomach, I began to draw on her thigh, just under the hem of her short skirt. Annie giggled excitedly and nervously. Slowly, I moved up, pushing her skirt up as I went. She had her legs tight together, so I couldn't see her panties until I pushed the skirt the last bit of the way up over them. They were pink. I leaned over her to get closer to her crotch, trying to make out what the panties were hiding. I couldn't see much but a new and exciting scent hit my nostrils. It was the scent of her, but not like when we were kissing on the bed. It was different, but wonderful in a strange new way. I drew a line very close to the hem of her panties. It made her press her legs tighter together but she didn't stop me, as I had feared. I really wanted to draw a line over her panties, but I didn't dare. Instead I stopped drawing and began to trace the maze with the tip of my finger, all the way up to her panties. I hesitated for a moment. I didn't want this to end now. Would she get angry, if I tried to touch her? Would she allow me to get my finger under the hem of her panties? I didn't dare to take the risk. I let my finger trail down along the rim of her panties, down between her thighs. She was so hot down there. I could feel it, even through the panties. On the way up, I brushed lightly over her panties. And I suddenly became aware of how hard my dick was. Before I could get my hand away, Annie sat up again. My hand brushes harder against her panties. I didn't feel much, but just the thought of it . . Annie was blushing more than before. The freckles on her chest had multiplied while I was drawing on her. “Take off your jeans,” she said with a husky voice. “My jeans?” “Yes,' she cleared her throat; 'there is no more room on you tummy and chest.” I was suddenly struck with embarrassment. As soon as I took my jeans off, it would be very obvious that I had a hardon. On the other hand, I sure as hell didn't want to stop here, so there was no other option than taking them off. I got off the bed and took them off with my back to Annie. I could feel the heat in my cheeks when I turned around to face her. And I could feel her eyes, staring at my crotch and the very prominent bulge in my underwear. She didn't laugh. She didn't run away screaming. She didn't point to it and ask what it was. She just stared as I had stared at her tits. I stood beside the bed for a moment. I don't know what I had expected her to do, but the excitement of it all took over and my embarrassment disappeared. I lay down on the bed and waited for her to start drawing. Annie stared and it was as if she almost had forgotten what she was supposed to do. Then she leaned over me and began to draw lines on my thigh. This time I was very aware of her hands and the eyeliner all the time. She started half way up on my thigh and rapidly moved upward. When she got close to my crotch, she began to draw slower, more elaborately. Her touches felt so . . . indescribable. Without intending to, I spread my legs a little. She immediately drew a line further down, very close to my crotch. Her hand touched my dick and involuntarily I jerked a little. Annie couldn't suppress an excited giggle. A second later, her hand touched my dick again; casually, but at the same time very deliberately. This time, only my dick jerked. Annie giggled again but it didn't really embarrass me. She stopped drawing and followed the maze, quickly reaching my crotch. She was braver than me, brushing her hand against my dick several times. To me, that meant that I could go further with her too. But it also felt so good that I was torn between wanting to take my turn and wanting to enjoy her touch. The part of me that wanted her to touch me won. Patiently, but very tensely, I felt her fingers caress the skin on my inner thigh close to my jocks. Just as I thought she was going to stop, I felt the tip of her finger slip underneath the hem of my jocks. Only for a second or two, but it felt like an electric shock. Annie stared excitedly at me. I sat up and we looked each other in the eyes. I don't know how I looked, but Annie had a very special glow in her eyes and her face and chest were blushing. The smell I had noticed before was stronger now. Our breathing was heavy. Without taking her eyes off mine, Annie lay down on her back again. I almost forgot the eyeliner. Annie handed it to me when I pushed her skirt up over her panties. I began drawing on her other thigh. She had her legs tight together, but when I pulled her leg a little, she spread them. Only a couple of inches, but enough for me to see the crotch of her panties. There was a damp spot, where the thin fabric was pressed in between the lips. I remembered a very embarrassing sex education lesson. We, the pupils, were embarrassed and the teacher probably was too, mechanically reciting the text from his notes. It had been a disappointing experience, but suddenly I remembered a few things about the female anatomy and how the vagina secreted a lubricant to make the penis able to slide. The skin on her inner thigh was so incredible smooth. I didn't think skin could be that smooth at all. I didn't draw very much on her inner thighs but I made sure my hands were touching them all the time. They were just so smooth and wonderful to touch.
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On_the_way_down says:   31 January 2009   895385  
this is really good, worded very well, and easy to understand.
Thumbs up ^_^
Kazol3 says :   7 February 2009   289851  
good half so far

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